The Daily Prophetic Word


The Father says today, I am neutralizing sin and death in your life. Sin will not hold you and death will not keep you. Immerse yourself this day in the fullness of My truth and My heart toward you. My name is a high tower and the righteous run into it and are safe. Make a break for My name today, says God. Bankers will not save you; counselors will not deliver you. Friends or benefactors will not produce the satisfaction of that need you are crying out in today. I am your resource. I am the fullness that fills all in all in your life and sweeps away all despair, sorrow and lack. You really need to stop thinking so much. Knowledge puffs up and convinces the ego that what you see with the eye or hear with your ear is real and substantial. That is untruth because it is the unseen reality of My kingdom and My Spirit that is putting you over in life. Tell your senses and your mental assessments of how bad things are to BE QUIET! Then tell your human spirit where I live to RISE UP and APPROPRIATE the full benefit of Calvary’s dividends in your life. That is My plan for you. That is My purpose above every other purpose that man might suggest in his misunderstanding of just how much I choose to love and favor you this day, says God.


Prophet Russ – I Want You to Be the Prophet in My Life – Today!