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It is time to get your whole bible back! If you want to know what God is saying – go read all the verses in your bible that are NOT underlined. Author Russ Walden expounds the book of Romans with prophetic insight and revelatory understanding. In church culture today it is more common to hear topical messages than an expositional study of the bible, yet in 1 Tim. 4:13 Paul exhorts young Timothy to “give attention to reading…” The revelatory reading and verse by verse exposition of scripture is very much needed in Christianity today. In this volume, Russ brings a dynamic, inspirational and anointed insight to the book of Romans in an anointed perspective and powerful style that will impact your life. (Format: e-Book/PDF)

What is the legacy of the epistle to the Romans? It’s most profound mark on Christianity is that it severs forever any link between the performance-based approach to God under the law and the appropriation of saving grace by faith and faith alone that was so riveting and liberating for Martin Luther in the days when the Protestant Reformation had its birth. What you should expect to experience as we study is a complete decompiling of all religious vanity or pride in your own worth or your own righteousness. You will be left having studied this writing with your anchor in Christ and Christ alone. The liberty that this brings to the believer is staggering and dumbfounding as well because the truths of the book of Romans are so little understood or taught in the modern church.

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