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Join Prophet Russ in this chapter by chapter in-depth study of the sixth book of the Bible. Come expecting change and be propelled into a new understanding of the significance of the book of Joshua.

The book of Joshua is the sixth book of the Bible in both the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Consisting of 24 chapters, it tells the story of the conquest of Canaan and the leadership of Joshua, Moses’ successor. The authorship of Joshua himself is rejected by scholars who claim that the book wasn’t written until 500 years before Jesus at the time of the return from Babylonian captivity, possibly by Ezra, while others suggest it was written as history by king Solomon. Does it matter who wrote the book of Joshua or any other book for that matter? In fact, if you believe in the inspiration of the Bible, in the end, the only important fact is that it is God- breathed.

The book opens up in the aftermath of Moses’ death and the voice of God instructing Joshua. The emphasis is that of coming out of the wilderness into the promised land. Joshua came out of the wilderness with God’s voice ringing in his ears. We likewise will come out of our captivity when our ears are bent low to hear His voice. In His instructions, God tells Joshua that every place Joshua puts his foot, he may claim as his own.

We can be glad that God didn’t tell the Israelites in the desert of Sinai, “every place you put your foot, I have given it to you …” The wilderness was a place not to settle in but to pass through. The wilderness and the promised land both speak to us of our own walk with God and His plan for our lives. The wilderness is that process by which we put distance between ourselves and the captivity of the world (or Egypt). The promised land is coming into our destiny. The wilderness speaks of our problem; the promised land speaks of our potential. The wilderness is not a permanent dwelling place. God never intends for our life in Christ to be spent reeling from one crisis to the next. The wilderness is not an end in itself. We are to keep our eyes on the potential represented by the promised land.

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