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This is a self-directed study of the book of Numbers. Join Prophet Russ in this chapter by chapter in-depth study of the fourth book of the Bible. Come expecting change and be propelled into a new understanding of the significance of the book of Numbers. What Tribe Are You in God? Introduction to the Book of Numbers. The book of Numbers gets its name from the various census’ that God instructs Moses to take. The people were numbered by tribes, clans, and families. Did you know there are tribes in God? What tribe are you? God numbers people to prepare them for war – when man numbers the people, he gets into trouble. In Numbers 1, God instructs Moses to number the people for the third time since leaving Egypt. This is done to prepare them for the conquest of Canaan. Though they were in the wilderness, every day was a preparation for the land of milk and honey. Are you walking through a wilderness place in your life? When you are in the wilderness, God is always preparing you likewise for the next season of conquest.

The book of Numbers was written by Moses 1400 years before the coming of Jesus. In the book of Numbers, the people’s journey is recorded from Sinai to the plains of Moab, which was the staging ground for entering Canaan. In the book of Numbers, we also see the seven murmurings of the people. Because they murmured, a ten-day trip from Sinai to Canaan became a forty-year wandering. Yet during all this time, God never left them. He continued to care for them, lead and guide them while raising up a younger generation to go in and take the land of promise.

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