God has a Voice. He will Not Leave You without Answers For Your Life!

Use the form below to request a prophetic word for yourself or your loved one. We will respond to you via return e-mail.

Who is the prophet in your life? 2 Chronicles 20:20 says “Believe the Lord your God so shall you be established: BELIEVE THE PROPHETS so shall you PROSPER.” Just as you need a pastor you need the prophetic to bring you to fresh breakthrough and blessing. Scroll down to make your request.

The Father says
“I have the ANSWER what is the QUESTION?”

It is our privilege to minister on your behalf. For 30 years Prophet Russ and the FHM team have prophesied to thousands who needed to know the voice of God in their situation (1 Co. 14:3; 12:28; 1 Ti. 1:18). Visit the feedback link above to set your own expectations for a personal breakthrough.

To request a prophetic word for yourself or a loved one fill out the form below. Our prophetic team will go to the Father on your behalf and send our response to the e-mail you provide. NOTE: By submitting this form you consent to receive e-mail from Father’s Heart Ministry.

(If you get an error submitting your request using the form below, please submit using THIS ALTERNATE link to do so – thanks!]

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    Other Comments

    • Kimberlie says:

      I send a request for a prophetic word. I unfortunately had some typos that I didn’t catch. I resubmitted the request with the corrected wording. I’m very sorry for the typos and double message. I pray the right one will be answered

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Kimberly, I deleted the first message and the second will be submitted. Blessings

    • My comment accidentally placed under someone comment but I send a request back in November and I’ve not received my prophecy yet I hope you get back to me soon 🙁 I need help

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Yaneth, I found your request from Dec 18. It generally takes about 30 days to receive a request and we are a little behind. You should receive a word soon. Blessings.

    • Kaya Roberts says:

      I have requested a few times in the past year for an prophecy and haven’t received one back and I’ve also donated.

    • Nancy St. Clair says:

      Yes a very good prophecy for me. All positive. Just what I needed to keep going; gives me faith.

      • Hello, I have requested last month for a prophetic word. Hope I can hear from you. Happy New year and I understand if you are a little behind. I declare that I will recieve the word just right on time. Thanks. And Godbless your ministry.

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Rowena, I see you submitted a request Dec 28. It generally takes around 30 days to receive a reply. We are a little behind and appreciate your patience. You should receive your word soon. Blessings.

    • I submitted a request for a prophetic word on October 1st. I have not seen a reply. Did I miss it?

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Sheila, So sorry about the delay, we are a little behind, I did see your request and you should receive a response soon. Blessings

      • GTAdmin says:

        So sorry Karen, we got a little behind. I did see your request and you should receive a word soon. Blessings

    • Jesse Gibson says:

      I submitted a request for personal prophecy on November 23. I was wondering if anyone has been assigned it yet?

    • Sharon Shepard says:

      I am seeking and looking too God for a dynamic year in 2022 I am praying for direction and wanting too know what God wants me too do. I want too be set free from debt for starters it been difficult I am tired.

    • Faith Wilson says:

      Hi, I requested a prophecy at the beginning of November and I’ve not yet had a response. My name is Faith.

      • Hi Faith, we apologize for the delay, we’re just a little behind. I see it has been assigned, so if you could please allow a little more time we would appreciate it. You should receive soon. Blessings.

    • Tracy Morgan says:

      Hello, I have requested a prophecy 3 times now and have not had a reply. I have left a donation so wader why I haven’t heard.
      Many thanks

      • Hi Tracy, We apologize for the delay and missing your request. We are a little behind and I elevated your request also hopefully it will be addressed soon. Thank you for your patience. God bless you.

