Breakthrough School

Welcome to the enrollment page for the Breakthrough School Courses. God created the prophetic to engage with you in your situation and bring you to breakthrough. Prophet Russ Walden has brought together 1000’s of hours of prophetic counseling and mentoring into the creation of this course curriculum for your benefit. Reinvention, breakthrough, and transformation are teachable and accessible. In Breakthrough School, you move from disappointment and frustration to an overcoming life where everything you say and do becomes as effective as if God said it or did it!

There are two beginning courses you will want to enroll in that contain important foundational strategies that can be applied to the other topic-specific courses relating to seeing your dreams become a reality (see below). These courses cover finding your calling, business, vocation, companionship, family, health, financial breakthrough and much more. You will be receiving the course materials through email which will contain the links to the YouTube video and/or audio version of the teachings to copy and paste into your browser. Click the following link for course descriptions and enrollment information, including the Online Prophetic Internship (link).

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