Speak with a Pastor

Russ and Kitty believe that no one is disposable and everybody counts! Having a pastor to talk to and relate to your life is so critical to your spiritual health. Russ and Kitty are excited to announce a dedicated pastoral gift for Mediachurch.net beginning this year. Our dear friend Vic Foglia just joined the pastoral staff of FHM.

Pastor Vic is one of those men that just exudes the love of God and the kind, fatherly grace that makes a great pastor. Vic and his wife Ann just moved across the country from the east coast to be a part of FHM. This is to your benefit! Vic pastored for many years in Colorado and along with Ann served on the ministry team of their church in North Carolina. After much prayer and consideration, Vic and Ann now join the FHM team of ministry. Prophets Russ and Kitty encourage you “big time” to use the calendar below to schedule a one-on-one call with Pastor Vic. At the link above you can choose the day and time for your call from our online calendar. The call will be about 30 minutes in length and you may ask Vic any questions that are on your heart or need that is in your life. Do it now. This is your time. Pastoral ministry has never been this intimate, one on one and available on demand to bless your life!

Please use the calendar below to schedule your pastoral call:

Pastor Vic Foglia