    • blessings to you, And I hate to ask, but I did request a word from you on October 15 and have not heard anything. Have been checking my spam just in case but it is not there yet. Wondering if you could check into this for me? Thank you so much

      • Hi Dotti, I show that you submitted a prayer request on the 15th. That is a different team; intercessors who pray and respond. However, if you haven’t received a response yet, we have been a little behind so you might give it a little time. We are getting ready to put out a notice for people to request their Prophetic Word for 2022, so it’s a good time to jump in and submit one. I’ll include the link here for you: https://fathersheartministry.net/request-prophetic-word/ Blessings to you

      • Hi Stephen, We apologize for the delay, we have been a little behind. I put a notation on your request so hopefully you will receive it soon! Blessings to you

    • Prince Vance III says:

      Hey my name is prince Vance and I requested a prophetic word in like September so I just wanted to check up

    • Liisa Adkins says:

      Hi all.

      I submitted a request for a prophetic word on 30 September and I have not heard anything as yet. Thank you.

      Liisa Adkins

      • Hi Lisa, I’m checking into it, we are a little behind, but you should receive soon.

      • Liisa Adkins says:

        Good day,

        Thank you for your response. I have still not received a word though. Please could you check? Thank you! God bless.

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Lisa, so sorry, I did find your request and had to resubmit it. We appreciate your patience as we were a little behind but are catching up. You should receive a word soon. Blessings.

      • Hi Shannon, I’m checking into it for you. We are running a little behind, so you may need to allow a little extra time. Thanks for understanding. Blessings

      • Hi Annalisa, I’m checking into it for you. We are running a little behind, so you may need to allow a little extra time. Thanks for understanding. Blessings

      • Elma, could you have used another email address? I don’t see any requests for you with this email.

      • Hi Karen, we are running a little behind, I am checking into it for you. Blessings

    • Letty Ng says:

      I requested for Prothetic word since mid of October but I haven’t received any reply till now. Can you pls follow up for me? Tks

      • Hi Letty, your request was reassigned, please allow a little more time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Blessings

      • Hi Stephen, I see you submitted your request on Oct 13. I have done a followup request for you, so if you could please allow a little more time for completion, we would appreciate it. Thank you for understanding.

    • Letty Ng says:

      Hi, I submitted my prothetic word request more than a month ago, but I didn’t receive it till now. Pls follow up, Tks

      • Hi Letty, I see you submitted two prayer requests, one was Oct 14, the other Nov 6. I did a followup for you so give it a little more time. Thank you and blessings to you. We stand in agreement with you for breakthrough in Jesus Name!

    • Julie Snider says:

      Good morning. I’m just checking in on my request for prophetic ministry submitted October 15th. I’ve too been wanting to thank you all so much for Fathers Heart Ministry. Thank you for being a true Godsend, a lifeline to me and so many.

      • I see that your request has been assigned Julie, so you might just give it another week or so and you should have it. Thank you for being a part of the ministry! Blessings to you.

      • Hi Pamela, I see that two words were sent Sept 1 and 9th, so you might want to check your Spam folder. Also I see you sent in a prayer request on Oct 31 and requested another prophetic word on Nov 14, so it can take around a month or so to receive those words. Blessings

      • Hi Michelle, did you use another email than the one listed here? I don’t show any requests with this email.

      • Shalom..
        According to what I see in my past history, I requested a personal prophetic word mid October, and then I followed up and made a donation October 26. Hope this helps thank you and God bless

      • Hi Michelle, I looked up your requests and they were submitted on Oct 26 and Nov 4. It generally takes around a month to receive a reply, so you might give them another week or two. Thanks so much for being a part of the ministry. Blessings to you!

    • Hello! I requested my prophetic word on October 1st I believe and have not heard back. Will it be coming in soon? Blessings!

      • Hi JG, I do see where it was recently assigned. We are just a little behind and appreciate your understanding. You should receive soon. Blessings

      • Thank you for letting me know. I still don’t see it yet, but I will keep my eyes out for it. God Bless You. 🙏

    • Michael says:

      Hi, I requested a prophetic word on 18th September and don’t seem to have received a reply – just chasing it up. Thank you.

      • Hi Michael, I do see where it was recently assigned. We are just a little behind and appreciate your understanding. You should receive soon. Blessings

    • Alisha Sheets says:

      Hi, I was just wondering when I would hear something about my prophetic word I requested. I think it’s been 30 days but I can’t find my submission request.
      Thank you.

