Feedback on Prophetic Ministry – 2020

Anyone can Praise their own Ministry but the True Credibility of a Prophetic Ministry is Reflected in the Reports of Breakthrough and Blessing in the lives of those they touch.

Prophetic Counseling Feedback

“I can’t even begin to tell you how instrumental Father’s Heart Ministry has been in pulling me up and out of the stuck place that I was in for years. I promise you, if you get serious with God, He will get serious with you. I have received many words of prophecy in the past but didn’t have the wisdom and the knowledge to walk it out. A direction was lacking. Prophetic Counseling was the way that God truly got me up and going. You will receive the wisdom and knowledge that you need to be able to walk out the plan of God for your life.”

~ S.W. – Tennessee.

Personal Prophecy Feedback

Praise God Kitty and Russ! You gave me a Prophetic word back in April 2017, that this season was my time and that I would start hearing the sound of “provision”/increase. Well after working less than one month on a new job I was promoted to an entirely new position, and after five months total, I was promoted again within the same title with a $7,000 increase in pay effective 9-1-17! I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness and looking forward to all he is going to do for his people!! Halelulia! Thanks for being a true prophet!!! In his grace, Desiree..”

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Other Comments

  • Jude Rearden says:

    Your Word over my life was totally accurate, thank you so much, you have No idea how much i needed it. Thank you so much snd God Bless.

  • Dina Johnson says:

    I received a prophecy from Wendy Mawoyo which was spot on and very much encouraging. I’m just going through it again and again, praying for its fulfilment. Thank you so much.

  • Simon Burfield says:

    Thankyou so much , incredibly accurate I’m very encouraged snd grateful.

  • Cynthia Moseley says:

    I just wanted to thank for you (Glory to God) your word gave me soo much encouragement!! Thank again!! Amen!!

  • Sharon says:

    Thank you so much for the word you gave me, it is really encouraging and on target. God bless

  • Martie Stander says:

    I have a testimony of a prophetic word you gave me in the beginning of 2020 just before Covid started, you prophesied that I would not die but live. In July 2020 I had a motor car accident where my car was badly damaged and written off but I had no physical injury. In October 2020 I contracted Covid19 and was seriously ill, in that time that I almost thought I was not going to make it, I kept reminding God of the prophecy you gave me. God spared my life and I am healed. 

  • Melanie (Weaver) Loper says:

    I received a prophetic word July 2021. I cried. It was more than I expected. I am going through some things that I did not mention in my prayer request. God used this ministry to tell me some very specific things that are going to happen regarding a great issue going on in my life right now. The Lord is close, oh so close to us. He hears our cries, He knows exactly what we need and He answers us right when He sees fit. I am very thankful for this ministry over the years. Blessings with a grateful heart, Melanie

  • The phrophetic words have been right on and have confirmed to me what God has been doing in my life. They have helped me come up higher and drawn me closer to the Lord and when I needed an answer many times the Lord was there speaking to me through the email

  • Conny says:

    I would like to say thank you very much for the last two prophecies of Russ;) they speak into my life. Your accompaniment is part of my life and makes me spiritually mature on the way to Jesus. Be blessed all, in Jesus’ name! Blessings from 🇩🇪

  • Eckhardt Nagel says:

    tks we found again and i can send a donation .

    thanks for the prophetic word and blessings .

  • Yoshiaki says:


  • Jessika Robinson says:

    God bless you Prophet Russ and my condolences to you on the loss of your beloved wife, Kitty. Thank you for the word that I received from you to my email. The word that you released has given me comfort and an answer to a few things that I have been wondering about. For a while, I wondered if God listens to me or cared about the things that I have experienced and gone through. From reading my prophetic word I am a living testimony that will say that “Yes” God hears you when you cry out to him and he cares about your situation. I’m thankful for the encouragement and the advice that the Holy Spirit has given me through my word. God bless you again!!!!!

  • Leslie Suggs says:

    I received a Prophetic Word On July 13, And That’s The Same Thung God Gave Me To Read That Morning Matt. 11 Casting My Cares On God. Praise God!!! God Bless You

  • michelle says:

    Thank you for the word you gave me. It was/is amazing and the answer I have been looking for.

    The best word I think I have ever gotten. Thank you!!

    I am so sorry for the loss of your wife. May the Lord surround you with His Love!!


  • Russ, We are British and live in the middle of England.
    We will not donate on line but will ring you shortly with an offering!I
    The personal prophecy is spot on and it’s amazing how God uses you!! We are moving towards something great which is following much persecution and suffering!! You strengthen so many of us I pray that God will do the same for you!! Thank you so much!!
    (I Carole) am praying for you, re- Your loss of Kitty! I had no idea!!

    Take care loved one,
    We will be in touch,

    Love in Jesus,
    John and Carole Hawkwood

  • E’Torie Dillard says:

    That was all I needed to hear. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to respond to me. It was amazing.

  • Esther Peterson says:

    This morning I received my feedback from my prayer request from you. I was so grateful as the timing was perfect. The content of your reply was on time and accurate. God has not forgotten me and that He truly is working on my behalf.
    I’m grateful to your ministry. The rain is coming just like in the days of Elijah. Thank You Jesus.

  • Deborah Cole says:

    Praise the LORD, Thank You for the prophetic word..I receive it in JESUS Mighty Name !
    GOD BLESS YOU and Thank You for serving the LORD !

  • Rose Grogan says:

    Thank you so much! I receive with open heart, soul and mind all that Heavenly Daddy wanted you to tell me. I have been struggling with thinking he was mad at me and I didn’t know why and he made sure to tell me he wasn’t. Also I have been struggling with different health things and my husband and I saw a cloud in the sky that looked like a hand holding me and then you talked about Elijah and the cloud in the sky bringing rain.
    Thank you so much and blessings, beautiful fat and rich blessings!!!

  • Naomi Abena Laryea says:

    This word has really blessed me. Thank you Prophet Russ and God bless you🙏🙏

  • Carol Campbell says:

    it was a pleasure sowing into your ministry.

    I was a bit taken aback when I started reading my prophetic word. Taken aback because I thought, how did you know that I am at this moment bombarding the Courts of Heaven for myself and for my children? “You’ve brought your petition, and you’ve cried out to Me, and I have heard you.” Your word is most encouraging to me. I am/was in a stuck place. “The enemy is in retreat!” that delights me. My mother had dementia and my memory is not that great, so I have been pressing in for total freedom in that area. Of course the enemy keeps lying to me, but after your word, with not even knowing me, I am most encouraged thanks. I am Director of Healing Rooms for the Continent of Africa, for the IAHR started by John G. Lake, in Spokane, Washington. I cannot and will not lose my memory in Jesus name!

    This is the previous prayer request I sent in:
    I want more from God at any cost! I have 2 unsaved adult daughters My one daughter Cherie, is a professional Town Planner, is gay and suffers from Chronic Body Fatigue. She lies on her bed most of the day. A life wasted! My other daughter, Lauren, has 2 children who are told that they do not need to believe in Jesus if they don’t want to, so they choose not to. Adam is 9 and Ross is 6. Thank you and bless you Carol

  • Kedi Abedunego says:

    Hallelujah, Glory to the almighty King!
    Am Kedi Abedunego from Kampala, Uganda( East Africa).
    Thank you prophet for the prophetic word that I received on 7-14-2021 at 4:21am East African time, the word is absolutely true. Initially I submitted my prayer request believing God for an international job with relocation benefits a long with good salary, surely Jesus is Lord. Prophet you told me today on e-mail that the Lord has not denied to grant me the petition towards what I requested, you told me this is my time for a miracle says the Lord, no more delay and denial because God has heard my cry and granted it all to me.

    I can now confirm the prophetic word, two days back, I received an e-mail from Kansas City in US for job offer of Experience Designer in First Tek Inc company, I was told to respond with an updated resume if am interested, I responded with my updated resume but within that very few minutes we were now discussing the salary. He wanted to know my range which I responded with $20.00-$24.00 per hour, he then responded to me with $60k/year and he told me to confirm the rate which I did.

    God is in control because the miracle is already manifesting and I know all the rest shall be accomplished, all involving paper work and relocation.

    I give glory to God for the true prophetic word and I thank prophet to accept to obey the voice of the Lord to continuously reaching out and edifying us with the true word of God.
    Kedi Abedunego.

  • Elizabeth Copas says:

    Thank you for your word – yes it has been very encouraging, especially to know that God is not mad at me as I have been suffering with condemnation and also that the Glory is in me too, as the lies have been particularly strong and at times almost believable! I am pleased to hear the enemy is retreating too! This has really blessed me deeply into my soul and is helping to keep me strong in the new place I am in. Thank you.

    I had at that time been praying and decreeing healing over my husband with cancer. He passed to Glory in June, but all prayers were answered it was very peaceful and quick no prolonged suffering at all, and also a miracle that in the later years he accepted Jesus as Lord. I know now he is in Glory and that we will meet up again for eternity.

    I have made a donation although it did not work first time around, and am pleased to support the ministry and give into the word. I have also since asked for more, when you have time, as I want to ensure I am on track with my life without Nick, and for all the family to return to the Lord. We have four children and a granddaughter.

    • GTAdmin says:

      Elizabeth, we send heartfelt condolences to hear of your husband’s passing. Praise God you have the assurance that you will be reunited one day.Please submit a prayer request so our prayer team can continue to pray for you. May the Lord comfort and strengthen you, and give you peace. God bless you!

  • Rebecca says:

    Your divine inspired words could not have come at a better time. They were on point and were felt in my bones and marrow and cannot thank you enough for what a blessing your ministry and your commitment to be used for His Glory and Kingdom has been to me. May God shine his face upon you and have favor upon you and bless all that your hands set out to do in Jesus name now and forevermore! ❤️ 🙏

  • This is Bishop Godfrey A. Stubbs, I truly want to thank you for sharing that prophetic word to me. It truly was encouraging and inspiring. Its our prayer that God continue to use you’ll for His Glory.

  • Douglas says:

    Praise The Lord! Thank all of you for standing in the gap for me and doing the Lords work. Oh how my soul is blessed and the wonderful peaceful presence I feel as I continue walking in the steps He is ordering for me as I am trusting and thanking Him and praising Him and praying for your Ministry as well. Thank you and God bless.

  • Annette Jordan says:

    A pleasant Good Evening to you Prophet Russ Walden.
    First and foremost I want to sincerely thank you for your ministry and your obedience to the Lord.
    My life has been immensely encouraged, renewed and Fulfilled through your daily prophetic word.

    I thought that my personal request for a word from you was not received, but I see that it was, and as always, Gods timing is PERFECT! Your prophetic word to me has reconfirmed in my Spirit what God has ordained for my next.

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK! I have started a meeting job in the state of Georgia where I relocated after losing everything in the Hurricanes in St. Thomas Virgin Islands.
    I’m now able to take care of myself and get back to the business of living intentionally and fulfilling every bit of my God predestined purpose.

    I’m eternally grateful to you and your ministry for keeping your ears tuned in to Gods Heart and Frequency.

  • Merry Donald says:

    My sincerest condolences to Prophet Russ, on the loss of his beloved wife, Kitty. It is the sacrifice of Isaac, unto the Lord.

  • Shelly A Enright says:

    Thank you doesn’t cover it for this heart that is filled with gratitude. Your daily word encourages me and is taking me from glory to glory in the Lord. Several times, as I read your daily word, it would directly connect to a dream I’d had the night before, and bring me great confirmation and comfort. Anyone who doesn’t believe that the we serve a supernatural God should experience this for themselves. How can a Word from heaven speak to multiple people at once? Only our Father in Heaven could do such a thing! Thank you all so much for your daily faithfulness to listen and share His beautiful words! May He continue to richly bless you.

  • Laura says:

    Hello Russ!
    Your message is like a dart that pierces the heart and after you cannot be the same; you “glimpse” the hand of the Shooter and sense His Heart and there are no more adeguate words. It is the Ineffable One who has deigned me to His words.
    Thanks for this incomparable experience

  • I love this BLESSING!!! i can hear the FATHERS VOICE I can feel it in my soul, I’ve been scared and lost and shot out into the unknown feeling lost and not hopeless but sad thinking that maybe hope is limited to feeling a certain way.. I read the prophetic word that gets sent to me everyday And it’s always so special to me. There’s a lot of people in my life that are questioning God’s existence or misunderstood on why we have God and why he lets bad things happen I answer in return that God has a higher purpose and understanding of why bad things happen to good person.
    God gave us the opportunity to live our lives and in this apportunity he gave us commandments to follow and when something happens to someone They go back home to.the father.. and live in bliss.. the people you lost aren’t ever gone there in you heart your mind and soul.

  • Arlene Derksen says:

    I can’t tell you how your prophetic word to me resonated in my heart! You showed me God’s loving approval in the opening sentence❤️ I’m a writer and author and eluding to my writing to God was a huge confirmation as my books are about finding hope in every moment by sitting with Jesus and seeing and hearing through him in everything that passes me by in life.
    The part that talked about the deep dark root of generational origin, and what my part is in this time to uproot and build was a confirmation as well.
    This word helped answer alot of the “why” I had been struggling with this past year.
    God has healed much in my life and this piece is just another testimony to bring Glory to Him!
    Thankyou! Blessings to you and your ministry team!

  • Tonya R. says:

    Hello God be the Glory!!!
    I received a word from Takera Etheridge on 5/31/21 the word given was so on point and precise it amazed me how she heard the LORD from an email. Takera is truly a servant and definitely hears from the LORD thank you for the confirmations you gave and allowing GOD to use you the way he does. You are truly a gift to the body of Christ . Everything you said from start to finish was accurate

    Thank you

  • Laura says:

    Hello Russ!
    Also this time your message amazed me for its beauty and truth. I’m overjoyed for your precious and comforting contribution. I think its value Is inestimable. Are there in your continent, 5000 miles away crossed the Ocean, the answers for my life? Incredible, yet I believei it is so..
    Infinitely thanks to you and your team for your availability and concern.
    With best wishes, esteem and affection

  • Benjamin Lang says:

    I believe this word. I believe God has a precious wife for me and the encouragement of being made with a marriage desire that God put in me is awesome.


  • Bunny Music says:

    Just want to let you know how much I appreciate the daily words. They make my day. Thank you so much.

  • Michael says:

    Very accurate word and well recieved. May the annointing and favor of the Lord remain on your ministry and multiply it’s outcomes. You are a bearer of truth with a ministry to set men free. Your sacrifice is not unnoticed. Windows of provision Lord to this ministry. In Jesus name

  • mitchell Jones says:

    Thank you, Prophet Russ, indeed for the word of prophecy. It was and It is, on time, in season, and timely. Indeed so very encouraging regarding my life at this time and God’s will, and very much confirmation. Again, THANK YOU, and I’am grateful to the Father.

  • mitchtell Jones says:

    Thank you, Prophet Russ, indeed for the word of prophecy. It was and It is, on time, in season, and timely. Indeed so very encouraging regarding my life at this time and God’s will, and very much confirmation. Again, THANK YOU, and I’am grateful to the Father.

  • Nombuso Buthelezi says:

    I am standing here with my head high because I am wearing a crown of the good work God has done.
    Your phophetic word is so true, I can see the direction and things happening according to your spoken words. I am experiencing peace and glory I have lacked for a while since the presence of the enemy.

    God is great! Thank you Prophet Russ Walden🙏🙏🙏

  • Angela Black says:

    Praise the Lord Prophet Russ! I want to first off thank you for responding to my request. I was most definitely encouraged and uplifted by what the Lord spoke through you. Many things you said were confirmation. I look forward to being able to share follow-ups of further testimonials from this spoken word over my life as I step out in faith. Thank you very much and may God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  • Laura Bertalotto says:

    Hello Russ!
    I don’t find the world to thank you for the wonderful email you sent me through your extraordinary gift. It was like opening a window in the sky of God and maiking the impossible possibile. I have read and reread the message many times and each one I discover something new.
    You want know if the prophecy has encouraged, edified, directed me, I certainly answer yes and It has filled my heart with joy and love.
    Thank you so much again

  • Lornz says:

    I just want to thank you and thank Almighty God for using you to help me understand where I am on this unique wilderness journey of my spiritual walk. This prophetic word was so profound, I had to read it THREE (3) consecutive times. I will stay alert to witness God’s divine intervention in my life as you have prophesied.
    Thanks again and may the power of God protect you and your ministry.

  • Julie H says:

    Thank you so much for this accurate word from the Lord on my behalf. It is a word in due season. I am encouraged and feel strengthened when reading this prophetic word from the Lord. God Bless you Richly, Julie H

  • Michelle Pietersen says:

    Thank you for the prophetic word,it’s an answer to my prayer and was send on the day when I really was before God in His courts bringing Him my petition.Its accurate and brought me peace and direction.

  • Jackie says:

    First I want to mention the incredible love of our Father at the timing of the word. Be encouraged it was so on time and not delayed. I was on my knees having felt to go upstairs and speak with Jesus, I cried in tears and groans I could no longer put into words after much heartache surrendered fully to His outcome. My phone which I always have on silence indicted a message came through. After I finished praying I felt the Holy Spirit speak it’s time to praise. I then felt to open the message and the prophetic word I received opened with its time to give thanks, and the weight of truth with the absolute accuracy brought an instant breakthrough. May this be a double portion to you family thank you for your obedience ☘️ ☘️☘️☘️ From Ireland

  • Des'Ree Day says:

    Praise the Lord everybody! Thank you so much FHM for my prophetic message. It came just in time . I was feeling discouraged until I read what God was saying to me. It touched me deeply. It somehow answered things that I didn’t even put in my initial request message. It answered prayers that I prayed just last night. I made sure to sew into your ministry! God bless you all❤️ & thank You Jesus for saving me! (5/23/21)

  • Alex Anokwuru says:

    I received word from Georgette Thompson and later from prophet Prophet Russ Walden.
    I have been encouraged by these.
    The words gave me hope, shed light into things that are going on in my life!
    Till their words came…..I had gotten to a situation where I did not know what to believe again.
    Now hope is restored, I am believing again….and am thanking God.

    Thank you Father’s Heart Ministry for all you do.

  • Olaoye Oreofeoluwa Oyebola says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity sir
    The prophetic blessings and instructions are so accurate..
    my soul is lifted and I am so happy.
    They met and exceeded my present needs and situation.
    Thank you so much once again.
    I therefore pray for strength for the senior prophet and all associates.
    The ministry is moving forward and the gate of hell will never ever prevail in Jesus mighty name 🙏

  • Nicolene says:

    Wow, what an amazing prophecy! It is spot on and the excitement in my spirit declares that there is agreement in my spirit and the words resonate with my spirit.

    The prophetic word is congruent with Scripture and what I know to be the heart of Father God. This word is drawing me closer to God and the fruit of this word is growth, hope and peace.

    The anoiting of the Holy Spirit will continue to guide me on the journey of stepping out into this prophecy and to fully understand every word!

    Thank you for guiding me with your gift!

  • Renu Tupper says:

    I cant thank you enuf for this personal prophetic word..It came at a time I needed it the most..I had lost all hope..
    The word really spoke to me and I am so grateful for taking the time to hear from the Lord for me..
    I feel encouraged ..sometimes we feel so down taking hit after hit from the enemy wondering if the Lord has forgotten us..
    He hasn’t!!!
    God bless u brother..once again thankyou so much..
    All glory belongs to our Lord Jesus !!

  • Joyce Wairimu says:

    May 22, 2021

    My personal prophecy is indeed a confirmation of the prayers I have been praying. I read it and felt God speak to me through the words of the email. I give all glory and honour to Him. May He refresh Kitty and Russ, May your anointing never run dry.

  • Joyce says:

    Thank you so much for the prayers I have more peace now Fathers Heart Ministry has been great blessing to me. This ministry will never go down in Jesus name Amen.

  • Well, thank you for this timely word of encouragement. Going through a rough time with my job.

  • Kimberly Kawecki says:

    I thank God for Father’s Heart Ministry. The Daily Prophetic Words are ALWAYS Rhema to me. There was a time that I was in a place of uncertainty not really knowing which way to go, but God used Father’s Heart Ministry through the Daily Prophetic Word & personal prophecy to guide me through a dark place. I just want to pray perpetual multiplied blessed over EACH & EVERY person in this God ordained ministry. May Holy Spirit continue to bless you, keep you & strengthen you, guide you & reveal the depths of His love to you all. I love you all & will continue to sow & be connected.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Beth Greene says:

    5-19-21 Hi there! I’m trying to follow up on my request for a prophetic word sent 4-10-21 I do not see any ‘follow up’ form to use (as described in your email communication directing me to this link). So here I am in the Feedback Loop… You also state in the email that if you don’t donate than you go into a pile of first come first served. Perhaps that is where I ended up because I DID donate but might not have done it on the page I put the request in from. Thank You for tracking all this down for me and thank you for your service!! It is a blessing for sure whenever it arrives!!

    • GTAdmin says:

      Hi Beth, I made sure your donation was attached to your request and it has been assigned, so if you could please give another week or so. Blessings

  • Vezokuhle says:

    Bless you sir, I have been sent y prayer request waiting for your response! I haven’t heard from you, lm in need of help family

    • GTAdmin says:

      We endeavor to answer all prayers by email. However, because of the volume it can take a couple weeks to receive. Blessings to you.

  • Grace & peace unto you! I received a personal prophetic word concerning my prayer request that was sent in January of this year. I was seeking God about a few matters. This is now May and God has answer my prayers. I want to thank God for his servant for being obedient.
    God is able to do just what he said he would do. Don’t give up on God! He won’t give up on you He’s able

  • Veronica says:

    I requested a PROPHETIC WORD, I wanted to know what “HE” had to say about my situation. No offense, but instead you gave me your advice, and that’s great if that’s what I needed. Well, as I stated in my request HE’s never answered me and I see HE didn’t answer you neither 😊

  • Dominique says:

    Thank you for the Word and your obedience!!! It was in line at the time I requested a prophetic word. God has just spoken through this Word, it boosted my self confidence in God and stirred my faith. God is so good and awesome!!!!

  • Billie Jo Fochtman says:

    Thank you for the very detailed and intimate prophecy that your ministry sent in response to my prayer request from February of this year. My heart was very troubled and through your ” Words from God ” I am encouraged and have such hope that He will come through in my situation with ALL that you have spoken! I am most grateful for your quick response and the sincerity with which you sought for and brought a genuine Word into my life. Abundant blessings be upon all of you at Father’s Heart Ministries.

  • Sandi Jenkins says:

    Oh my goodness! The prophetic word I received is right on time! It answers exactly where I am in life and speaks to my very thoughts. Thank you so much prophet Russ and team! Shalom

  • Laura Lanza says:

    In the prophetic word was mentioned a specific Bible verse which was given to me on the 30/9/2000. In the prophecy, Father God reminded me to come boldly to the throne of grace and tell Him what’s written! And that’s exactly what I needed to hear.. I was shy and reticent to ‘come’ and remind Him, but he said to ‘boldly tell Him’.. so that His virtue will flow like a river into my life. And that’s another part of the prophecy that is very accurate.
    About 7 years ago I painted a an upside down tree we’re the roots are pointing up and are covered by a rainbow and the branches are pointing down with a river coming out of it, and I never understood what it meant. I felt that I finally got the explanation.
    Father virtue flowing from heaven to earth, humans being like trees planted by that river and thriving on earth.

    Thank you team, your prophecy is certainly straight from Father’s throne room.

  • Santria says:

    Amen. I receive this word and believe it to be true. Thank you for speaking the word of the Lord over my life

  • Natalian says:

    Personal prophecy feedback- I received a personal prophetic Word from Patti and would like to thank her so much for the Word she sent and allowing herself to be used voluntarily by the Lord. Patti when this prophetic word came I saw a red robe that same morning (confirmation of the prophetic word you sent) when I saw this I felt safe and knew that i would be alright and now I am able to continue to find rest for my soul. The prophetic Word came on time and the insight provided was the weapon I needed to continue in the faith. By the way i also signed up for the prophetic courses on hearing the voice of God. Please keep me in your prayers, thankyou Father’s heart Ministry.

  • Simon Sir says:

    Dear Russ , its been months now since I received the prophecy from you .
    I sincerely appreciate how lengthy , deep and meaty it is .I am still waiting for the understanding of it , and I want to say thankyou very much for blessing me , and encouraging me Shalom , Simon from Australia

  • John Young says:

    Your words encourage and spot on many thanks to Russ and Team compliments to Brianna aswell
    Please let me know when office is open we are 6 hours in front in uk.
    Blessings from John

  • Jerome Ingram says:

    Helloo and Praise God for your Ministry and service to the people of God , I am leaving this note becauuse as of the 18 of this month susdenly I stopped eceiving the daily word . Is there a reason this would occur? please advise how to best correct this thank you

    • GTAdmin says:

      Jerome, you might try resubscribing and hopefully that will fix it.

  • Delores Daniels says:

    Thank you for such an accurate and encouraging word! God Bless you for your service!

  • Lana Smith says:

    Both the words I got last year were so on point and this time I requested one for my season and donated what I could because I felt they were worth it sowing a seed into my life

  • Caroline Allen says:

    Prophet Russ Walden, I am in receipt of your response via a prophetic word. The words have left me encouraged and hopeful that my financial blessing is on it’s way and that the Father is still with me. I am so pleased in receiving such a promising word, that I have been unable to stop reading it, and am now looking forward in it coming to pass. Thank you so very much for these encouraging words. Also, I am including my donation along with this prophetic word.

  • Simone says:

    Sorry for delay, just found your email. Thank you very much for the prophetic word. All I can say is that is accurate and speaks to my heart. I’m going through some difficult times and this word is encouraging me a lot. I know that the Lord never leaves me and that is my reason for living. I receive this word with open heart and I will keep it close to me. Thank you and many blessings!

  • Teresa Moore says:

    Thank you so much for getting back to me I appreciate the prayers. I do know our father in Heaven is working everyday to get his children ready to go home. I am keeping my eyes on the eastern sky, Because Redemption draweth Nigh

  • Jenny Schroder says:

    Thank you so much for that encouraging word. I feel thoroughly blessed and honoured to have my feet washed in such a way. I accept the prophecy by the grace of God. It rings true in many ways.
    Re donation : on 7 April I put in a request for a personal prophecy and gave a donation then.
    So am unable to donate again at the moment. I will when I have more funds. This ministery is so encouraging.

  • Oberaifoh David says:

    Thank you very much sir, God bless you Sir. Sir , I received your message, yesterday. I was greatly blessed. Thank you sir.

  • Thank you so much for the word it is confirmation of what God has said. and is very encouraging and comforting it has restored my faith, hope, and vision in God these words have strengthened me for the battle ahead.

  • kendra21k says:

    Good afternoon. Thank you very much for the recent Prophetic Word given over my life. It was so encouraging to be reminded that my Father is about my deepest heart’s desire and dreams; and that there is nothing being delayed or denied. He is working things out for the greatest fulfillment of those desires. He is bringing suddenlies into my life and looking after everything that has been pushing back against me. I just have to stay in peace, trust and rest. Thank you. Kendra

  • Sybil W Harmon says:

    Thank you so very much for that Word!I needed to see that this morning…So encouraging an uplifting…

  • Nataleen Henry says:

    Thanking God for this amazing ministry! Tears of Joy and peace as I recieved the Word from the Lord Bless you

  • Marcia Williams says:

    Thank you for your word Russ very comforting. Praise God as I wait upon Him. I’m looking forward too all He is going too do. God bless you and your ministry. Warm regards Marcia

  • Louise Lydon says:

    I just received your faith filled promise that what I have come through ,He was there making a way for me to come through. ,for I was not alone . He has been infront of me,beside me showing me How.
    You have told me if the enemy’s retreat. I have been rebuking the workings of the enemies.
    Thank you, I am to say, ” It is enough of that” like it is done.
    His Promise of the Out pouring rains,as in Elijah seeing the dark cloud move into the sky shaped like God’s hand. Thank you!!!
    For I am writing a book about God’s hands on us all, hiis design.
    Thank you. I am arriving into this season for miracle,of peace,glory ,rest, .
    I am preparing to receive the holy spirit anoiting.
    That is the part that I am still pondering.
    I have been anointed by many prayers oil over me, and the holy spirit, “will rain down upon me??
    Ask believe!
    Bless you for your hands that declared his work on me amen!

  • Keyonna Sims says:

    Thank you so much for my word, you guys never disappoint me i been with you guys for years ❤️

  • Stephanie Scaccia says:

    This is perfect and 100 % accurate..and desperately needed!! I thank you so very much for your response. Many blessings

  • Jamie Logan says:

    Wow wow Wow🤩🤩🤩🤩😃😃😃😃😃 very accurate and truly truly came from Our BeLoved Holy King Jesus Heart😃❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙

  • I submitted a request today and received a response quicker than I imagined, thankyou Jesus for Prophet Russ Walden. The prophetic word he sent was exactly what i needed and more and right on time and in season. I am relieved with the prophetic word because the heart of the father never rejects us even when when feel unworthy. God always has something positive to say about his children. This prophetic word confirms the will of the Lord for my life. I thank God for Fathers Heart Ministry.

  • Nneka Uwaoma says:

    I cant thank you and your team enough for answering God’s call and all you do. The personal words of prophecy is so accurate. I am so edified and encouraged. I look forward to what the father says every morning and I can’t tell you how much that has helped me navigate difficult times. God bless and keep you and continue to give you more grace in Jesus name amen

  • Jesse says:

    Thank you Prophet Russ for the prophetic word I received concerning my situation. After receiving an open vision from God, this word confirms it even more! It’s a blessing to receive a word from a prophet who can hear God in great detail!

  • Joy Angelica says:

    Thank you so much for the prophecy you released over my life. Yes, I received it in Jesus name! God bless your family and ministry!

  • Nicholas says:

    I am very grateful for the prophetic word i received. It has been a great encouragement to me. And very spot on.
    I’ll forever testify

  • Wow! Prophecy on point. Prophet Russ, every word you had from the Lord is my exact state now. I am in a serious dilemma. Confused about how to deal with the cage of sin. Some times I tend to believe God is far from me. I am weak in prayer and my souls struggles within me when I go back into the mad. Please Prophet I need directions. What do I do? I don’t want to continue in sin. I need help!!!

  • Sindiswa says:

    I like to thank you Prophet Russ and Kitty for the Word that is accurate for my life and reaches my heart. The Word that bless me, encouraging and comforting me in all aspects of my life.. I thank God for my new beginning in life.

