Speak with a Pastor

Father’s Heart Ministry is a place where you can find encouragement and guidance in your walk with the Lord. Prophet Russ emphasizes the need for the entire five-fold ministry in every believer’s life. In addition to the many teachings and resources available to help you in these areas, we also have pastors available with whom you can schedule an intimate one-on-one call. Having a pastor to talk to and relate to in your life is critical to your spiritual health.

You can check the online calendar below and set up an appointment that is convenient to your schedule. The call will be about 30 minutes in length. You may ask any questions that are on your heart, discuss needs that are in your life, or ask for prayer. Many people do not have a pastor or do not have access to them. Pastoral ministry has never been this accessible to bless your life!

Please use the booking link below to schedule your pastoral call:

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