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Alisha, we usually ask that you give us at least 30 days to respond. I noticed your request was on Oct 14, so hopefully you will receive it soon. Blessings

      • Hello, I just wanted to follow up again as it has been a little over 30 days since I placed my request. Thank you.

      • Hi Ali, sorry we got a little bit behind. I see that your word has been assigned, so you should receive it soon. Thanks for understanding. Blessings!

    • Michelle says:

      Hi there.

      Don’t think my last comment went through. Previously asked for a prophetic word. Can you tell me what name the email will be under through my email feed so I know what bio look for? Appreciate you. Many blessings.

      • GTAdmin says:

        It will come from the person giving the word and in the subject line it will say Personal Prophetic Word from FHM.

    • Stacy Moore says:

      Love The word I receive everytime always spot on. I requested another one and sent donations. Its been 30 days. I don’t know where to do a follow up

    • Thank you for your services!! I cannot wait to get my prophetic word. It’s been 30 days so It will be coming in soon 🙏 I will donate as soon as I can ❤

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi JG, I’m checking into it. Since it is exactly 30 days today, you should be receiving soon. Blessings.

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi David, we always mention to please allow at least 30 days to receive your word as we have many requests that come in. I see your prophetic word request was Oct 17 and the prayer was Oct 29, so you should be hearing something soon. Blessings.

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Stephen, we’re checking into it. It’s been right about a month so hopefully you will receive soon. Blessings

    • Amber Mueller (Smetzer) says:

      Hi my name is Amber. I have asked for prophetic words a few times now for about 4 months. But haven’t received any. Can you check for me? I’ve donated as well. Thank you!

    • My name is Venisa.On the 27th of September I sent a email requesting a personal prophetic word.I have not received a reply as yet.Thank you.God bless you abundantly.

      • GTAdmin says:

        I’m checking Venisa. We do say it can take around 30 days, so hopefully you will receive soon.

    • Kim Tomchuk says:

      I have submitted a see requests over the past year or more for a prophetic word. I have never heard anything.

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Kim, I saw there was one sent to you in August. I just resent it so you might want to check your spam folder as they do show up in there from time to time. I put in a follow up request for the request Sept 18, so hopefully you will hear something on that soon.

    • Hii I requested a prophetic word on the 9th of September. But I didn’t hear anything back. I don’t see a ‘follow button’

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hello, your request has been assigned, we apologize for the delay. You should receive soon. Blessings.

      • Liz Hamm says:

        Hi! I requested a word on September 26, so I thought I would check in. Thank you so much!

    • Courtney Davis says:

      Hi there, I made a personal Prophetic Word request on September 6th; but haven’t heard back past the 30days. I don’t see a “follow up” button on the website as it states.

    • Good morning! I have been greatly blessed by your daily ministry and recognize the anointing you carry from The Lord. I did request a personal word on Sept 6 (approx) and I’m just following up. I didn’t see a follow up link. Thank you gor your help! V.S.

    • May Martinez says:

      I made a prophetic request in July along with donation and have not hear anything yet. How long does it usually take?

      • GTAdmin says:

        It usually takes about a month or so, May, so sorry checking into this for you. Blessings

    • Ellery Christian says:

      My donation is sent monthly. Thank you, God’s Blessings !!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    • Saumya George says:

      This ministry is a great menting in my daily spiritual life..Thank God and God bless all the prophets of this ministry..

    • Elizabeth Molano says:

      I love your ministry and I love the ” Father says today”.
      Thank you for your obedience to The Father. Blessing to you all.

