The Daily Prophetic Word


The Father says today this is your turn around time. This is the time of the turnaround. This is the time when the fortunes of your life pull back from the precipice of destruction. This is the time that I am loading into your heart the coordinates of the high place in Me you have sought for so long. You will no longer pine or struggle or grovel in the low place. I am bringing you to the high places of My Spirit. Look at your feet beloved! Your feet are beautiful! Your feet are like hind’s feet. Look! Look oh, My beloved you are coming to Me leaping upon the mountains as a hind freshly washed and adorned with My glory – ready to be presented at My courts. No more low living says the Father. No more looking back. No more leeks and garlics. No more longing for the relationships that are only monuments of bad mistakes and poor choices. Those relationships long broken that you languish for are merely the pillars of salt in your past. Don’t look back. Let go. This is letting go time beloved. This is the turnaround time – the time of release and healing. I am healing you by the greatness of My love flowing through every infected wound of the past. Brokenness is going and wholeness is coming. You are taking on the influence and the affluence that accompanies all those who choose to love and be loved with that great love wherewith I love you. Receive My love says the Father and be changed. Be changed into THAT man and THAT woman who reflects MY glory – even the glory I show forth over you like a honey shower even now at this moment!


Prophet Russ – I Want You to Be the Prophet in My Life – Today!

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