    God richly bless you

  • Marie says:

    Complete confirmation of what I was asking God about . So precise even to the word gavel and courts and Throne Room.
    I am praying on this Beautiful Word again and again as a Given with Declarations of faith and Praises while I am expecting to see this Perfect Word coning into Perfect Alignment with His Perfect Will for me and my loved ones. Thanking The Father’s Heart Ministry and Russ Wadden for this Perfect and Powerful Word from God.
    Marie ~ from Ireland

  • Alicia G. says:

    Dear Prophet Russ, the personal prophetic word I received was 99% percent accurate and has brought confirmation to what the Spirit was already showing me. This confirmation has brought an increase on my faith and determination to actively continue pursuing the will of the Lord as He is opening strategic doors for me to foster His plan. It has also given me the confidence I needed and the strength to continue standing against challenges that I encounter and be able to persevere seeking breakthrough and overcome.

    Also, I want to say, I got to know about your ministry, through a friend in Facebook that every so often shares a word you gave on the Daily Prophetic Word, and almost every time he shares, the word is so incredibly relevant and ministers to my heart in ways you will never know as the Father speaks directly to me very clearly.

    Thank you so much for what you do. We all need the gift the Lord placed in you. Blessings for you and your ministry.

    Warm Regards,

    Alicia G.

  • Carlos Corbin says:

    You gave me a prophecy and I didn’t read it for months. Something amazing happened. One day last year I was moving something in my car. It had been 20 years since I had moved something big with my car. I had to put it in my trunk to move and I used these elastic ropes that I had to stretch to the maximum around my trunk. I wasn’t sure if it would stretch far enough. When I got home that day I was searching for something in my email and accidentally pulled up the prophetic email. I was estounded by the prophecy I had requested months ago. It said it saw me in the back of a car and I was taking out ropes and stretching them as far as they could go. People saw me doing this and said he can’t stretch these ropes that far. The prophecy was saying I would do things people thought I couldn’t do. It was amazing that the same day I did this with my car and hadn’t done since high school I was reading the prophecy. Amazing is all I have to say.
    Thank you,

  • Prophet Emma and Pastor Russ, thank you for spending time with Jesus to share his heart with me. It all brings me comfort as I am trusting by faith for my healing. Walking in obedience to his voice as best I know how and believing for greater things. I have experienced a big breakthrough that I didn’t even know was coming or how it would work out but God has been faithful. Your words are truly right on in my life. God bless you and your work for the Lord. Sandy

  • Sue Feiza says:

    My prophetic word over my children and my destiny was so encouraging and accurate! Thank you Jacqueline!

  • Zahra Mustafa says:

    Such words of comfort and blessing to my heart, thank you so much for speaking this wonderful word into my life and for uplifting my spirit. God bless you always.

  • Jessica H. says:

    I received an on time word of encouragement and confirmation from Prophet Russ and Prophetess Brianna. It aligned with my life, situation, and most importantly, it aligned with the Word of God! I thank God for these willing vessels availing themselves to be used by God to edify the people of God. Thank you!

  • Desray Skinner says:

    My name is Desray. Thank you for the encouraging word you sent me especially the words you spoke over me “that will be enough of that” as I have gone through a really difficult season and your word gives me hope that the season is over and that God has new things in store for me. Your ministry is a real blessing!!

  • J MASSON says:

    Thank you so much for your word. I have been receiving and sharing your daily words for years and so many have been blessed. You guys as such an inspiration and we pray that God will continue to bless you.

  • Silvia says:

    My name is Silvia yout word gave me hope andfilled my heart with knowledge of God’s wisdom as I walk through seasons thanks

  • Doreen says:

    Glory To God! Thank You Very Much For Sharing The Encouraging, Relevant, Edifying, Much Needed, Healing Word! All, including “No more delay and no more denial” are very appreciated. Praise The Lord!

  • Good evening Wendy,
    I receive the spoke word that you spoke over my life,
    You are correct in saying that I have sons in which I’m greatly concerned for, however they are my grandson’s ages 22 months and 4 months. (Wow) !!
    So grateful unto God for using you so mightily , what a awesome powerful arsenal tool you are in the hands of God. I recently started working on a new job , and in accepting the assignment, I knew going in that God is going to use me to minister to Men and women, however I sense it will be towards men more strongly.
    And yes you are correct in hearing that my family is also a part of the picture, in that God is placing me center stage, so that they will see and know that what’s about to happen in my life will cause some to become jealous and envious, Why because they always saw me as the black sheep. You know always last ( lol) I laugh because I was never in a race, just waiting on God to move .
    Once again Thank you and God bless

  • Thank you for the prophecy.It is timely,accurate and meets the mark. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.i wait till n excitement do the full manifestation of every promise praising and thanking God all the way ,knowing He makes all things beautiful in His time and I know for sut that time is now in the mighty name of Jesus, amen

  • Camille Heid says:

    Thank you for providing the guidance through the personal prophetic word I received. The prophetic word I receive is accurate to me and my life especially concerning my son and the dream I gave up. I look forward to God showing up in my life with His glory!!

  • Kelly Williams says:

    Spot on! And always right on time. The prophetic staff at Fathers Heart Ministry is like no other. Prophetic words always right on time and resonate with my spirit. I am seeing the things that were mentioned and the love of God is becoming more prevalent to me everyday. Thank you for all you do. Your time and attention is much appreciated.

  • Thank you so much for the word it really helped me I never new God thought of me in such a special way has he does. The word really was on time I truly thank you for your time. God is so good!!

  • Styron Sinjeni Stewart says:

    I truly love how this word has blessed my thoughts. Answered a few of my most important questions. I love the LORD JESUS and the TRUE FATHER GOD. I love GOD If you don’t love GOD, well he loves you.

  • Alma Hannah says:

    Thank you and wife for always being si faithful to God’s leading. I appreciate you all’s down to earth appoach in leading God’s people. 💜you and keep upthe good work

  • Jacqueline says:

    Thank you for my prophetic word. It was a bless and confirmation I am on the right path. May God bless you.

  • Karin Binder-Grieswald says:

    Dear Russ, thank you very much for the prophetic word I received in February. I brought some difficult things for gods throne. The word was an answer for me. It encourged me a lot und gave me peace in my heard. So I am looking forward to some outcomes. Thank you all. God bless you all. Greatings from Germany. Karin

  • Delilah Mitchell-Marrow says:

    Praise the Lord! My husband and I are covenant partner with this anointed Prophetic ministry for years. We are so blessed by this right now Rhema words spoken by the holy spirit. We believe according to II Chronicles 20:20. We are claiming the Victory. We will walk in our turnarounds and breakthroughs. May God bless. Thank you!

  • Lauretta says:

    conformation was given to me with a question I had in my mind. God thoughts are much higher and how patient Our Father is with us. Direction on the journey is confirmed, I give God all the honor and praise and glory for He is with us and what He has for me is for good. Thank you so much for your ministry, sowed into to this word from the Lord thru Russ, as we were taught by Kim Clement. Father I ask in Jesus name to open that door for Russ and Kitty that only You can open, no one can close. Honor that which is being done on Your behalf for Your children. Your hand of protection be over them as You lead, guide, guard, direct and protect Fathers Heart Ministry. I love You Father I ask in Jesus name Amen.

  • Wayne McKinnon says:

    My name is Wayne McKinnon, I want to thank you Russ for The very encouraging word of God that also gives direction and expectation.
    Thank you Jesus for your word.

  • Prophet Russ I heard The Father speak to me directly through you. these are all words that concern me. Through the prophetic word I have received much encouragement and edification.
    may our God guide and sustain you always in this ministry which he has entrusted to you

  • Ty (Ty-Eshia) says:

    I want to thank you and God for encouraging me. I really needed this as I was feeling very down. The word from God was spot on and it was very edifying. It renewed my strength, peace and joy. I felt like a little kid with candy all over again. I look forward to what God is doing now and will be doing in the future in my life. I look forward to serving God, people and fulfilling my purpose. I come in agreement with the prophetic word from God and WILL be SOWING A SEED. Thank you and Love you!!

  • Debra Brezina says:

    Thank you Russ for my word. I wept with joy. Your word spoke very deeply to my heart. Shalom

  • Faith Lynn May says:

    Father’s heart ministry has been very instrumental in my life the words given have been accurate and very encouraging in my life thank you so much for the ministry and Father’s heart ministry

  • Krystal Stevens says:

    My prophetic word was exactly what I needed to hear and has blessed me immensely!

    Thank you!


  • Bukola Banjo says:

    I’m actually in tears and the joy of the Lord, just streamed from my heart as the tears of joy are pouring down from my deepest soul to the word of God spoken to me. It’s so timely and accurate. The joy and assurance I get from the spoken words of God over me is making me leap so much for joy, and I’m surely seeing how marvellous and wonderful God is. Ever faithful and true, always doing wonders. I’m so blessed for this. God bless your ministry and I’m surely coming back to testify to the manifestation of God’s wonders in my life. God bless the whole prayer team.Hallelujah!!!!! Amen!

  • Angela says:

    thank you,im so touched by the prophesy the lord gave me from valerie,
    the lord spoke in such a special way,i am full of praise to your prophetic ministry school,
    a big thank you to valerie

  • Chukwuemeke says:

    That you prophet Russ. I thank God for the connection with you and also speaking through you to me. Anytime i hear from you, it increases my fate and reassure me that God is with me. That you for your work.

  • Darryl Peters says:

    Good day, I receive my daily word from you, for some reason I decided to read today’s word this morning. That word is for me, speaks to me directly, everything that I am going through right now for the past months, I receive it in Jesus name, and I want to thank God for your ministry and your obedience in Christ Jesus. God bless you abundantly….. 🙌✨✨😇💖

  • The word I received was confirmation and much encouragement for this next season. Powerful word and I’m grateful for the gift of God this ministry has been to me!

  • Good morning
    I received an email saying that you sent me a word 5 days ago, and check my spam if I do not see it. I checked my spam and focused and other boxes and I did not receive it very weird.
    Would you resend it to me?
    Sorry for the inconvenience

    Lisa Jordan

  • I feel the word that I was given was right on. I have felt in a “stuck” place. I have also felt that it has been “two steps forward and one step backwards”. Both were mentioned in part of the word that was given me. It also stated “I am not mad at you, says God, and I am not denying you” & “there is an outpouring of My river upon your life that is about to break, and you will never be the same”. There were also other things in that were correct too. It definitely encouraged me. Thank You.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you Russ for the positive Word! I will continue to lean on that hope from the Lord, knowing His plans are always good for us!!

  • Desert donini says:

    Thank you so much for the word u heard what lord had to say he really does hear me ty for emailing

  • You are an essential part of my life and it makes me encouraged in the Lord so i can give to others as he did for me and it keeps me in check morally and spiritually and in everything in my life and in every area in my life so thank you for everything

  • Carolyn Harris says:

    Thank you for the word it is an on time word feeding my heart Gods thoughts to me, I could hear him speaking to me directly, you definitely hear him for me, I’m humbled by this truth! Thank you for hearing ❤️🙋🏽‍♀️💯👏🏽🥰🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  • I want to appreciate Prophet Russ and a volunteer, Mary Taylor, for the precious time and prophecies given. It has brought encouragement and insight to what I’m going through. Thank you again FHM for being a blessing to countless many!

  • Prophet russ , thank you for your word it really helps me . and reminds me of how great God is ! thank you for taking the time to write me back . i thank God for you . for your word everyday . it is encourging . in the word you are one of them who cries out my God reigns on the mountain top. Isaiah 52-7 . thank you again .

  • Toni Turner says:

    I apologize for taking so long to give feedback on the word sent to me on February 25. First I want to thank you for the confirmation. The was very accurate in terms of my temperament, my present situation, even in its focus on my love for the word and my ministerial focus. I was indeed impressed by the language used because I know that it could have only been revealed from the Father by His wis Spirit. I am encouraged to maintain my posture of worship and intercession and leaning into and lingering in the presence of God as I wait on Him to fulfill His word. I will definitely use this prophetic word to contend for my promises.

    (One tiny little note: My name Toni comes from “Antoinette” not Tony for Anthony.)

  • Vanessa says:

    Thank God for this awesome word. Thank you for allowing The Lord to use you. I do not remember ever receiving such life changing words as these. I have been uplifted since receiving this. God is so Awesome and so Amazing. These words characterize my situations. Continue to allow The Lord to use you in such extensive ways . Thank you so much. God bless !

  • Please bear with me I will definitely sow into this ministry when I receive my financial breakthrough of abundance.

  • The detailed accuracy of the 2 responses brought me to tears and gave me “holy goosebumps” after reading the whole prophetic word. It was the confirmation and hope I needed to hear from God about getting me out of a stuck place I was in for so long. It has truly manifested in my life and I’m incredibly grateful for your ministry and your gift God has given you. God Bless you. Love, Rose.

  • Catherine Seminary says:

    I can’t thank you enough for speaking such accurate words into my life. The confirmation and encouragement from the Lord through FHM deeply blessed me!!! I print out the words I receive & speak them over my life often. This builds my faith and I’m flooded with peace as I read my words from the Lord. Thank you FHM – from the bottom of my heart!!!

  • María says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Glory to God!
    God is good!!!
    Thank you so much, thank you God bless you!!!!!

    This is more than supernatural.
    Really, you could not have a way to know that I was at a retreat , of the curch, with the name: “Courts of Heaven”
    and yesterday we entered the throne room, and I was waiting for the answer of the Judge, and then I receive this e-mail with his answer, his verdic. So I am amazed, really, overwhelmed , incredible! Thank thank thank you Lord!!!
    You are faithful!!!
    I am so grateful!
    Blessings, thank you for blessing me with this marvelous answer from the Lord, thank you so much.
    Priceless, this is a treasure!
    Andrea de la Roca
    Guatemala City

  • I am most grateful for these prophetic words. I have been dwelling in fear of the future and wondering if God is angry with me or has chosen to deny my utmost heart desires. These words give me hope and assurance that He will not leave nor forsake me and He hears and sees me.
    Thank you so much and may God bless you and your ministry.

  • Trudy McAteer says:

    Words cannot express my gratitude and absolute humblest appreciation for you taking the time to go before God to pray for me. I am so truly grateful and so appreciative.

    It’s a honor to be associated with you and your ministry and I pray God’s richest blessings upon you and your families and may God richly bless every area of your lives and meet you in the place of your need and overshadow you with His fullness, mercy, grace, abundance and love.

    Kindest regards

  • Caroline Sweeney says:

    I would like to leave feedback for a prophetic word, that I received from the Fathers Heart Ministry. I will start with the timing that was really so spot on. I had been praying the very words that were spoken to me a few hours before the prophetic word arrived. The word has to do with a major change in my life, it’s something that I have been carrying and praying for many year and I felt that I had could really believe for it any more due to so much disappointment.
    The word spoke of hope, and promises. The timing was so perfect, that I cried over the word and thanked the Father for it. I appreciate the word so much, thank you to everyone who is involved in the Fathers Heart Ministry. I pray God abundant blessings on all of you. Bless you and thanks again.

  • Thank you for the words from God! I know that it was him. I really appreciate you and your team for taking the time to seek God on my behalf. Believing God is my stand! I’m very encouraged for the confirming words moreover, I will not give in or give up on his promises nor, will forget this ministry.

    To God be all the Glory! I pray this ministry stay blessed and that increase of miracles and more blessings will shower down from every direction for you all. Your all are appreciated dearly.

  • Betelihem says:

    Greetings Prophet,
    I give all Glory to God for your life.i am so blessed by the prophetic word God has spoken to encouraged me a lot.
    I receive it in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  • robert DeFrank says:

    Thank you for the word….I am trusting that GOD will prosper me & allow me to stay in the house my mom willed to me as I feel that is HIS will….Please continue to pray for me!