    • Anto Fajar says:

      Hi FHM Team,

      I’m just received prophetic words that i have been asked, and yes it is encouraging and full of life in it,
      Thank you so much and blessings,


    • Randall Jsckson says:

      I can not get it to work can not send prayer requst to you cant. Go pass are you a robot

    • Damiel kee Habhab says:

      Our world needs prayed for,, and the government should be Equel all Senior citizens, ss. Disability,,and benefits that are put in place!! All. SENIOR,’s… My BUSSINESS where closed CURRUPTLY by state, county employees. I am going to be 62 years young, coming up,the 9th month,
      I have not worked since October 2015,.& been black listed from benefits that o should be receiving! O. O state government assistance..Since 2015.. Excuse me I had tol share this with y’all.. there is more to share ,, ..stop hera,,Thank you God for blessing me & others with a nother Marvelous Day of Life,, In jesus name AMEN AMEN.AMEN

    • Michael NAZAROVECH says:

      Please help my financial situation and get my family’s respect again

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Nancy, there is no cost for a personal prophetic word. An opportunity to give an offering is provided, if people desire. Prophet Russ, as well as people he has trained, respond to the requests that come into the ministry.

    • Chuku Okorie says:

      I thank you Prophet Walden and your team. May God continue to bless you all.

    • Anto Fajar says:

      Hi all, just want to fol up my request on july 3 for prophetic word, and along with the request, i have sowed.
      Thank you in advanced for your service,

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Anto, we recommend you give it at least 30 days for a response. Blessings

    • Faith Wilson says:

      I completed details requesting a prophetic word accompanied by a donation made on 12th May 2021, however I have not yet received a response. Would you be able to look into this or chase this up please.
      Thank you.
      Heavens Blessings,

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Faith, I see a donation, but I do not see a prophetic request. Can you please submit another and we will attach this donation to it. Thank you. Blessings

    • David D Musselman says:

      I submitted a request on may 7th, I emailed a few times to get a response, this may sound impatient but from my heart I promise that’s not the case, I just wanted to make sure I submitted everything properly and or don’t have something hung up in my email junk filter. I can only imagine the amount of requests and truly from my heart appreciate this ministry.

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi David, I do not see a request from you. Did you use another email address? There is nothing listed under this email address other than this and another comment following up. You might want to submit another.

      • David D Musselman says:

        I entered my email incorrectly…. Does the corrected pull up?

      • GTAdmin says:

        David, I sent you an email to that address. Georgette Thompson

    • plez pray for my daughter jill… to be seated in the authority of Christ Jesus, clothed in the righteousness of Christ and in her right mind. Pray the chaos will end for her children. thank you . the Lord bless u.

    • Pamela Etheridge says:

      Greetings Thank for all do
      I was waiting on a reply I submitted two prophetic words at two different times. I have not had a reply
      I did sow a seed into the ministry on both
      Occasions. Which not a problem I love the ministry and I know it’s good ground.
      Thank you just would like a response..

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Pamela, There were actually 3 words sent to you recently. I resent them and then noticed someone else had resent them as well so hopefully you have them. You might also check you spam folder. Blessings.

    • Toridillard14 says:

      Hi. I still haven’t received my request yet. It’s been over two months.

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hello, I see that your word was sent to you in June. I just resent it, please also check your spam folder as things sometimes go there. Blessings.

    • Jesse Gibson says:

      Thank you for responding to my request Ivan! The word God gave you to tell me was very encouraging!

    • Destiny Martinez says:

      I am so unbelievably grateful for the word I received ministry, from prophets Russ and Kitty. I have been struggling lately and your prophetic word has lifted up my spirit. You have given me hope, courage and strength to continue fighting the good fight. You have indeed confirmed what I have felt and known since I was a little girl. I am indeed one of the chosen ones and I will step into this both with faith and confidence and never doubt where I am going or if I belong again. Once again thank you so much for ministering to my heart and giving me the message I needed to move forward, to not only take action but believe I am doing the right things. I believe I got this message exactly when I needed it I was on the verge of giving up and now my spirit faith and mind have been renewed. I will forever be grateful for the encouragement and support I receive from y’all today. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart this has been one of my greatest blessings!

    • Chrissie Willker says:

      I assume your ministry was flooded with requests in these crazy times since I’ve requested one for this year twice, but haven’t heard back yet. But I can’t find a follow up section on your website anymore 🤔
      Each year, I’m very blessed by your prophetic words. Sometimes it resonates with me as true, but might only make real sense after awhile, so I often reread them or listen to them.

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Chrissie, I resent a word that was sent to you a while back. You might want to check your spam folder as they sometimes go there. Hope this helps. Blessings

    • Cathy Bryant says:

      I requested two words on 4/21/21. I received one but not the other. I gave donations for both.

      • GTAdmin says:

        Hi Cathy, I found two words and I just resent them both. Please check your spam folder just in case. Blessings 🙂

    • Maria Fernanda says:

      Im still waiting for my prophetic word, since more than 1 month 😔, should i keep waiting? Blessings

      • GTAdmin says:

        Maria, I see your request was submitted on April 28.It hasn’t been 30 days yet, so give it another week or so. Blessings

    • Miranda Dorsey says:

      I am truly ministered by your prophetic words. Thank you for serving what THE HOLY SPIRIT is releasing.

    • Jenna Manio says:

      About three years since I received a personal prophetic word, the word is still true and active today.

    • Monique Hulzebos says:

      I am very blessed with the profetic word from dr Zina.It is very accurate.God is zo good and loving and carefull.
      Thank you and bless you

    • Charalambos Panagidis says:

      I received a prophetic word from Charlene Bridges. Thank you for praying what I asked for and the encouragement. Many Blessings

    • Chidinma funmi Igwe says:

      This ministry has been a huge blessing to my life!
      May the good Lord keep increasing and strengthening this ministry in Jesus name

    • Thank you God for not leaving me alone in this troublesome season. For supporting me when my knees hurt and shaking. For making the winds and storms in my life and families. Helping me to stay with you. Amen!!!!

      May God bless all Prophets and Man of God serving in Fathers Heart Ministry. Amen.

    • Yaneth says:

      I am writing Not that I received a prophetic word but many I am thankful thank you so much 🙌🏻

    • Jennifer force Nielson says:

      My father is so abundantly going to supply me and in turn I will richly return the fruit to your wonderful ministry.

    • Dorothy Latimer says:

      Emma Cooper, thank you for taking the time to pray & intercede on my behalf! So much of what you shared resonate with my spirit! Only God knows my daily declarations and He confirmed them thru you! You have encouraged me greatly and I shall continue pursuing breakthrough in my life. Thanks again!

    • Melissa. Araiza says:

      Thank yu lord for never leaving me alone and getting me through these storms i believe ny god and thank my precious god for letting me see the light of another day

    • Alma Hannah says:

      Thanks for this wonderful service to God’s people.

      God bless you and keep up the good work in the land

    • Thank you Pastor Russ,Kitty,and ministry team for speaking words of life, renewed hope,breakthrough, open doors of possibilities in impossible situations & complete restoration to all that was robbed of us. With God all things are possible. We thank God for the gift of each of you. What a beautiful gift you are to all of us. We are grateful. Thank you for your fervent prayers & words of encouragement for exceedingly abundantly above and beyond All we can hope or image in Jesus name above all names. Hallelujah! XO

    • Princess says:

      Thank you for speaking words of faith and confirmation over my life. May God bless what your faithfulness to His call.

    • Martha Quartuccio says:

      Thank you Jacqueline for your word! It was pretty much spot on for me! Every time I read it, it brings comfort and joy…. I have worked in my churches food pantry for years, however not at this time, but I know God’s got something similar for me this year…. and as the Lord covering my family with a blanket of protection!!! I’ve known this in my heart for years, if I told you you wouldn’t believe the things the The Lord has gotten my 3 grown sons through…. that alone brings me joy beyond measure, because it just confirms what my heart knows! Thank you and God Bless you all and your ministry!♥️

    • T. Ellis says:

      May the Lord bless you as you bless us daily. May your faithfulness be rewarded and multiplied.

    • Thank you very much you and your team have been blessings to me,I always received your email messages be blessed

    • Michelle D Broussard says:

      Father Thank you for using these prophetic voices of God to exhort and encourage the body of Christ!

