1 Samuel


Course Description:

This is a self-directed study of the book of 1st Samuel. The book of 1st Samuel is the ninth book of the Bible. in both the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Consisting of 31 chapters, it narrates the story of the events leading up to Samuel’s birth and the change of leadership in Israel from judges to kings covering the lives of Judge and Prophet Samuel, King Saul, and King-Elect David. 1st and 2nd Samuel were at one time each part of one larger book that was divided because of its size. The author is unknown, but some suggest that the Prophets Nathan or Gad wrote the book or that an unknown author wrote from their notes.

You will receive links to the YouTube audio version of the corresponding teachings from the Morning Light Daily Broadcast by Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden, as well as the e-book version of the Book of 1st Samuel with a Prophetic Commentary by Prophet Russell Walden.

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