Course 101

Activating the Prophetic Course

Course Description:

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Course Description: Do you want to hear His voice more clearly in your life? Did you know the bible teaches that “spiritual hearing” can be CULTIVATED through training and mentoring? Father’s Heart Ministry has an easy, exciting, and interactive online, self-directed course that will activate the voice of God in you at a level you have never experienced. You can enroll anytime and proceed at the pace that suits your available time. Can you learn to hear God’s voice? Yes, and Father’s Heart Ministry Online Prophetic School is here to help – each lesson can be taken at your convenience, with online videos, downloadable, printed lessons, and activation assignments that come with each lesson.

Course 101 is a six-lesson prophetic course that will activate the voice of God in your life and train you how to hear the Father’s voice and how to share what you hear for the benefit of others. In this course, you will be trained in the three primary modalities that comprise the practicum of hearing God’s voice with clarity and accuracy in your life. “Visionary, Acoustic and Perceptive Response.” This course is not just for beginners but lays the foundation for all of the courses.

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God bless you! It is our privilege to train you to hear the Father’s voice!