    • God Bless your prophetic word🙏❤️😍
      I read & read it over & over again daily.
      I thank you for all your time & effort.
      As you know, God has a plan for me just
      Like us all. I’m needing all the help I can
      Get to follow his will & only his will!! I
      Love my Lord & God & Holy Spirit but
      I have not done enough to release all
      My will to my Soul’s purpose & that’s all
      I need to do. Is do more praying, reading
      The Holy Word, listening to his word. Please
      Pray for me. I thank you & need you in my
      Life. God Bless

    • Prophetic word was given to me was correct and accurate. Valerie Taylor Cummings has heard from the lord. I want to say thanks for the word of prophecy. Please rely this to Valerie. Thank you Virginia perkins

    • This ministry has been a blessing to me I thank God for all the prophetic words I have received.
      God bless the ministry.

    • I am so Blessed by this ministry. I look forward to reading their daily prophecy’s. Thank you!

    • May the Lord fill you and Bless you all in Ministry to the establishment of His Kingdom on earth and Glory to His Name. May you experience Him in a clearer and better way to draw you closer to Him from this Christmas Holiday and have rest in Him from now henceforth.

    • Sabrina Nyamadi says:

      God Bless you God bless God bless you. I thank God for you and this ministry I dont know you and you dont know me but one things clear,is that we know our Father in Heaven. And that is only by his spirit so Glory be to God.
      As I read my prophetic word what a gift from heaven ,from God I can see the eco the highlights the spirit of God speaking confirming and the added blessing is the way God spoke to you that you even remarked it being something different I knew what the father was saying so I just want to give God praise because in him we live and move and have our being.
      I thank God for you and may the Lord continue to shower blessings upon you your ministry may he continue to enlarge your territory and provide abundantly in Jesus machless name Amen!

    • I have been receiving the Daily Prophetic word for well over 6 years now. There’s hardly a week that it doesn’t address a specific area in my life and minister the word of God to me and my family. Thank you so much! I also want to thank Prophet Terri for doing an excellent job for filling in for Prophet Russ over the last month!

    • Margaret Chew says:

      Today I believed the Spirit Of God leads me to site on your sharing of Triple Threat Anoinnting and my spirit feel overwhelmed by the presence of God as you shared… thank you and Shalom.

    • keshunta says:

      Thank you all sometimes we need a little encouragement and you all make my day with my prophecies…

    • Funmilola Sodiya Adeyemi says:

      I want to thank you for the daily spiritual inspiration for this has helped me to stay ficus and blessed.
      God bless you all

    • Shigwili Pieter says:

      Thanks for the daily prophetic word, indeed this platform wasn’t accessed by accident, but by Devine connection.The daily word has helped me grow spiritually and is always pointing to my situation.May the Almighty grant you more wisdom and guidance to continue the good work that you are doing, Shalom Shalom.

    • Kimberly Mason says:

      I have truly been blessed by the words you speak from God. Praying continued blessing for Russ and Kitty and this great ministry.

      Love you❤

    • Thankyou so much for your prophecies to me over the last year, they have helped me a lot, enriched my spirit and helped me in my walk with God😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌

    • Carolyn Springer says:

      Thank you for your ministry and taking time to bless others. I look forward to the Daily Prophetic Word!

    • Brianna Davis says:

      I’ve been getting prophetic words from this ministry for a couple of years now. The words are always accurate to my life and encouraging. This ministry has also taught me how to give prophetic words through their courses. The experiences I’ve had with this ministry has always been a blessing.

    • Lea Henkel says:

      I sent in request for personal prophecy and donation.. I think someone forgot me? I sent in Oct 25th.. or else you are really busy with others. I will wait a little longer.

    • Nancy Cleveland says:

      I enjoy reading your emails they give me encouragement. God is very good he has blessed me with more then I could ever ask for

    • Peter Akinlawon says:

      Hello Prophet Russ,

      I truly love your heart for God and the prophetic words I received from you in January and April this year!!! The latter one was a bonus that I wasn’t expecting. So very encouraging both!!! Very accurate, praise God!!! It hasn’t been a wonderful year so far but I look up the words a lot to encourage me that God is still on the Throne and He is at work. He will fulfil what He has promised. I continue to look to Him!!!

    • I Love your prophetic words. It is so encouraging. I read them daily, it truly inspires me, and gives me the spiritual strength to carry on with my everyday walk with Jesus.
      Thank you!!
      God’s Blessing To You!

    • Sickero Bartley says:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      God has really showed up for me. Reading these prophecies and knowing how God had been here for me I just want to tell the whole world that God is good all the time. God bless Fathers Heart Ministry and the household in Jesus Mighty Name.

    • Sickero Bartley says:

      God has really showed up for me. Reasing these prophecies and knowing how God had been here for me I just want to tell the whole world that God is good all tye time. Gid bless Fathers Heart Ministry and the household

    • frimpong says:

      This ministry speaks only what God speak to them. I’m blessed by the prophetic word i received

    • This ministry is exceptional. The word of the Lord is so spot on. I am so thankful to hear from my “father“ I know it comes Through a legitimate and anointed people.. Russ And Kitty and staff are truly blessings of the Lord 🙂

    • I have truly enjoyed my prophecies everyday. I wake up and look forward to every word that GOD is speaking to me through this ministry. May GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR OBEDIENCE TO THE MISSION OF THE MOST HIGH GOD!!!

    • Tama Harris says:

      I wanted you to know that this ministry is a blessing to me and I’m grateful. I’m one of the ones with no income thanks to Covid, but as soon as God blesses me with employment, I will bless you.

    • Lolita Jenkins says:

      I am already a monthly giver to Father’s Heart and will give additionally when able to thank you

    • Nancy Osuna says:

      I love this Minsristries! I thank God this came along in my life! I hope and pray that helps others as me! Amen 🙏

    • I am still trusting and believing in God WORD to come through in and over my life. GOD WILL COME THROUGH, THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR PROVISION AMEN!

      • I thank God for this ministry i have been blesed .my sister was prayed for for ap back surgery and she is now on her way to recovery.


    • Patsy Gardner says:

      I love the word that your minstry provide .it help me it encourage me when i lost my father it help me each everyday every morning i look foward to read a word from GOD yes you be on point truly GOD speak threw your minstry the prophetic word really due help people especially now during the epidemic.ypur words really make a different.we need the word of GOD especially now. I dont have money now but As Soon as i do i will be sending in a donation thanks again your minstry help pull me out of a downward part of my life so thanks again

    • Chanel Roberson says:

      Thank you so much for the amazing words. Just when we think God does not hear us…he truly does. I was so amazed to here what God has spoken on. I will be forever thankful for my message. I feel blessed to be where I am right now. Thank you guys so very much.

    • Today is my Birthday! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 So for my Birthday I decided to read a Prophetic Word for today, 9/22, and to my surprise today’s word speaks on Everything I’m currently going through And confirms the prayers I’ve been praying..Wow God is Soo Amazing!! I’m So Thankful for how God speaks through you all. This ministry is a God given gift..Love Appreciate and Soo Grateful ❤

    • Thank you so much Prophet Russ for hearing the Father for me! I received an awesome Word through your ministry and it confirms in a much amplified way what I sensed the Father saying to me! It is a very liberating and encouraging Word and I receive it and will continue to speak it into my life! Thank you and God bless you!

    • Jonathan Henry says:

      The personal prophetic word I received from Prophet Russ was 100 PERCENT ACCURATE!!!! I received so much clarity and direction through the prophetic message. Even through the word of correction the lord released still provide me with clarity I needed. I’m so grateful for this ministry! May God continue to bless this ministry!

    • Laura Beck says:

      You are such a blessing and thank you for taking the time to hear from the Lord and share His love in your ministry!
      You guys have me a prophetic word earlier this month that was right on, somehow I can’t find it in any of my emails ☹️ I was wondering if you kept these on file by chance and would be able to resend it or not . Uhg. Thank you so much!!!

