An In-depth Personal Prophetic Experience:

“A one on one connection to a veteran prophet is a rare opportunity…”

You may schedule prophetic counseling using the calendar below. What is the benefit of prophetic counseling? This is one of those rare times that you have an opportunity to connect with a veteran prophet with a powerful anointing. Getting one on one time with a seasoned prophetic ministry is an invaluable opportunity.

What is Prophetic Counseling?

Prophetic Counseling is much like personal prophecy only more in-depth, intense and interactive. You get to ask questions and share your heart in a live phone session and receive back the prophetic insight and utterance of God your life and situation. These sessions last up to an hour depending on your needs. Prophet Russ has personally trained the hand-picked team and works with them in the prophetic counseling program that FHM offers. Currently, if you schedule a session it will be conducted by Prophet Russ Walden, FHM and School Administrator Terri Allen, or Georgette Thompson, Asst School Administrator and Social Media Manager. If you are looking for breakthrough and promotion in your calling and destiny prophetic counseling is just what you need to open that door.

Prophetic counseling is an in-depth prophetic encounter guided by an experienced and mature minister in prophetic office. It involves a considerable amount of time and therefore we ask that you in appreciation for this make a $250.00 donation to the ministry. If you are limited in budget we suggest you consider requesting a pastoral call HERE or request personal prophecy HERE.

Request Prophetic Counseling

To schedule, refer to the calendar below. Select the date and provide your name, etc. and click continue: