Bible Correspondence Course

Welcome to the enrollment page for the Bible Correspondence Course. Below you will find course descriptions and links for enrolling in specific books of the Bible from a prophetic perspective as taught by Prophet Russ Walden.

The Bible Correspondence Course is a chapter-by-chapter, in-depth study of the Bible, where you get your whole Bible back! In church culture, it is more common to hear topical messages than expositional study of the bible. In 1 Timothy 4:13 Paul exhorts young Timothy to “give attention to reading…” The revelatory and verse by verse exposition of scripture is very much needed in Christianity

Prophet Russell expounds scripture with prophetic insight and revelatory understanding that will bring the Bible to life in a fresh new way for you. He brings together years of intense Bible study wisdom and insights along with relevant historical and cultural considerations at the time, to give a rich perspective of God’s Word.

You will be receiving the course materials through email which will contain the links to the YouTube video and/or audio version of the teachings to copy and paste into your browser. In addition, you will receive an e-book format of the book of the Bible which contains the scriptures and commentary with Prophet Russ’s prophetic commentary.

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