  • Marlene Hanlon says:

    WOW. Awesome .I was in the court room of God last night and waiting on a verdict, which seem to take along time .So i left. Then this morning your email came throught with my verdict.So greatful for your timing and your closeness to hear the right Word for the right Time .So a hugh THANK YOU .


  • Tina Jones says:


  • Catherine says:

    Thank you all for that word of encouragement it was so on time and it also help me by renewing my faith that I hadn’t did something wrong before the Lord. I love him too much to give up now, and he’s brought me through too much for me to turn around at this point in my life. Thanks so much, I give God the Glory for using you all to be a blessing to me.

  • Hello and thank you for your email yesterday responding to my prayer request. Your words resonate so greatly and you used words that have been on my heart for the past year so I know that it is God’s message to me directly. I feel is love and know he is with me on this new journey and I have heard and will no longer “be afraid” and step out to do his will and call on my life. Thank you!

  • Marc a Puckett says:

    Thank you. The words you spoke of me are true. They are confirmation of many prayers. It is a blessing to hear from the living God through His prophets. God bless all of you.


    Praise the Lord ! Your prophecies are true and it is a blessing one.I need your prophecies all the time,thanks

  • Faith says:

    What a true blessing your ministry has been to me. The purpose of prophesy is to edify & encourage as well as help direct the walk of believer and your prophesy over my husband’s and my life was exactly that and more. Thank you for giving us the motivation to move forward mightily in Christ, and the hope that the miraculous is coming forth soon. Everything you spoke lines up with what’s happened and with the Word of God and I speak blessings over you and your family and your children and your children’s children and that God’s face will shine upon you ALWAYS.

  • Victoria says:

    Thank you Prophet Russ and your team. I value your PROPHECY and I am so grateful to God for His promises to me that He is aware of my situation and that change is here!Hallelujah!I receive this prophecy and declare it true for my life in Jesus name.May God continue to increase your ministry.

  • Erica Warner says:

    I just want to say Thank You! My kids and I have been going through so much these last couple of years. I have 5 kids 2 boys 18 and 16 and 3 girls 12, 11, and 10. All I do is pray and thank God each and everyday. I’m a single mother trying my best to raise my children the best way I can. I know God is with me every step of the way. Thank you again.

  • Theresa Gonzales says:

    I have not requested any word for you guys. I was trained in the prophetic in your ministry. This a devine message from the Father to me. Thank you for this word I have petition the father for instruction. The word you gave is on point. Thank you for your obedience

  • Carol says:

    Thankyou so much for my words of encouragement. It sure was a timely message! Your words reflected what my mind was going through. Sometimes one just needs an encouraging word that God is closer than sometimes our mind tells us. Blessings to you. Great fuel for your ministry.

  • Steven Thomas says:

    Very timely and encouraging. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you for your faithful ministry to the saints. Blessings to you and your team.

  • Joanne Dalian says:

    Thank you for the encouragement to keep fighting for peace and life. God bless you.

  • Debbe Kennedy says:

    I thank you so much you for your word and wisdom. I have not received my healing yet but hopefully soon. We are very poor but I will try to give something. God Bless You all.

  • Rena Lamb says:

    O’ my God! Prophet Russ, that word is so encouraging. It is always a blessing to know that you’re waiting and on the right track. Praise Yahweh! Thank you. I did receive a word back in February and was not expecting another. Your word is right on! The Father was speaking to me. I thank God for your gift.
    I have been so impress with your Daily Word, I sent to my friend, she was inspired so now we are both part of Your Prophetic Class 101. Loving it. I will be sowing in this ministry. All glory to Yahushua.
    Continued Kingdom Blessings,

  • I just received a word from prophet Terri, this was such an encouraging word for me, things that had crossed my mind and wondered about my life,this word addressed an helped join some dots, for me it’s been ‘walking in the dark having no light and trying to trust the lord and rely on him’ for quite some time now, so wonderful to receive such accurate prophetic encouragement in this time, a great help!
    Thank you Thank you.

  • Michael Jeevan says:

    Hello Prophet you well by the grace of our Lord..Prophet Russ. can you please re-send my personal prophecy…..i forgot to save it and as a result..i lost it on my phone…my name is
    Michael Jeevan..i received it on the 7 or 8 of Jan..2021.

  • Beverly says:

    Thank you for the prophetic words that I received. They were very timely just when I needed the encouragement from the Father. I’ve read them over and over again chewing on the revelation with great expectation of the manifestation of the promises. Thank you for your ministry to bless others with the heart of the Father. I have sown a seed of faith into the words that I received. Looking forward to replying again as God unfolds His word in my life.

  • Jolana says:

    I thank you all from the bottom of my heart with such sincere and compassionate words of wisdom that I know come straight from heaven. You have given me so much confirmation that I needed so I can keep on going. It has been far from easy, but nothing worth while ever is. Keep on being the strong prophetic ministry that you are with all the blessings God has to give you!

  • Tina Washington says:

    Praise our Living God . The Word that you gave to me was so on time and definitely a True Word . Thank you for this Awesome Word . Thank you for the encouraging Words also . You talk about the things that I’ve been through in life and you gave me a Word to help me through. Thank You Jesus 🩸🩸🩸❤️🙌🏼🎁♥️🙌🏼🔥🎁💜💒🙏🏽🍯💥

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to pray and receive a strong prophetic word for my life. It was much more than I expected and speaks to my heart. It brings confirmation. It’s interesting that you mention Zayin, Seven, because the Lord gave me “7” in January for what I had been seeking Him about. And I have never heard of an angel named “Chet” either, but maybe someday I will meet him. I receive the prophetic Word and pray over it. I activate my faith by sowing seed. I am excited to move forward with what God has for me and my husband in this next season. Thank you for ministering to the saints. It is truly a blessing!

  • Cynthia Tyson says:

    Thanks for the prophetic word that I received in February 2021. It spoke to me on many levels and every time I read it, I get more insight. The word about taking off my comfortable shoes was on point. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in January of 2019 and told me that I was going to be uncomfortable with a lot of things that were going to take place and that I was going to have to lay the comfortability aside and embrace the new that he was orchestrating in my life. The prophetic about new vision, pruning, cutting was so accurate. I bless God for the word that came through and with His help I plan to run with it. God bless you all!

  • David Burgess says:

    I received a word from Lucien Pinas on 2/16/21. I want to give you thanks for your word from the Lord. I have already received a word from Russ. Your word gave me more clarity on what Russ said in his word to me. Blessings to all of you and your families.

  • Victor Onana says:

    I bless God and the Holy Spirit for this opportunity, I fortunately came across a link that enable me reach out to the ministry for a personal prophecy for direction and it has really shaped my mind and consciousness of Gods plans concerning my life and in ministry too.
    So I’m using this venue to thank the Fathers heart ministry for your love and time for the kingdom .

  • William White says:

    The word was good but I am experiencing most of that now, but you were on target be blessed!

  • I thank God for answering my prayers and yes everything
    the prophet said went straight to my spirit .amen once again thank you

  • Catherine Finlayson says:

    I want to thank you so much for the powerful, prophetic word I received during February 2021. I had been on a 3 day fast, desperately seeking God and His plan for my life. Your prophetic word arrived in my inbox right in the middle of my fast but I did not see and read it until after my fast was over. It was such a timely, accurate word which resonated with me and I got the sense God was letting me know he had heard my prayers and fasting by the arrival of your prophetic word during it! I am excited about what God is doing and going to do in my life. Thank you so much for the wonderful, blessed prophetic work you do, Fathers Heart Ministry.


    A few years ago I was blessed to come across this ministry through Elijah List. One day, an email said “Who is the prophet in your life?” The answer is Prophets Russ, Kitty and Terri! It has been blessing upon blessing for me by FHM through Morning Light, the daily prophetic words, the monthly prophetic words, the Breakthrough course and for the third year in succession, a personal prophetic word. (This year I had two!) Thank you so much, the words were spot on! In every way the word was anointed, encouraging, guiding, faith-bringing…some of them are coming to pass as I write this and some of them have already happened. God bless you all at FHM, I am off to sow into this word and this ministry.

  • I am very impacted by this prophetic word. There were a few details in the word that were so uncanny and remarkably timed! My faith feels stoked and is surging! Thank you!

  • The prophetic word that I received from Mary was so ACCURATE! It confirmed what the Lord had been saying to me over the course of the last year. The scripture “the joy of the Lord is your strength” is what God has been saying to me. Every single word was a confirmation of what I had received from the Lord. Thank you so much for yielding yourself to the Lord and allowing Him to think and speak through you. God bless this ministry tremendously!.

  • Susanna Reynolds says:

    Thank you for the word you gave me. I’ve read it a couple of times. I am looking to God for the change in my life and asking Him for his patience that passes all understanding. I feel His Holy Spirit close to me. Look forward to a deeper relationship with Him.





  • Thank you for for prophetic word. I feel it was very humbled because I have given up an addiction of forty years and have seized all depression medication. I have also been studying the process of the Courts of Heaven and have taken many things to the Lord. Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. I have felt such a shifting from the time I wrote that inquiry email.

  • Virginia Perkins says:

    Thank you people of the lord. The message is correct and accurate. The process has begun it my father is bringing it forth. Thank your Gods Blessing.

  • terri Home linder says:

    Thank you Twila for the prophetic word. I appreciate the scripture verses you shared. The word is Truth!
    We are looking forward to personal breakthrough. and seeing fruition of daughter’s marriage restored!

  • Bernard Mborah says:

    Hello Prophet Russ, Thanks so much for the Prophetic word for this year. It is a word of encouragement knowing that the Lord is bringing changes I so much desire to happen in my life and ministry and also it is a word to stretch me to this new level which requires some pruning work to be done.. I will give my cooperation for what has to be done to get me to this new level..The word relates to my future and I will prayerfully await the manifestation in my life and ministry..

  • L Mlmbo South Africa says:

    First and foremost, I thank God for His amazing love. Sinner and down in the ditches He still finds me worthy of all things beautiful and reminding me that I am a daughter of thee King and should walk and speak and act as such. The Prophetic word released over my life is still in the unraveling process. To the Waldens, my goodness what a blessing you are… I Thank God for allowing you to be a mouth piece over my life.

    The word that confirmed it all for me was Genesis 9:13 (and I think God put it that way not only to remind me but to affirm me that it is a word from Him. See those very two numbers 9 and 13 are my date of birth. September the 13 and I was busy reading in Psalms about it before now when it came up from Genesis. So then this is my word for the year.

    And so I would like to come back again and give feedback but Also to testify of His goodness and the amazing work done by the Walden’s

  • Anna Lagoda says:

    I am delighted in hearing from God. All prophecies speaks to my heart and mind on the deep level. Everything is exactly what takes place in my life and the directions, that I need. With the guidance and revelations of the Holy Spirit taking forward revealing the truths of God. I really needed the word of wisdom for such time as this. Very uplifting and encouraging.
    It means a lot to me. Forever Greatfull.

    Thank You,

  • Thank you for the word. When you’ve gone through so many things unimaginable, it is a blessing that God will use the MOG to bring such an encouraging word to give you His word for your life to give you hope and to let you know that He has not forgotten you and that He who promised is faithful if you faint not. I receive the word given and look forward to what is going to do in my life so that He will get the glory in this earth.

  • Jim Pierce says:

    Blown Away.. Amazing how the Holy Spirit can speak volumes in such a condensed form.. I am inspired, encouraged and so blessed. 😎

  • The prophetic word i got was so accurate i was crying through the whole thing to know that God knows me and hes seen everything and Hes with my im thankfull for the man of Gods faithfullness and obedience .

  • says:

    God bless you Teri Allen for taking the time to respond to my prayer request. Your words of encouragement were timely; I am so grateful! May the Lord richly bless you and yours and give you many hours of peace, and joy; and fill your days to over flowing with His love!

  • Krishsnthy says:

    Thank you Prophets I have received my personal prophecy today that gave me a new hope and strength. My faith is being lifted by the the word of God. Every word that has spoken in to my life by this ministry has been so powerful. I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart for taking time and praying over my life. Thank you very much. God bless this ministry. Amen.

  • Hello friends in Christ. Thank you for taking the time to seek the Holy Spirit on my behalf. Almost everything communicated seems very accurate. Time will tell of course, but I wanted to let you know the Lord confirmed some things he’s already told me through your words. Blessings to you all:)

  • Wow – that prophetic word was accurate and really spoke to where I am right now. Thank you for a very detailed and caring word! I am thankful for your ministry. May God bless you!

  • Reid Williamson says:

    Hi prophet Russ, thank you for your words. The majority was very personal to me and accurate and I thank God for you.
    There was one part that was a little off it was funny because it was about a specific situation that you accurately got right but the outcome went the other way regarding the specific situation that you referred to. Otherwise it was incredibly encouraging.

  • thank you thank you, such encouragement given to me. I have been troubles by a past experience which I have been trying to over come now I realize I must give it to the LORD n go forward. Forward looks both scary n exciting. But I love my LORD n I want to be obedient. He is leading me into being more in service through my church. I feel excited n scary n due to past experience I’m apprehensive BUT GOD/ How I love that vese in Eph. my favorite scripture n book Eph.2:5 “BUT GOD” Please feel free to send another WORD as the LORD leads. much love

  • Lori Sheppard says:

    Its Awesome im so excited to see what God is going to do next. Thank you for this Prophetic word it is exactly what I needed to hear.
    Glory to God !!!

  • Catherine Seminary says:

    I’ve received a few prophetic words now from Russ and Kitty… The accuracy and how these words apply to my life right now is off the charts!!! These words gave me strength, encouragement, clarity and understanding to navigate through a painful season of letting go of the past until all I formally relied on’s been purged from my life… Out of surrender I’ve found a new level of Peace that passes all understanding… I keep these prophesies as well as others from true prophets in a notebook – that I read from and declare often.. Russ and Kitty – Thank you and God Bless You and your ministry….

  • Jennifer Raybon says:

    I have been with you for years now and i can say this IS A MINISTRY FROM HEAVEN. Love, Jennifer Raybon

  • Donna Nicholas says:

    Morning Russ and Kitty, all the way from New Zealand. I first connected with the Fathers Heart Ministries at the end of 2017 and since then I have been encouraged by the Daily Prophetic word.
    This year I asked for a Prophetic word for my life for 2021, and, I am very grateful for your timely blessings and the empowerment of the prophecy.
    The prophetic word is confirmation of what the Father has been showing and doing in my life and has given me renewed Grace, inspired Hope and great Peace in these challenging times.
    The greatest blessings are evidenced in the lives of loved ones, strangers and friends who I love, and are been touched by the Fathers hand and His great Love He showers upon me.
    I am so grateful and blessed, thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Hallelujah and praise be to God thank you kitty and Russ for your prosthetic words of encouragement, God and God only was speaking through you to me. There is much that I didn’t tell you but yet the Lord bought it to light and Eve reminded me things that I forgotten. These words has not only encourage me but has touched my heart tremendously I am blowing away of how awesome a God we serve and to say I believe in the word of the prophets and receive the word of the Lord thank you and God bless… I had a dream and in my dream I was standing in front of my backdoor and my dog Wally was it by my side he was whining not growling but whining letting me know that we were not alone so I open the door and I reached over and grab the piece of pipe that I have setting by the back door and I stepped outside and the hair on the back of my neck good up and I thought this is crazy what if they got a gun not knowing what was out there but finding myself at the age of my back porch and I looked and there was an angel in my yard standing beside a tree and his eyes lit up they were bright white and then I woke up in my bed knowing I needed to write it down thank you and God bless

  • Good afternoon,

    Thank you for responding to my request for prophecy. I do have some questions as I would like to learn more about what was told to me in prophesy and gain more understanding.

