Course Description:

This is a self-directed study of the book of Leviticus. Join Prophet Russ in this chapter by chapter in-depth study of the third book of the Bible. Come expecting change and be propelled into a new understanding of the significance of the book of Leviticus. The word Leviticus is a Greek word meaning “relating to the Levites.”

In Leviticus, we see that the Tabernacle is completed, and instructions regarding the different sacrifices are handed down by God to Moses. Each one of these sacrifices is minutely described, and no deviation or variation of offering is acceptable – on pain of death. The shedding of blood and burning of the offering on the altar in each case, be it a bullock or goat or lamb or dove – all speak to us about the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf as born-again believers.

From the day Adam and Eve fell, God has continually moved toward man in love, speaking to us, providing a means to move back into fellowship and relationship. Gen. 3:8 can be loosely translated that God came to them “whirling upon the breezes…” This is exactly what happened on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came like a rushing mighty wind.

In this case, the book of Leviticus opens up, and the setting is this elaborate ceremonial tent and its strange artifacts with the glory of God shimmering in its midst. All of this is to provide a platform under the Old Covenant for God to come near and out of the cloud of His glory to speak with His representative Moses and, by extension, to all of the people of Israel.

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