The Daily Prophetic Word


The Father says today, be spiritually minded which is life and peace. Put on the mind of Christ with the anointed inclinations and purposes you have received from Me and from My word. Hardships and trials will come and go. Pain and suffering that have brought tribulations and distress are a momentary and light affliction beloved. You have been with Me and rested by My side. You have walked in My ways and learned of Me. Now is the time to rise and stand and see the salvation of your God. Choose to set your affection on the things above where My glory shall be revealed to you. All that you have need of is available. For I do see the struggles and infirmities where you have felt weak and frail. I am infusing My strength into you today. I am exchanging My manifestation of glory to appear in your situation to dismantle all hope deferred which has made your heart sick and am causing you to become fully persuaded with confident trust in My plans and purposes. So prepare for a fresh wave of hope for the future to be rendered into you fully, says the Father Prophet Terri Allen


Prophet Russ – I Want You to Be the Prophet in My Life – Today!