  • Tony Francis says:

    I want to say a big thank you for the prophetic words you sent to me. The words are what I need, and I got them

  • Linda Boateng says:

    Thank you so much fathers heart ministry for the prophetic word. This word is helping in my prayer life. It is so timely and also helping to strategies for the future.

  • Lila Diomande says:

    The prophetic word prophesied to me by father’s heart ministry is so accurate it ministered to me greatly. I feel clarity, encouraged and uplifted knowing that behind the scenes of my now obstacles is the father’s protection and love. I’m overwhelmed in awe and wrapped in the fear of the Lord as I read the word because of the profound accuracy. I do struggle with fear, and hopelessness. I do have many questions I feel God isn’t answering and I ask over and over, hints I heard the first time. I see many changes are taking place at the same time. As the Lord prunes me and its painful at times, But I trust in him and I believe his prophets. Thank you so much prophet russ for taking the time out to send me this word of the Lord (so much confirmation).

  • Anthony Tom says:

    The prophetic word I received from Father’s heart ministry is timely and encouraging.
    Thanks for taking time to pray and hearing God for me.

  • Charlotte says:

    Dear Mr. Walden,
    Thank you so much for your prophetic word that greatly encouraged me. I so appreciate you taking the time to seek the Lord on my behalf and share what He spoke to you. I look forward to seeing how the Word of the Lord unfolds in my life. We have been dealing with some serious diabetic issues for my husband recently, so that delayed my response to you. But God worked miraculously and brought him through a necessary procedure, to save his foot. Thank you again. I appreciate it very much!

  • Douglas Faulkner says:

    I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for your sincere prayers and sacrifice to intercede for me and get a living prophetic Word spoken to me that has been unfolding before my very eyes …. Jesus is so faithful ! I can’t thank you enough !!!

  • Terri Hughes says:

    I requested my prophetic word at the beginning of January. I sent an email to your ministry just to check, and got no response. Can someone please check for me?

  • Hi thanks so much for the prophectic word because before receiving the word i been seeing the number 8 alot un my dream. IT would sometimes appear with other numbers but the only one i could have remember was 8 and been trying to figure out what it meant but you spoke about that 8 in the prophectic word and i stand in awe. Thank you so much .
    May God continue to blessed you.

  • MARENCIA says:

    Good day to you.
    A huge thank you for my personal prophetic word. It is awesome and definitely resonates with my spirit. I was so touched by this powerful, accurate word. Thank you for taking the time to answer my request.
    God bless you…

  • Madalene crisson says:

    GLORY HALLELUJAH to my Father in heaven! Thank you prophet Russ for praying for me. This is the wildest ride I have ever been on in my life and I needed much direction. I now have a Great vision to run with and I declare victory! God bless you.

  • Thank you Prophet for the Word. It truly blessed my life. In this season I have been walking through it has been very difficult and that Word was like water to my soul. I will be supporting this man of God, so this ministry will be able to be a blessing to others. Thank you, Thank you, and did I mention Thank you😊

  • Virginia says:

    Thank you for your word over my life. Your ministries have been a guidepost for me during this spiritual journey that God had led me on. I am eternally grateful for your service in the Kingdom. May God continue to Bless the words of your lips with His truth

  • Celeste says:

    We give God the glory! Thank you brother Russ for the prophetic word from the Father! It was accurate! Thank you and may the Lord Jesus bless you and this ministry!

  • Thank you for standing in the gap on my behalf, lifting me up in prayer. The Prophetic word was a comforting encouragement that I faithfully prayed over. It really blessed me speaking words of knowledge and wisdom. I will stay obedient to the instruction, please continue to pray my strength in the Lord. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and family for your stewardship. Wow so much revealed and released. I cast my burdens on him and lift up my cross 🙌🏾 amen. Bless you all and the hearts you continue to touch.

  • LaWanda says:

    Thank you! Your word for me confirms what God has already been telling me in my Journaling Prayer. It absolutely resonates with me and has blessed me greatly! I receive it now!!! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

  • Winfred says:

    I am grateful for the word which has Riley touched my heart,Iam encouraged to continue trusting God for he’s doing great and mighty things in my life.

  • Rincy Varkey Cherian says:

    Truly grateful for the timely and powerful prophetic word! It’s a perfect confirmation of what the Lord is doing in our lives and a great encouragement for the next phase of our journey. We pray the Lord’s blessing in abundance upon the entire Team!

  • Chelsea Woodard says:

    Thank you so much for the prophetic word in my life it came at the right time..I receive this word..I thank God for you and your wife…A true Prophetic voice in this hour

  • Thank you so much for your obedience from accurately from THE THRONE OF THE FATHER. I stand in awe of the word given to me. When i read it and cried and laughed and cried again because it spoke right into my situation. I am soooo forever grateful for the communication tools that FATHER has allowed us to have.

    I am so blessed and I have started praying through the prophecy.

    Thank you thank you.

  • Praise GOD!!!!!!
    I want to thank you Prophet Russ for being steadfast,and abounding in the will of GOD.
    I praise the father that you have an ear to hear what the spirit of the Lord has to say to his people.
    We (the body of Christ) really need the five fold Ministry gifts operating in the times we are living in.
    I was so blessed by what I believe to be finally a true word from the Lord.
    Although I would love to discuss it with you for more understanding but I have no doubt that GOD was speaking to me and I am so thankful. I needed this word so desperately and seems as though it was the appointed time for its release and for me to receive.
    Thank you Man of GOD and blessings to you , your family and your Ministry.

  • Anne Champion says:

    Thank you so much you are pretty spot on, yes there has been many changes in our life over the last five years none pleasant. Lost our business, house and all material possessions. Not that I am a material person. My walk the the Lord has been a long one about 40 years and yes he has never let me down. However the real pruning started three years ago. Hospitialised from 2016- 2018 with a broken femur, now I am partially disabled. This lead to quite some rest time and reflection on where our lives went wrong, God has showed me so much in this trying time of covid not once have I been afraid and have my bible opened to pslam 91 which I can almost remember off heart. We are praying for restoration of our losses and a continued healthy life, a permanent place to live is one of our major desires as we have had to rent, and being on the pension it is making it difficult however the good new is that God has met our NEED not our wants. We feel truly blessed, at the moment I am handling funeral arrangements for Doug’s family as his Dad passed away last Friday 5th February. God has also shown us strength in handling this situation. I am 71

  • Hi,
    Thank you for the prophetic word. And might I say, WOW! I am still in the process of digesting what was said, but know that it did confirm things I had been thinking about. I feel lighter, excited, and possibly nervous after reading the prophecy. Not a bad nervous, but I so like knowing my next steps which doesn’t seem to be the case in the prophecy. All good. Thanks again.

  • Deborah Thompson says:

    Hallelujah Russ! You have helped answer my questions to Our Father Jehovah. His majestic voice to your mouth in Jesus’ name Amen

  • Hello thanks for the prophetic direction. I will be studying it. It has some confirmations for me. Much blessings.

  • Geri Maslan says:

    Thank you for your Prophetic word. It touched my heart and I am looking forward to fruition in the coming months. I am looking for a renewal and change in my life and your word really lifted my spirit. Thank you for your ministry.

  • I am praying over the word. Much of it, I will have to process to see if God gives me any specific meaning. I am praying for change in my life in so many areas. I am asking God to give me some specifics and actually MOVE on my prayers. God bless you.

  • Edith Beyer says:

    Dear Russ Walden and Team,

    I requested a prophetic word in December 2020 and was delighted to have received it just a few days ago (no problem at all with the delay – the timing is all in God´s hand!)
    As I was reminded already to leave a feedback I will do so now, although I have only found and read the word today and have yet to read it a few more times, pray about it and digest it.
    For now I want to thank you, Russ Walden very much for hearing God for me and for the personalized message, which seems encouraging and uplifting, at times very challenging – but it has “God´s handwriting”. You wrote, your team might come back to me with more words. Again, thank you very much. Be continued to be blessed in this valuable work you all do.

    God bless, Edith
    P.S. I tried to give a donation via phone, couldn´t reach anybody, but left a message.

  • Cynthia says:

    Thank you for the accurate prophetic words and may God increase you.I now have guidance for the new year and ready to face every challenge that comes my way through the help of the holy spirit.The daily prophetic words are very encouraging and nourishing to my soul.I pray for your well being and longevity.May you live to continue to build the body of Christ.

  • Aksa Bhatti says:

    Thank you so much Prophet. I received this word in Jesus name. It really touch my life. May God bless you more and more for His glory. Blessings in Christ!

  • Thank you for this prophetic word this word was so spot on I’m shocked. I really needed to hear this during this season of my life and it has encouraged me to keep on pressing forward thank you Man Of God.

  • Teresa Burrell says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot even begin to tell you what a tremendous blessing it was to receive the Word of the Lord through Father’s Heart Ministries! WOW! It was so specific to what has and is transpiring in my life and concerning my heart’s desire in the Lord that I have waited for years to see! My daughter and I both cried when we read it together. For years I have prayed for a prophetic ministry to accomplish what you have just done and invest in my life in a manner that there was no doubt it was definitely God. I have not sown seed in the past with any other ministry outside my church other than a special offering, and at present my finances are not such that I can contribute, but that will change shortly, and when it does I will without doubt be investing in the good ground of your ministry. It is solid and fertile soil that I anticipate great harvest from not just for myself as you have stated, but for you as well. God’s richest of blessings to you both for your kindness and your heart to invest in the lives of others with your ministry!

  • so timely and definitely resonated. I’ve been so blessed by how this person from your prophetic team took the time in going into dpeth of what they saw/heard for me and what it meant for my life. It was expressed so beautifully and to that, I say amen


    Thank you so much for the prophetic word over my life, i was starting to be discouraged as I was not sure anymore if God hear my prayer. You were spot on and my spirit is lifted up

  • Nicola Grant says:

    Thank you very much indeed for the Prophetic Word that you sent me from the Father’s Heart.
    As I read it today, I was touched that it arrived at just the right time and that God had made space for me to hear it undisturbed.
    There were several key points in there that tied in with words, thoughts and emotions that I had been thinking of even before I read it.
    I feel blessed by a Father who knows what I need and how I am likely to respond to His words….and reassured that His thoughts, dreams and encouragement are far weightier and more persistent than I could imagine.
    Lots of love and blessing to you both!
    Thank you.

  • Amber Talley says:

    Thank you so much for seeking a word from the Lord for me this year! It gave me great excitement & restored faith in all I know the Lord has been telling me. Wow, I have an angel named Chet, that is amazing because I’m obsessed with numbers & their meanings. 2021 will be my year of success in business & doing a change. I have had to cut out close friends & not really that close to my family as I once was. I feel the Lord is calling me away from our addiction & recovery ministry, & into a new direction for Sunday church services. My husband & I are looking forward to all of the blessings of the Lord this year especially. May God bless you all greatly.

  • Tshego Mogoye says:

    I would like to give glory and praise to the most High God for that powerful prophetic word,i know without any doubt that word was from the Father himself and it brought so much joy and peace in my heart and i received clarity on a lot of questions I may have had.Thank you so much for being the mouth piece of God Pastor Russ and the entire Fathers Heart Ministries Team,may the Lord keep on blessing you all.

  • Blake Campbell says:

    Thank you Prophet Russ,and everyone at Fathers Heart ministry for this personal prophetic word,it is accurate and encouraging.Shalom to you all.

  • I have been so touched by the Godly service of Russ and Kate. I am grateful for the words I have received and they have bought much clarity in my life. May the Lord continue using you as his vessels. God bless.

  • So many things that were said in the prophetic words I got were just confirmation. Now it’s time to step out of my slippers where I have been comfortable, this was in one of the words and put on my running shoes so I am ready to go wherever God sends me. I love that He is putting up a new fence around me that nobody can break through. It’s no wonder God kept speaking to me about guarding my heart and mind! So many things said align and I want to thank you for taking the time to prophecy over so many and me personally. To hear that the Father is pleased just makes me weep. God bless you!

  • Hi Russ and Kitty, thank you so much for giving me a personal prophecy. I treasure the prophecy and thank you for taking the time to receive this knowledge, wisdom, revelation and from the Lord. Your word is timely and a great help to me. I can’t thank you enough.

  • I received the prophecy and I am really happy because it lined with everything that touches mylife. God bless you and the ministry at large. Looking forward to it’s manifestation in mylife. Amen

  • Zenobia says:

    Thank you for the Prophetic Word that I received. This is so spot on on what I’m experiencing in my life. It’s a huge upliftment for my spirit and so encouraging! May God continue to bless you and your ministry!

  • Aderonke Adeniran says:

    Thank you for the prophetic word. It was worth waiting for. It confirmed some of the things God has said to me, and given me direction in other areas as well. I receive this word of the Lord and trust that I would be sharing my testimony here soon. God bless you!

  • Katherine Hadwen says:

    Thank you for the word you have given to me. It was very good,not sure about all of it but the Lord always gives more than you expect.There is definite thing you have said that only the Lord would know.

    Thank you again

  • David Burgess says:

    I received your word Yesterday. Thank you for a very encouraging word. It lifted me up and has confirmed my belief of what my calling is and a whole lot more. Thank you for your ministry, May it be blessed as you bless others.

  • I recieved my word, and it was very uplifting, encouraging, and so very accurate to what I hear from the Lord, thank you for confirmation, and encouragement.

  • Josephine Ogbebor says:

    I am grateful to Almighty God and may God bless Fathers Heart Ministry for being a vessel of honour to our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I am so encouraged and excited after receiving my prophetic word. God is perfect. My prophetic word came after I obeyed a divine instruction. My prophetic word is God speaking to me. I am so happy and hope filled.
    May the Angels of God surround the Fathers Heart Ministry always in Jesus name.

  • I need an explanation as to why I would receive the exact same word as my daughter..only the name changed. I had asked for a personal word for the year.

  • Andrew Z says:

    hello and thank u for the e-mail reply for my prophetic worrd..i know its crazy with the pandemic going on and my heart goes out to u guys your inspiring words!and someone can greatly email me and give me encouraging words and pray for and hope thank u-

  • Jeremy P says:

    Words can’t describe the Glory of the Lord I am feeling after receiving a prophetic word that was not only spot on accurate, but spoke of detailed conversations I have had recently. Thank you Fathers Heart Ministry for your faithfulness to our King Jesus. Absolutely grateful!

  • RM Luna says:

    I am beyond thankful and grateful for the prophetic word I received. I am praising and worshiping the Lord our God for His goodness, His mercy and His abiding love to us His children. I am devouring my message, taking notes, looking up scriptures and praying for the Lord to give me more wisdom and insight so that my Word will manifest in the natural. I realize I need more follow-up for revelation and intend to pursue the excellent resources provided by Father’s Heart Ministry. I don’t remember how I found FHM years ago but obviously, the Lord’s hand was leading the way to this most amazing ministry. There is something for everyone who needs and wants more of the things of God. We are a people exceedingly blessed to be part of Fathers Heart Ministry. Thank You, Thank You, dear Prophets for all you do in love.

  • I received my word today. Thank you. I can relate to so much of it but there are some things I don’t quite understand. So I will pray into the word and see what God says to me. Thank you again.

