Course Description:

This is a self-directed study of the Book of Genesis. Join Prophet Russ in this chapter by chapter in-depth study of the first book of the Bible. Come expecting change and be propelled into a new understanding of the significance of the book of Genesis, where the law of first mention brings clarity to much of the rest of the Bible. Be blessed with a greater revelation of the beginning.

In Genesis 1, we see creation taking place as God’s Spirit moves upon the waters. Why didn’t God merely snap His fingers and form the universe? The answer to that question will impact your understanding of God’s dealings in your life. In God, there is process and outcome. As believers, we seek the Father and make our petitions known. Having prayed, we often expect immediate results or at least results that require nothing more of us. We want God to do it all. What we often fail to understand is that God is a God of process as well as outcome. Five times in the gospels when Jesus was dealing with the sick, he commanded them “take up your bed and walk…” This was a demand made BEFORE the healing or miracle took place (see Matt. 9:6; Mark 2:9; Mark 2:11; John 5:8; John 5:11). Do you realize what this means? Before blind eyes were opened, or crippled limbs restored, Jesus made a demand upon those who looked to him for a miracle.

We don’t like demands being made upon us by God or by anyone else. We want God to show up with a big dollop of Holy Ghost whip cream, dropping it into our lives, and everything then gets better without much if any requirement on us. If that worked and worked consistently, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation – but it doesn’t. God does indeed promise us miraculous outcomes and breakthroughs – but He also requires that we cooperate with His process if we are to make it to our blessing place.

To walk means to progress by steps. That indicates a process, and in studying how God created the earth, there is much to learn about His process so we CAN cooperate with Him.

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God bless you! It is our privilege to train you to hear the Father’s voice!