    • Juliana Russell says:

      Thank you for your readings. I really needed this today. Have been so sad, unhappy in my life. May God bless you for all you do for His children by uplifting, teaching….Thank you

    • You have been blessing me all through and i thank God and pray that God enlarge your territories in every area ..thank you soo much .

    • Salinis t.chung says:

      Thank you for sending messages everyday and it helps to strengthen our faith and prophetic words that gives hopes,joy ,peace and promises…
      Thank you and Godbless your ministry.

      • Vincent T Scott says:

        The two prophetic words that I received are BOTH timely and very accurate-Prov 25:11 and Heb 4:12! GOD BLESS FHM!!!!

    • Barbara Hart says:

      Thank you for all words of The Father going out in an open Heavenly Places YAYYY Smiles Always Friend ❤️ THANKS MILLIONS Hallelujah GLORY GLORY GLORY 🤗💓🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✋💗💓 and more of God 💞❤️💗 HEARTS of Hearts 💗❤️

    • Pamela Martin says:

      I am so happy I got introduced to this ministry God always leads us to green pasture, every word they’ve sent me has been on point, I finally partnered with them and so happy I did, I am making them the Prophets in my life because we definitely need a prophetic voice more than ever. Thank you

    • Reinhardt says:

      I love fathersheart ministry I’m growing stronger and stronger in God’s path and every prophetic word giving me strength let God bless mama and prophet Russ family

    • God is good all the time! Your prophetic word are accurate as it concerns me. May the name of the Lord be praise both now for forever. Am proud to be connected to this ministry. God bless you sir

    • Hope Haggerty says:

      The new website looks great. Thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit. Every day I eagerly await the daily prophetic word and the encouragement I find there as I wait on my breakthrough moment!! Thank you Jesus for your word.


      These Guys have given me words over the years and many have had a God moment or Spoken that word I needed at that point in time!
      Praise God they are a blessing to the body

      Thank you Russ and Kitty and your team

    • Apostle ChadDrayton says:

      We all need encouragement this is a wonderful minstry God bless you in Jesus Name Amen

    • From Australia
      I received my personal prophetic word five days ago, it was powerful, accurate, and touched my heart deeply, thank you!
      Thank you Jesus for Fathers Heart Ministries!! ❤️

    • Prophetic Word Feedback from Judy in NZ: “…Initially, I wanted to cry when I began reading your words prophecy for my life. I was humbled that the Father loves me so much & has indeed heard my heart’s cry. My spirit was saying Yes, Lord! Yes, that’s the desire of my heart! Then, as I read further I began to exclaim ‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’ Your prophecy was ‘spot-on!’ I witnessed with everything you shared. I prayed & repented & rejoiced while reading it. By the end I was jumping up, full of faith, edified & encouraged in the Lord & decreeing & proclaiming His words of life, blessing & promise over my life.

      I was amazed at the accuracy of your prophecy. It was as if you knew me, & about my life situations. I felt the Lord saying that there was nothing amazing about it because it is true! (True prophets prophecy the truth)

      I prayed a decided to sow $100 NZD ‘into this word to activate its promise in my life,’ because I desire a 100 – fold blessing!”

    • From Mona, USA “…I want to become a monthly partner, but payday is tomorrow. I will sign up to become a monthly partner. You are such a blessing to me daily. We love You and love hearing what the Father has each day. God bless you and refresh you as you are refreshing so many others. I move in the prophetic too and I don’t know what’s happening to me and you sent me a word and I just hope that Father still wants me and that I can do what He has called me to do. Daily in the closet, getting daily instructions. Waiting for intimacy with the Lord. I’ve gone through so much hell from every possible avenue. Praise God!

    • From Lori, USA “I received my personal prophetic word from Louise on March 19. It was an encouraging and comforting word that also confirmed some things I had been seeking the Lord for in direction as to how to pray. Thank you for your ministry! It is powerful and such a blessing in my life!