  • halim kedjar says:

    Your prophetic word is a great blessing to me and my surrounding. God bless you in return, may He bless you and your family and your church and your ministry in jesus name amen

  • Lucretia Hayes says:

    This word was very timely and on point! It opened the door to what I have been praying and crying out for to the Lord! I was at my wits end and feeling odd!

    I believe the word of the Lord and come into agreement with His will!

    I thank God for this ministry and a a renewed sense of faith and moving forward in the Lord! I look forward to where God is taking me! In Jesus mighty name amen!

  • Kathy Robinson says:

    Thank you for your kindness to wait upon the Lord for the Word for me. It is very accurate, it witnesses in my spirit and ties in with what the Lord has been doing in my life and how He has been leading me, and what He has been showing me.
    May the Lord bless you and multiply to you all things that you need. May He give you increase protection, provision, joy!

  • Thank you for the word – it was very accurate and encouraging. It also came in at a very timely manner. Thank you so much.


    Good morning! God bless you for this accurate and profound prophetic word! It came at the right time! After years of praying, late last night – February 6, 2021, in my time with God, I decided and indicated to my Father that I will now only focus on praying for persons who are hurting and hopeless, and continue to win souls for the Kingdom of God – which bring me joy – and no longer for me, as despite all my fasting and prayers throughout my adult life, my health, finances and personal life remains the same, and His promises remain unanswered, written in my journal. This morning while in worship, Hallelujah, He sent me to my e-mail, and my unanswered questions were addressed and my confusion and didquietd spirit was at peace. Now I understand His delay. Thank you my precious Saviour for using your faithful prophets to speak to me. I pray that they will receive bounteous favour and blessings for their obedience and dedication to ministering and giving hope to your Children.

  • María Cristina says:

    Thanks for the prophetic word you sent me. I was thinking in it. Very accurate. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Josephine Ogbebor says:

    God is awesome. My prophetic word is awesome. I have been waiting for my prophetic word from Fathers Heart Ministry . My prophetic word came after I gave God my First fruit through God’s direction. I believe this is God speaking to me. I am so encouraged and excited.
    All thanks to Almighty God and God bless Fathers Heart Ministry for being a vessel unto honour for our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Yolanda Martin says:

    Thank God, for Prophet Russ and Kitty. My inner man absorbed the spoken prophetic word like a sponge. The words spoken is very profound! I’m extremely excited about what God is doing in and through my life. God had spoken the number 8 concerning an individual, I delivered as instructed and conformation followed. Here and now the Father have spoken into my life concerning exact number. As I read the words from God through Prophet Russ, I knew it was from the the mouth of God. Blessings upon you, your Ministry and family as you continue to obey God. Powerful, word!!!👏👏👏🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏

  • I am overwhelmed and dumbfounded as I read the prophetic word for my life. I bless God for your lives Prophet Russ and this Ministry also. I thank God for His word to me. May His name be forever praised in all the earth. I am more than encouraged. Thank you!

  • Thomas P. Panaga says:

    Praise God, to your life Prophet Russ. The prophetic word you says are spot on. I started see the turn around in my life specially in financial favors and increasing understanding, knowledge and wisdom. Praise Lord Jesus. Halleluyah.

  • Saraquil says:

    Thankyou so much ! Certain things you said we’re so ridiculously on point I loved it. I hope to hear more
    alot more frequently. One part that I thought was impeccable timing was about god watching my life like a dvr back and forth asking if I liked it like this or that. On social media several hours prior to my email I had posted ” Two places I won’t go with you, back and forth”. Of all the things to say it was like confirmation to me. I have alot more I’d like to share but I don’t feel that it’s for everyone’s eyes . Thank you again so much . I’d love to ask you a few questions , I myself am a helper and do have some spiritual gifts that perhaps you could steer me to the proper channels

  • maria lake says:

    I need God s touch in my life and this prophetic word brought me clots to him . thank you for the prophetic word has been a lot help to me open my mind to Gods lead and help me to be easer to respond to God calling and have a closets touch by God prays the Lord God blesse you and keeping using you for his Glory

  • Jesse Gibson says:

    I’m really thankful for the prophetic word I received, concerning my first request. It fits my life really well. I even laughed at myself knowing that was said was definitely me, so to speak. I’ll be sure to request prophetic words from this ministry anytime I need insight!

  • Beatrice Lopez says:

    I just received my prophetic word. I don’t know what to say. I’m in awe…I’m speechless. I had to start and stop several times….the accuracy. Praise God. Thank you. I needed direction. I needed to know God’s heart for me. Thank you.

  • I received a word that touched my heart and encouraged me. It had lots of confirmation along with wisdom for my future and my purpose in this season. I will pray and meditate over the word I received. Thank you so very much for taking the time to pour into me. Abundant Blessings.

  • Marie Rac says:

    Thank you so much for your prophetic words for me. Everything that was said completely aligns with where my life is heading. I’m excited to see all of the abundance and change for the better that the Lord has in store for me. Since I sent the prayer request to you – my one daughter has been going to church tegularily; my other daughter is saying bedtime prayers with my grandchildren . And my mom is praying and is part of a bible study group. What a miracle!! As well I am experiencing some peace and calm like never before.

  • Corinne Kerr says:

    Just to say a massive thank you for the prophetic word I’ve received! It’s lifted me out of a stuck and negative place. I also felt a ‘release’ of that negativity within me. I needed a hope to go forward, for my adult children and for myself too. And that is exactly what I’ve now got! And a stronger trust! Their lives truly are held in His hands! The little drawing I was also given has blown me away and given such joy! So thank you very much and God bless you all!

  • The prophetic word I received was very powerful
    It eliminated all the anxiety concerning my family.
    salvation. I know this word was from God because
    my in my spirit there was a sence of confirmation of
    an authentic word.
    May God bless all at Father’s Heart ministry

  • I absolutely loved my prophetic word, it was precisely tailored for me and it brought me so much joy and happiness. My personal prophetic word was accurate and it came at the exact right time that I needed it. May God bless you more.

    • Nkechi Inyang says:

      Feb / 8 / 2021

      Dear Russ / Kitty,

      I thank you for your prophetic word. Truly you are a Prophet of God. You are so accurate, there’s being many questions I have been asking God, and God answered me through you. Now I can leave it all to God, and be glad for this is not my war but The LORD GOD. In Jesus name Amen.

      Thank you.
      God bless you two.


  • Thank you and God bless you Father’s Heart Ministry for the prophetic word for me and my family’s life. It is spot on and I come in divine alignment with the word spoken and the confirmation. Ii will share my testimonies soon. In Jesus Christ Name I say again thank and God bless.
    Karen Hindd

  • Thank you for the word you gave me from God I believe it and I receive it for my husband I can’t wait to be able to testify of the goodness of God. I read your prophetic words every night before I go to bed and I’m so encouraged and blessed by it my faith is continuing to grow everyday. Thank you so much

  • says:

    Thank you so very much for the timely and needed Prophecy given through a volunteer Eric Watts. Several areas he had to have received from the Holy Spirit that I did not disclose. The Word on those areas brought me much peach and calm. he also mentioned a place of power God has for me, and it is found in peace and rest. i am already experiencing that area. the lack of turmoil is wonderful. I was so amazed at the accuracy of what was spoken. Thank you so much. I have hope and expectation again. Bless you all so very much.
    Edna Pierce

  • Thank you for that awesome word that the lord gave you it has encouraged and strengthen me may God continue to use you. May the word’s you have given me may God seal them in my heart and spirit.

  • Tresa Watson says:

    First of all, thank you, Russ and the team for the Word of the Lord to me at this time. I fully claim all of the words that were spoken.
    Two of my callings mentioned are confirmed. One other was touched on twice in a unique way.
    Thank you, again, for hearing from the Lord for me; confirming what He has said in the past and setting sights on the manifestation of His glory to be revealed in a deeper way this year.
    Blessings to you and your ministry team,

  • Tresa Watson says:

    First of all, thank you, Russ and the team for the Word of the Lord to me at this time. I fully claim all of the words that were spoken.
    Two of my callings mentioned are confirmed. One other was touched on twice in a unique way and I accept what the Lord has to say.
    Thank you, again, for hearing from the Lord for me; confirming what He has said in the past and setting sights on the manifestation of His glory to be revealed in a deeper way this year.
    Blessings to you and your ministry team,

  • Thank you for taking the time to seek God for a great word of encouragement thag i received from you all. The word spoke truth & life and it was true. As i continue to walk out and trust in God i will continue to look back at this word as it is in line with my heart’s desires. Thank you for the timely word and looking forward for greater things this year. Blessings to you all.

  • Stephanie says:

    The word I got for 2021 was right in time for encouragement and uplifting! It was very accurate and relevant to my life! Without the fathers heart ministry in my life i don’t know where I would be it has established and kept me in very dark times! Thank you fathers heart with all my heart !

  • Saundra says:

    Prophetic Word For 2021

    Praise God! Today I received my personal Prophetic Word. I was truly blessed and encouraged!

    Thank You!

  • Anthony M says:

    Praise God! I’m standing on His blessings and His promises. To God be the glory! Thank you for you faithful service! Love and blessings to you and your ministry in Christ Jesus precious Name!

  • Michael Agnes says:

    The word I received was very specific in 3 areas that are happening right now and the whole thing was very encouraging. My wife was blown away.

  • Thank you so very much Russ Walden.
    The prophetic word you spoke to me had me in tears. I thought god was not hearing me. Now I feel very reassured he’s with me everyday.
    It’s absolutely completely god speaking through you to me. I needed confirmation on some things in my life and I feel like the lord mentioned them all. Very very helpful.
    Praise the lord, god bless!

  • Cherise Egan says:

    I am always so encouraged by your prophetic words spoken into my life. I have always found them to be extremely accurate. May God bless you and continue to use you in such a mighty and beautiful way.

  • I enjoyed the prophetic word that I received from you, and it was a very accurate reflection upon some things that God has already been doing in my life and ministry some things that I believe that He is soon to do. I greatly appreciate your kind attention and I truly pray that God brings us closer together as time goes by. Thank you again!

  • The word I received from Carol Schaeffer was confirmation and described a dream God gave me 34 yrs ago as well…I am not an online giver but do mail in my support because many days this ministry has kept my focus on God…and off this world and the tribulation it causes believers to suffer at times…I love you all…and every prophecy I have been given has been accurate…but that one was so detailed on to my life that I knew God was reminding me of His faithfulness all along the way…I mailed a first fruits offering yesterday…please pray over it and bless it into the Lord ….as I so desire a year of holiness and consecration to the Lord and He said if the first fruit is holy…the lump will also be holy… love you all so much❤️🙏 Gloria from Va…

  • im blessed by this ministry you are really a true prophet from God prophet Russ.about the face to face encounters you gave to me it was really a confirmation thanks prophet im also planning to sow a seed into the ministry

    blessings to you

  • Thank you for this message it came at the perfect time for me and was encouragement and gave me insight on my question thank you so much for it, God bless this ministry

  • Barbara Sonin-Robbins says:

    Thank you again for your timely word. I war over them and will do so. My heart joins with you in celebrating Kitty’s life I am grateful for her for those few years she was in my life. Blessings. Your prophecies always help me to stay on the correct path. Thank you, again.

  • Angela Ross says:

    I Praise God for my personal Prophetic Word I received on December 18, 2020 from Brianna Davis, a member of FHM Prophetic Team, and every Daily Prophetic Word I receive each day from Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden. My personal Prophetic Word was so on point with what God has done for me, and shown me over the last 4mo. I knew before, but now understand more fully, that God indeed has a definite plan for my life. His desire for me is to Rest in Him, as I Trust Him and the Process. I’m so Grateful for God’s Peace that surpasses all understanding, and Him allowing me access into His Courts, His Holy Place where I find that Rest and Peace. FHM Daily Prophetic Word has been such encouragement to me, and has brought clarity and instruction in my life. I will forever show forth a Heart of Gratitude for All God has done, the ways He has Blessed me through His Word and your Ministry. God Bless you all, in Jesus Name, Amen.

  • Angela Gage says:

    I received my word back in June. It was telling me to not strive or press all the buttons. It was saying more than anything I needed to rest and enough was enough. I forgot all about that email. Recently my husband and I decided we would take a day of full rest each week. Since we’ve done that incredible blessings have shown up literally out of nowhere. How accurate that email was! How amazing god is. How surprised I am!

  • Sarita Howard (Sara) says:

    My personal prophetic word arrived on my birthday. I never search for prophetic words, and found myself in a place where I needed confirmation on some direction. I even used a shortened version of my name to be discreet. The word I received was personal, powerful, encouraging, and even addressed outward opposition that very few people know about. I appreciate your ministry, your gift, and your obedience to the Lord. May God richly bless you. Sarita (Sara)

  • Thank you for my prophesy. It gives me hope that there are good things ahead for me. I am so thankful for your ministry.

  • Praise the Lord and greetings. You gave me a prophetic word on my life and it answers so many question that I had and doubt that I had concern in my life. I just want to thank you so much I was very helpful for me. God is really being great and I know he has a purpose for my life.

  • joyce cochran-morga says:

    December 2020, Lucian Pinas gave me a right on word regarding the request I sent into FHM. It has strengthened me to continue to stand fast in God, He will work it out for my family’s good. He also gave good scriptures to meditate on. I am thankful and blessed by this word.

  • Jessica Vasquez says:

    THANK YOU GOD!… so very much for Russ and Kitty for the prophetic words you have left me with. They are so powerful and are in direct meaning and truth to what has and is and will be going on in my life to come. I already forsee this! I am so blessed and grateful to have you as a part of my life. I am looking forward to serving others for our Lord!!!

  • Praise God for you being a willing vessel to be used in the gift of prophecy.
    I can and will reread this message, so I can truly understand how or what I’m applying the message to. I know that some words I understood.
    Again, thank you for being a willing vessel of the Lord

  • Dana Ward-Olson says:

    Thank you Russ at Fathers Heart Ministries. The word I received from you was very impactful and answered many questions I have had for some time. It was a very encouraging and elevated me in many ways to new heights spiritually as well as my call in the marketplace. Thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule to pray for me and hear from our precious Lord himself to encourage his children. God be the Glory!


  • Dec 8- 2020 I got a 2021 Prophetic word for the new year, in it, was a phrase to get my traveling shoes on – I also got that word at Christmas 2019 (at the Church altar praying with some girls that said something similar) That hopefully will happen! Because I am itching for change and really want change – This word From Russ was laden with imagery that combines two different worlds of being prepared for something new and change and be ready to move with my foot attire… These are similar words that I have received on two separate occasions from ppl who knew nothing about me. Thank you for your encouragement. Waiting is also a key… I also saw images of watching DVR stuff and flipping channels and God asking me what I like because he will incorporate what I like in my life and I honestly for 6 months have been watching videos, youtube, teachings, psychology, self-help, preaching, life coaching for hours each day- switching from platform to platform since COVID. I have been getting certified as a life coach on two different platforms and want to figure out what angle of help I want to offer the world… Russ wouldn’t of known. Thank you Russ for your obedience to serving us within this ministry. YES and yes to those words.

  • Stacey MacDonald says:

    Thank you prophet Russ for the timely words of prophecy you have given me a couple days ago. I had to re-read several times to digest the content before replying. Everything Father God shared with you about me is so very accurate. I appreciate the Abba Father answering through Russ the questions and longings of my heart. I am humbled and in awe! Merry Christmas Russ Walden! May the Lord God bless you and keep you.

