About Father’s Heart Ministry

Russell and Kitty Walden are founders of Father’s Heart Ministry based in Branson, Missouri. They have travelled in ministry here in the US and internationally since 2007. Russ grew up as a 3rd generation Assemblies of God minister and was ordained with the AG in 1984 in Louisiana. Kitty hails from California and served on staff with a church in the Four-Square denomination and was also president of a Women’s Aglow chapter in Camarillo, CA. Russ pastored full time from 1982 to 1995 when he was chosen as the assistant general overseer of the Bible Way Association of churches in southeast Missouri. Kitty was a restaurateur and pastor in Seymour, Missouri for many years before moving to Branson to work in the entertainment district there, managing promotions for “The Promise” theatre, a production of the life of Jesus from birth to ascension.

Russ and Kitty move in the prophetic and have seen many signs, miracles and wonders including 2 resurrections from the dead! Russ and Kitty’s unique background enables them to minister with the heart of a pastor and the zeal of the prophet. Every day they send out “The Daily Prophetic Word” to over 47,000 subscribers around the world. They also conduct a live week day morning Bible study, going through the bible chapter by chapter. The Morning Light Daily Bible Study reaches a listenership of over 24,000 subscribers with more listening daily from as far away as Beijing, China and Siberian Russia. Russ and Kitty also conduct an online prophetic school that has graduated over 2000 students in the last 4 years, teaching them the practics of mature prophetic ministry intended to benefit and bless the body of Christ through the activation of the Gifts of the Spirit according to 1 Cor. 12:4-12.

In the last year, Russ and Kitty launched an evangelism initiative online at www.newexpectations.net. Through this new initiative, we have seen over 800 people come to a first-time commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and many, many rededications to Christ as well. Each time someone surrenders to Jesus we connect with them and give them a 52-week basic bible course.

We also introduce them to one of our team of 200+ intercessors who commit to pray for the needs of new converts. We also introduce them to our online web church ministry at MediaChurch.net and to our Facebook “e-Church” forum where they can find encouragement and fellowship to augment the local church connection we encourage them to find.

Father’s Heart Ministry maintains a focus to take total advantage of social media and the internet for the spread of the gospel. Coupled with that emphasis Russ and Kitty are committed to relationship building with local churches and groups throughout the US and Western Europe. They have ministered in churches both large and small and in 2013 preached for several days to an estimated audience of 30 million Hispanics on a Houston based Hispanic Christian television network. We believe we are living on the cusp of a new, coming Great Awakening in our nation and around the world. In moving from pastoral to prophetic ministry in the last 10 years our emphasis has been “love never fails” and that prophesy is for edification, exhortation and comfort – not to tear down the saints or to unnecessarily burden the hearts of believers. We see ourselves washing the feet of the people in the prophetic to empower them to reach their destiny in God.

Prophet Russ Walden

Russ Walden is a prophet and marketplace minister with over 30 years of service in the Kingdom of God. Russ and Kitty founded Father’s Heart Ministry in 2007 and since then have prophesied to thousands in 78 countries and all seven continents.

Russ was born again in 1967 and called to the ministry in 1972 through an open vision of the cross and the throne of God. He served as a full time pastor to several congregations. In the early 90’s he assisted in the oversight of a group of 400 churches before founding an IT business in the Mid-west. Russ and Kitty converted the business to a marketplace ministry model and out of that Father’s Heart Ministry was born.

Prophet Kitty Walden

Kitty Walden has voiced the Father’s heart in the prophetic for three decades. She is a dynamic marketplace evangelist and a prophet with a breaker anointing who has prophesied personally to thousands during the course of her ministry. Businesses have been launched, suicides prevented, and mysteries revealed as she has developed from early beginnings as a banker, business woman and president of a Women’s Aglow chapter in California to founder of a world-wide prophetic ministry.

Kitty is a wife, a mother and a grandmother whose prophetic ministry began over 30 years ago on the West Coast. In 1986 Kitty moved to Seymour, Missouri and purchased a restaurant…