  • OYINKAN TALABI to says:

    Thank you papa Russ for the prophetic word you sent me, it resonates with my spirit. The word you sent me earlier this year for 2020, was spot on and helped me navigate this year, so I am grateful for direction for the coming year!
    God bless you!

  • Iveta Hlávková says:

    Hello, thank you very much for your prophetic word. This was lifechanging. Many years I was struggling with some issues and it came hope and new direction through this word. Thank you again. Blessings from the Czech republic 🙂

  • Joseph Clear says:

    I am beyond words! Ok where do I start? Let me start by saying, this was the most accurate and detailed prophesy I’ve ever received by any prophet! The accuracy and confirmation upon confirmation blew my mind!!! I can’t stop re-reading the prophesy, as every time I do I get even more from it. I’m still beyond amazed at the love of God and how he would speak through Prophet Russ so precisely in detail, pertaining things that have happened, are happening, and have yet to come in my life. Everyone who reads this post, trust me when I say, “Prophet Russ is the real deal”! There’s NO DENYING he’s a REAL PROPHET of the lord! Thank you Prophets Russ and Kitty. I’m still beyond amazed at the prophesy and confirmation. There’s no way you could have confirmed some things that I never spoken to you unless God revealed it to you!!!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!
    You are officially the prophets in my life!
    Today’s date: 12-10-2020
    P.S. I will update my post once the breakthrough that I know is about to happen any second now, happens. I can’t wait to share the testimony!!! 🙂
    #JesusWins #ProphetRuss #TheRealDeal

  • Veronica Hyfield says:

    Yes I received my prophetic word! And it made perfect sense! So many things that were mentioned are things I’ve experienced in the last few years and even this week . Washing my Mamas feet just a few days ago , the Lord told me it was like washing His feet .. Hallelujah! The pages of my Bible turning from one scripture to another, that’s me always searching the word for answers. Thank God for you Russ and Kitty . I feel like I can leap over a wall ! I’m so excited to experience the Father’s heart !

  • I thank you so much Prophet Walden. I will have to take all that you said to me in consideration. It sounds like God wants me to walk in the way that I have been thinking about for many months now. Your prophetic word has answered many questions that I have had. Thank you so much for your encouragement

  • Today I read your prophecies and I want to say thank you father’s heart ministry and a special thanks to Prophet Russ Walden for the prophesy into my life, it was right on target as to my current circumstance and my hope for the future. May God replenish your ministry and encourage you in your walk with him. May the testimonies of those whose lives you’ve touch be a source of encourage and strength to you as well. I will definite give to support your work. Blessings and thank you so much.

  • Ledra BIgelow says:

    Thank you so much Prophet Walden for your “on time” Word into my life. I have been struggling with where I am and what I should be doing, and the Word brought more clarity. Yes, it is PEACE that I seek more than the understanding, because with the peace, it surpasses understanding and I want to receive all from the Lord. I am excited to see what God is about to do and pray that I see many miracles, signs and wonders as I follow after Him and walk into my purpose with my running shoes on. Thank you again and again for your rich words of Wisdom and the Prophetic into my life.

  • Robert Woods says:

    I’ve sown seed and will sow seed in this good soil of the Morning Light Bible Study the Apostle continues to bring to us daily. I find myself just saying “WOW” out loud while listening at times – it’s that nourishing. I encourage everyone to show your appreciation and sow. I pray the staff will continue to comfort, financially bless and pray a hedge around the man of God.

    Thank you Fathers Heart
    More Grace

  • The prophetic word spoke to my heart and gave me strength to believe beyond my present state for myself as well as my family. I am so blessed and thankful for your ministry.

  • Rev. Raphael Spiteri says:

    Yes bro your message was on the proper timing and it confirms a lot what the Lord already revealed to us how our whole ministry is on changing mode to it’s perfect excellence so thank you and the Lord bless you and your ministry and family in a mighty way will send an offering as the Lord leads love from the island of Paul MALTA.

  • robert DeFrank says:

    I am prayerfully considering the prophecy that was sent tome;I am experiencing serious emotional trauma at this time.

  • Thank you for your prophetic word for 2021. It was very timely and lines up with other similar words I have received.

  • Charalambos Panagidis says:

    I received a very encouraging Word from Charlotte Miller. It was uplifting and
    helped me . Thank you so much.

  • Natalian says:

    Thankyou Jesus! Glory be to God! I would like to honor Father’s Heart Ministry and Patti for “on time” and “life saving” prophetic Word of God; it was God’s prescription for just for me. I was in the middle of an extremely mental exhausting “life or death” spiritual war over my life. Again, I say to God to be all the glory!

    • I felt very hopeful that God is going to do some things that were mentioned in the word! For the most part, this was confirmation. A few new things that also felt Like more than great news, were also confirmations! I Journal regarding my words so this should be both fun and challenging! This is a valuable point of Ministry for me! I, too, agree that relationships will be changing for the best. I’m ready to walk it out. Be blessed abundantly!

  • Olivia M. Blakely says:

    I would like to thank Father’s Heart Ministry’s Kenya Tolonaa-McMillian for an accurate and encouraging Word. I know that time is coming for me to move,but my decision was between Raleigh or Atlanta. She confirmed where I really wanted to go. Also some other things. Thank you!

  • Adeyinka Oyefeso says:

    Thank you Prophet Walden. What you have spoken to me resonates and encourages me to keep on fighting the good fight of faith. I think I have asked you for 4 prophecies when I came to know this ministry. What has been important to me is my progress and walk with God and you prophecy say it all. Thank you very much. God be with you.

  • Patrick O'Leary says:

    I have sent 2 now 3 prophetic request for 2021 and havent recieve bzck first 2 and itts been very close tto 30 days to the first 2 requests.

  • Thank you dear Amanda Welch for giving your precious time to my request and yes it has helped me so much and for sure given me more encouragement. I have tears in my eyes because of your kindness and love, God bless you and all at FHM in absolute abundance. I am so very grateful to all… 🙏🏻

  • Charalambos Panagidis says:

    I would like to thank the Fathers heart ministry for a personal prophecy I received by Rev. Arulappan.
    It was very encouraging and very accurate. God bless this ministry richly.

  • BT Parrish says:

    I really appreciate the time and effort taken to pray for me and give me such a powerful word from the Lord. Having the scripture to back it up really made it even clearer.

    BT Parrish

  • Andrea Manno says:

    I am following Father`s Heart Ministry for quite a while now- again I received a prophetic word from Prophet Russ & Kitty. It is, of course, always a blessing to hear something for the coming year when it has not yet begun and you prepare for it. Again I am astonished about the accuracy, the detail orientation, and the confirmation the word holds. It shows exactly what the Lord had shown me and the Lord put his finger on the focus to consider. This is a blessing in itself and I am very thankful to be able to go with the Lord`s will more deeply. Thank you for the always professional management of requests.

  • Barbara Baker says:

    Thank you Prophet Russ. This word is very timely and encouraging. I receive the breaker anointing and am ready for the Lord to prosper everything I put my hand to!
    God Bless You!

  • Lindy-Ann Coomansingh says:

    Thank you for your prophetic word it came just in time when I was at a all time low all around. It encouraged me to keep trusting God until my breakthroughs come, to be obedient and watch God move. Many areas mentioned really were things I felt in my heart and for this I thank you. I choose to keep my eyes on The Lord and let me see my restoration come. May God richly bless your ministry

  • Philip Strumolo says:

    My prophetic word came in two parts. They were very accurate and to the point and gave me a sense of peace and encouragement that I sorely needed. Words used were so specific to an underlying problem of long standing, that I was shocked but then completely turned around and comforted by God’s complete repudiation of it. I was set free in a most wonderful! Thank you!

  • I want to say thank you for given me prophetic word. Though I may not fully understand the prophetic word you gave to me, but I fully understand the words of encouragement that came with it. Thanks

  • Jerayn Sookhoo says:

    Thank you to Prophets Kitty and Russ! It is always astonishing and heartwarming knowing that you take this time to uplift others and spiritually discipline us. Thank you for my personal prophetic word. You guys have reallly opened up my mind to what is happening and moving in the spiritual realm. I definitely have learned a lot and will be using your word as a way to fuel my faith. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. And God Bless you always.

  • Catharina Strahlman says:

    Thank you for the prophetic Word I got today. It was really touching My heart and I started weeping like a baby. Bless you all.


  • Elizabeth Eberle says:

    Thank you so much for the prophetic words that I have received and they are confirmation for me. I am amazed at how accurate these are and that I’m truly hearing from God exactly what they are saying. I love getting the encouragement and hope from these words. It’s just makes my day!

  • Cindy Hunt says:

    Thank you for the prophetic word. One word that you used, in particular, has been coming up in all areas of my life. It has actually led to a feeling of freedom. Thanks again.

  • Maggie Lopez says:

    Thank you Prophet for hearing The Lord on my behalf. I am astonished because you mentioned a couple of situations happening in the now time. Then as you gave me direction later as I was reading my Bible in the book of Hebrews the Word of the Lord clearly confirmed your instructions. I asked for one simple request and the Lord has given much more then I expected. This is a welcomed surprise from The Father’s Heart. Blessings to Your families and Staff!

    • Hi Maggie Lopez!

      One sentence in your comment caught my eye, “I asked for one simple request and the Lord has given much more than I expected.” I too made one simple request, and I received way above and beyond what I requested; and accurate to boot!

  • Sandra Waller says:

    I am giving my feedback from the Prophetic Word that was given to me. I asked about the house & the husband that GOD had promised me. The Word that was given tome is so on point. I have felt it in my spirit that he was close & the Word given to me confirmed what I had been sensing in my spirit. I also asked about the house that God had promised me..they said that my husband had my dream home!!!Nobody but God could bless His daughter like this!!! This Prophetic Word was sent from God to me!! Hallelujah!!!!!

  • Brigitte Wilson says:

    Thank you so much for your prophetic words regarding my life… God had shown me Lot in the bible when I left my abusive relationship and you were so right, in hearing Him reiterate that to me again…
    God bless you all😊

  • Thank you so much for the valuable, in-depth teaching on the amazing provision of healing and wholeness through the sufferings and death of Jesus- and for the powerful declarations-& for your prayers. May God bless you abundantly as you bless us in His Name.

  • Gabriel says:

    Thank you Russ, for the word spoken over my life. It is timely, insightful and precise. Thank you for delivering God’s word in faithfulness. May he bless you and your ministry in ever increasing measure.

  • Robert Woods says:

    Just a note to say thank you for giving of yourselves. I believe that your teaching will provoke thought and study to bring virtue and knowledge to with great spiritual gain (Mark 4:24) – for instance the summation of Numbers 28 prior to reading in itself is huge.

    I thank God for you all!

  • Daniela Viola says:

    Praise the Lord Jesus!!
    This word was so on point for my life, there where words used in the prophets that the Holy Spirit has spoken to me & it has been a confirmation, I know the Lord is leading me by the hand in faith, thank you so much for stepping out to prophesy this word over me, it has blessed me tremendously!!

  • I found the prophetic word, given to me by Prophet Russ Walden. To be honest, it has buoyed my faith. For some reason, the email went into my Spam folder and, initially, I did not see it. I was at a point where I was completely ready to give up on my belief. Normally, I automatically delete everything in my Spam folder without bothering to look at the content. The Lord was with me, this morning, when I decided to see what was actually in my folder. To me, that is evidence of the Holy Spirit working in my life. Then, after reading the prophetic word given to me, I was genuinely encouraged. Praise our Father in Heaven, the True and Living God. Praise His Son, our Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth, the True and Risen Christ. Praise the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Counsellor. I thanked God, this morning, for Prophet Russ Walden. May our Lord God Almighty, bless him, his family and his ministry, in the Holy and Precious Name of Jesus. So be it.

  • Some of the things in this prophetic word were so accurate I had to check what I had written in my original request to see what I had told you – but no, I had made a simple request and hadn’t mentioned any of the details that were written in the prophecy. That really helped me to weigh it because God caught my attention with the things that you just couldn’t have known, which meant that I could trust the rest. This was so helpful! Thank you so much.

  • Nancy Mahesh says:

    Many Thanks Kitty And Russ For The Prophetic Word Given to Me, My Heart is at ease now, Every Word Mentioned Is Very Accurate. Now I’ve an idea, is to step out in Faith to accumplish God’s Purpose. God bless You both. I will sow towards this Prophetic Word Soon.

  • Blessed82 says:

    I’m thankful for the prophetic words towards my life.. I know God is doing good things in me. It was accurate to my situation and clear on what I need to do! Thank you 🙏🏼 ☺️

  • I almost missed your email with my prophetic word but from when I saw it, I’ve been thanking God and have printed it out. God bless you both for taking the time to pray and prophesy over someone you don’t know. The word has been a confirmation of sorts and very much resonated with me❣️

  • Sheree Wilson says:


    Thank you for the word that has so much body to it and pertains so closely to what God Is leading me through. I am in a training program at work and have been in it for 2 years. It was suppose to be on the job training then to a take test to become a Pharmacy Technician. I was not given the time at work to complete my training or any guidance in doing so for about a year until a friend of the bosses family was hired by him and put into the training course as well. The whole training course was then changed and I was made to start over while she was pushed ahead. She just took her test and will be getting her license as I am 3 months away from mine with still have not received as much training as she was given. I believe this word speaks to this whole situation I have been wading threw. I believe God gave me this career chance to share his love and more. Until I pass this test and get my license I don’t feel that I can relax enough to share the way God wants me to as I am so crunched for time to accomplish and focused on that rather than relaxing to have Gods will be at my inter most thoughts. I will be reading and re reading this word as I know God is giving me guidance through it. Much thanks for listening to the Lord and sharing with me.

    Blessings..Sheree Wilson

  • Mary Byrd says:

    Thank You Prophet Walden. Your Prophetic Word that you gave me back on August 4, 2020. It was as Usual so Profoundly ‘ON POINT. It was So God and so very Encouraging and truly just what I needed to keep moving forward in great expectation. Glory to God! The Lord always uses His Prophets such as You to confirm His People to give us hope, and Praise the Lord for No more Hope Deferred! Thank you for your Gift to the Body of Christ! Thank You also for Your Daily Prophetic Word that Blesses me daily and the others that I continue to share with others. I am Thanking the Lord in advance of the Manifestation of His Word that is already manifesting in my Life. May the Lord increase you and Bless You, Kitty and Your Ministry 1,000 times more in every area of Your life! as He has promises in His Word- Deuteronomy 1:11. Again Thank You!👏🏽

  • Maribel says:

    Thank you Lord for the breakthrough word through Father’s Hearts Ministry Prophet Russell and Kitt. May you bless them and the ministry Lord. I received what God is leading me and directing me in these new season. The word from the Lord gives me clarity of what I am experiencing. I pray for the fulfillment of the promises of God in my life. Thank you Lord for the grace that leads me to victory and be a kingdom of God Citizen. Praying that God shall increase my faith, knowledge and discernment and patience to seek him more. Thank you Father God. Thank you Jesus.

  • Stefanie says:

    I know without a shadow of a doubt that it was truly the good Lord speaker ng to me. I want to thank y’all for ur services. I feel so enlightened and refreshed to receive a word from the Lord.

  • Thank you very much for being a blessing with the words of prophecy that was sent to me. I can definitely confirm these spoken words. It has given some more clarity on what God is doing in my life. Many blessings in return to this ministry.

  • Thomas Simon Attah says:

    I must say am grateful to this ministry, for reaching out to me at the time I needed it most… I must say the prophetic words were accurate and reflect my present situation…. I believe and wait on the Lord for the fulfilment of his words in my life… I celebrate the grace of God upon this ministry. Thanks.

  • I just want to say a big thank you for your heart. The quick response to requests shows you have a father’s heart. I do sincerely appreciate God for your office and ministry. The words are a life wire in an uncertain situation. A guide and encouragement to have a staying power with the truth of God for my life. The word came at a very sensitive time in my life. I thought the storm am in will take me out, but your ministration has brought clearity and hope. I now understand the reasons for the pressures. Thank you so much

  • I received a prophetic word yesterday that was exactly on time and on point. The father really does frame his word to make sure we know he is speaking right to our hearts. Thank you for your obedience in this gift you have been giving. It was super encouraging and exciting! It made some fears of mine be silent for the season I am in, and gave me more faith to keep trusting God in all circumstances. Thank you!

  • I received a prophetic word from Prophet Russ. I couldn’t be more grateful for this. I needed encouragement and direction. The words are just soothing to my soul and gives me hope and strength to carry on. The prophetic word are yet to manifest and I am looking forward to a testimony of God’s greatness to my situation. Thank you so much for that powerful prophecy and thank you for giving time to listen to the heart of the Father for me. God bless you exceedingly and to overflow in your life too.

    • Abiodun Egunjobi says:

      This prophetic word I received is 100% accurate. And it really refreshes my heart and gives me hope. Thank you very much

  • Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for your ministry and prophetic word from the Lord. He is always on time, down to the exact day, hour and minute that I needed His encouraging. It resonated with my spirit. It is yes and amen!!!

  • Nicholas Comeau says:

    The prophetic word I received was spot on! Thank you so much y’all, I really appreciate all that you do for the kingdom.

  • Thank you very much. The proohetic word I recieved was pretty accurate with what I sensed God was telling me…. there were several confirmations. Thank you for your ministry …. I needed the encouragement at a desperate time. God bless you

  • Eric Clark says:

    Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! The prophetic word that I got through my email today was a accurate word from God. It covered everything that pertains to my life. I thank the Lord for this ministry. Love you all in Jesus Name!
    God Bless You!

  • Darryl Stafford says:

    I would say that this word was truely blessed i was going through a state of dissappointment and the word really brought me back so thank you for letting the Lord use you and thank I thank God for speaking to me.

  • Wow my prophecy I got from Russ Walden from Father’s heart ministry it really touched me after reading it I thought of my life and my ways and I realized that from now on I’m gonna let my faith in God lead me. I thank Fathers heart ministry for sending me the daily phrofetic message it is really encouraging God bless u

  • T. Weldon says:

    My spirit leaped from the first sentence of my personal prophecy. I am excited, encouraged, and in expectation of what God has said and is doing in my life. This prophecy has confirmed my prayers. I am also overwhelmed at the accuracy. I thank God for a ministry of people who selflessly seek His face for others.

  • Evelyne Saintbien says:

    I thank you so much Cynthia Miller for your kindness. Wowww. It’s like you know me my whole life and indeed you’ve heard from God. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this kind on time, 💯 true prophetic word. You’re are a true prophetess! I pray you allowed God to continue to use you to bless others as you have blessed me. God bless you and your family 🙏😇❤️ thanks again!

  • Wendy M says:

    I want to thank God for this ministry. I recently learned about them through a shared daily prophetic word that was sent to me and immediately started following Father’s Heart Ministry for a Word from God. I asked the prophets to pray about a personal issue that affected my family and they sought the face of The Lord on my behalf, and the Word that came back was an ON TOME TRUE PROPHETIC WORD FROM THE THRONE ROOM OF GOD🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾To God be all the glory for using his prophets to bring a true word that addressed and spoke directly to me. God bless you richly and thank you for interceding for me and my family.

  • E. Williams says:

    I’ve been following and supporting your ministry since 2017. Your ministry has been an encouragement to me as I faced some of the toughest years of my life. My marriage fell apart, we separated twice, went to custody court, my spouse filed for divorce, and moved in another woman. However, your ministry accurately prophesied each cycle of my story which is turning into an amazing testimony. Words can not express how grateful I am to connect with brothers and sisters in Christ who hear from Him as I do. I pray that God continues to bless your ministry and all who labors with you.

  • Tashawne Powell says:

    My prophetic word I received through email was very accurate and touching and encouraging especially during this season to Know God had heard my every prayer 🙏 thank you all very much

  • Lorin Sims says:

    I was greatly blessed and comforted by the gorgeous and confirming word from The Father. Thank you!

  • Shannon says:

    I received a personal prophecy a month or so ago, o had been sitting on the meaning and taking time to absorb and be aware. Wow! Seeing things unfold day to day! Also, it has helped me to stand in faith thru it all. I’m keeping it close to my spirit and letting Jesus lead the way, cuz that IS the only way!

  • Teresa Hargrow says:

    The Lord is Good and His Mercy endures Forever…I asked for confirmation about me moving to another city..I left on October 1, 2020. I will start my new job in a few days. The prophecy I received was encouraging and it increased my faith to take that step and move forward. Thank you for letting the Lord use you to speak life to me about my life.

  • Abigail N says:

    Prophetic Word
    Thank you so much for such a timely and seasoned word
    Truly blesses by it.
    God bless you all and your families for using yoyr gifts to help others.

  • Becky Slabaugh says:

    The prophetic Word given to me by Lucien Pinas was confirming and encouraging. Many of the scriptures were ones that the Lord had given to me as well!

  • says:

    The word sent to me was very personal and direct from God. I accept it with hope, love and faith. God bless.

  • Jennifer Shriver says:

    I requested a personal prophetic word a little over a month ago. I recently received it, read over it, and had time to pray on it as well. So much of what was spoken to me, was confirmation for me. I was blown away! It was also words of guidance to seek the Lord further on, as well as instruction in moving forward. I was very encouraged too! It has definitely given me focus on certain things to be in prayer for. A couple of things said, I wasn’t quite sure about and has left me asking God for further explanation and revelation. But the prophetic word give to me by Russ was spot on and helped tremendously. So, thank you so much to you and your ministry and being a vessel for the Father’s heart. You are such a blessing!

  • Yolanda Hart says:

    Thank you for allowing God to use you to deliver His word to me. I have been following this ministry for several years and share the daily word with my friends and family all over the U.S.
    This word truly blessed me. In some ways it was confirmation to things I have sensed/heard, within my spirit. I am, by my own doing, off course….I’ll leave it at that.

  • I received a personal prophetic word from Russ and Kitty a few days ago, and I just now read it through. WOW. So many things within the word had to have come straight from God. The language used was very very personal to my heart and specific symbology used came straight out of my secret place and only could have been handed to them by Holy Spirit. I am so thankful to have been able to receive such an accurate and dependable prophetic word, especially being that the season I’m in is filled with so much transition and uncertainties. Thank you so much Russ and Kitty. God totally led me to your website and I am beyond blessed to have received from this ministry. I’m blown away.

  • Tony and Whitney Ramos says:

    We are in the midst of a 40 day fast for America and the elections. At the same time me and my wife long to see the bristly of Jesus exalted in the earth especially in Israel. We received prophetic words from prophets Russ and Kitty Walden in August 2020 right before our wedding celebration as me and my wife were doing the secrion portion of our betrothal ceremony honoring her jewish heritage. We both are strong believers in Yeshua as our Messiah and want to see the glory of God greek in Israel and the Middle East. We keep coming back to the word they gave us and it keeps confirming more and more and it feels like even now the word was just activated and we are barely stepping into its full meaning. I’m humbled, broken and contrite at what the Lord is doing in our hearts as we desire to long term launch in Israel as laborers in the fields of the Middle East. Thank you prophets again for being Gods friends and hearing for us this word. It continues to impact us more and more. We love you for being spiritual parents to us in this way.

  • The word I have received was incredible. completely on point especially about illegitimate words that have been spoken over me was so powerful and true!

    the rest I am digesting but wow

  • Colleen Washington says:

    This word truly blessed my soul, I had to read t a number of times because it was so spot on with my life, I guess it was a revelation to me.
    All I can tell you is God knows your heart. I praise him and glorify his Holy Name. He’s worthy of all the honor and the glory. Thank you for your ministry it is a blessing. I look forward to a pastoral call. Thank you again the Father’s Heart Ministry.

  • Kevin Murphy says:

    Thank you prophet Russ for the prophetic word you sent me it really registered with my spirit and it confirmed what God is doing in my life so i say thank you again and God bless.

  • Grace & Peace! Today is early Monday morning. As im reading the prophetic word over my life, i am or seem like im stuck. GOD is talking loud to me. Yes, Yes, i have been rowing like in a boat against my adversaries with seemingly no change. The tidal waves has been turbulent. Exactly as you said in the prophesy. Yes it is correct!! I have had little support with ministry. The people that i thought were there were not. You are accurate. I just need to know how to get the work done. I get the daily prophetic word and its a blessing. Thank you!! I look forward to what The LORD will do. I have not always believed in myself because of jealousy of many many enemies in ministry! But that is enough of that!! Just Like you prophesied. I look forward to booking a pastorial call, and maybe some one on one training. Thanks for Father’s Heart Ministry!❤

  • Raquel Strange says:

    This has blessed my soul and gave me the courage to keep following God and his word! I’m encouraged and I thank you. God loves me so much and I love him.

  • Thank you so much for your word Prophet Russ!! It truly spoke to me and has been pivotal encouragement in this season of transition. I have read it over and over and over again! It continues to speak to me powerfully. I am so grateful for the Father’s Heart Ministry and for how much I have learned and grown in the classes as well.

  • I thank God for this ministry. I requested a prophetic word the 2 prophetic teams prophesied words of encouragement. I’m encourage to move forward in hope and faith. God loves me so much.

    Thank you

  • Laura Saar says:


    Sorry this is slightly late, I was digesting the prophecy.
    Part of my prophecy stated that I was put down in my life. However, as Russell states this is not true! I am highly successful and blessed but I’ve wanted with God my whole life. The prophecy is much more than this. God states that I’m not thinking big enough about what He can do! It was a great word. It is very powerful.

    Thanks for the prophecy,


  • Laverne A Knorr says:

    Prophet Russ,
    I can not thank you enough for your prophetic word n I’m thankful to you n all those that prayed over me. .. I meditated n let Chronicles 20:20 simmer in my heart … As I read your prophetic word there were things mentioned that I had already felt in my heart n the other things had put excitement into my spirit … The word that was given really uplifted me n it helped to answer questions that I had …. I’m sincerely Thankful n God Bless You

  • Margaret Akpak says:

    Thank you very much for the prophecy and response to my request.its indeed a touching one,here is my Facebook name: Margaret Akpak just add me up thanks

  • Joanne Hernandez says:

    As it says in part in, 2 Chronicles 20:20, believe in the prophets and you shall prosper! I took your advice Russ and let the words spoken over me “simmer” and yes this Word of the Lord did confirm many things for me. Unfortunately, I used to belong to a strong prophetic church before their precious pastors went home to be with the Lord! Since that time it’s been very difficult to find a similar ministry UNTIL NOW! Thanks again for your faithfulness and obedience! God bless you!

  • Yes, thank you! Your word resonated with me. I am in waiting and in agreement with what God is saying He is doing and is going to do. My request mentioned wanting to hear the Lord on my most pressing prayer for my children. No mention was made of this in the word given. Perhaps the Lord didn’t speak on this. Nonetheless, you certainly ministered to my life and my heart! Much gratitude!

  • Kristine Marie Wiegand says:

    Thank you for the prophetic Word that was right on and right on time.
    I was so blessed receiving the Word and it was so anointed! There is so much depth and wisdom and direction in the Word given to me.
    Thank you and God bless you and Kitty! Looking forward to getting to know you better!
    Kristine W

  • Steven Martin says:

    Praise be onto God.The word of prophesy I received really spoke so deeply to my hart.Accurate and on point.The things that was prophesied to me are my greatest hart desires and dreams that I longed for so long to manifest in my life,as if you opened my hart and yes even the things that are happening right now in my life and I am praying about it , also as the prophesy have said I’m on the verge of my breakthrough.This prophesy recieved from Prophet Russ is my greatest desire in life for many years gone.( First time I was prophesied about my destiny was at age 17).I believe this is my time!!!

    Thank you very much

  • MaryAnn Rumford says:

    Thank you for bringing me our Father’s word concerninf my situation. I will meditate on the scriptures and prophetic word you have given to me. I must say it is matching up with what God is showing me! I pray God will continue to bless us with insights from His heart for us and give Him all the glory for prayers answered.

  • Really appreciate receiving a word from Prophet Russ. Yes it did speak to me, and I will continue reading it and likely praying through it. Thank you for this amazing ministry, which is so often accurate, and truly cares about hearing the heart of God and speaking into people lives. God bless you.

  • Hello, prophetic ministry. I was so discouraged this morning about my circumstances. This words le wisdom from God have given me hope and courage to keep pressing in and holding on for my breakthrough. Given God the glory for your ministry!!!☺

  • Tammy Madden says:

    I have been recieving your words of knowledge and your spirit bears witness with all of it.I am still waiting to see some of it manifest in the physical.Hopefully this year.Thank you for your ministry very encouraging.

  • Gaylean Maynard says:

    The prophetic word I received September 21,was confirmation and very encouraging. The times are very challenging and hearing the heart of the father gives me the courage to move forward in peace.

    Thank you

  • I cannot thoroughly express my gratitude for this ministry. The message I received was nothing short of AMAZING! i thank and praise God for the men and women of Father’s Heart ministry who truly take the time to pray and seek God on behalf of others. I wasn’t extremely detailed in my request and there is no way the man of God could have spoken into my life as such without going before the Lord. I am certain the message I received came directly from The Father’s Heart. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am thoroughly encouraged and excited about my future. May God continue to use you and bless you all in complete abundance!!!

  • Keziah Wanjiru says:

    Thank you so so much for your kindness and timely feed back. It is accurate and touches my life. It gives me good insights.
    Of contacting Vic, I am not sure if the times I should pick on are American times for I am in Nairobi-Kenya. also humbly inquiring if I can still book a call if not ready with a donation yet,given my current situation where I have nothing.
    The courses are good too and would enrol when ready financially.
    God bless you so much in your work.


  • Thank you so much for your ministry and the prophetic word I received. It is such a confirmation to me and an encouragement that God is in control of the storm I have been facing. I feel comforted and strengthened and will print it out so that I can declare it over myself and continually remind myself of what God is saying to me during this difficult season of my life.

  • Thank you for the word I received on September 22, 2020. I receive it and believe in high anticipation for what the Lord has promised as I note each and every change to give thanks and Praise. Lord Jesus be exalted always and keep Fathers Heart Ministry from strength to strength.

  • Yes and an excellent word for Wade.
    I believe a lot around words of Prophecy and Apostleship.Also business and some big doors opening.So thank you

  • Benjamin kavanaugh says:

    Thankyou so much! I needed that so bad. That was totally the Lord and what I needed to hear! God Bless you so much! 😊😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I need to re-read because I was crying throughout the message. I am beyond overwhelmed. Thank You Thsnk You Father Heart Ministry. I have friends and family interceding with me and my broken marriage and family. Also have Prophetic friends and friends of friends who have given me a word And FHM definitely hit some of the same points. I have been praying over my Prodigal husband and our Family for months now. I refuse to give him. This has encouraged me even more. I am going t