Psalms Part II

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In this expositional study of the book of Psalms, Part II, Prophet Russ brings dynamic, inspirational insight into the study of the Book of Psalms that will impact your life and supercharge your understanding of the Bible.

Chapters 75-150

The book of Psalms is believed to have been put together as a collection in the 4th century before the time of Jesus. It is thought that it was used as a prayer book in the temple that Zerubabbel built and later used in Herod’s temple in Jesus’ time as well for that purpose. The word used for the title means “instrumental music” and implies that the collection of Psalms that make up the book are actually lyrics set to music. Many of the Psalms are attributed to David, but authors also include Moses, Solomon, the sons of Korah, and many others.

The Psalms themselves cover an authorship period from 1440 BC to 538 BC, approximately during the time of the first exile (of the northern tribes to Babylon). The instruments that were believed to be used to put these to music were mostly stringed instruments such as the harp, lute, and lyre. The original Hebrew title is “Tehillim,” which means “praises.” While it took many years to finalize the collection, it is believed to have evolved from the time of Solomon as a collection and gone through many additions, redactions, and revisions achieving its form as we recognize it today in Zerubbabel’s time.

The Psalms are divided into 5 books in the Hebrew Bible, some believe, in order to make it correspond numerically with the 5 books of the Torah. The Psalms that we have today are relatively the same as the Psalms that Jesus would have read from and enjoyed Himself. The 5 volumes of the Psalms are named after the books of Moses. Psalms 1-41 are the Genesis book; 42-72 – Exodus book; 73-89 – the Leviticus book; 90 – 106 the Numbers book; 107-150 the Deuteronomy book.

Christian use of the Psalms includes both devotional and doctrinal purposes. The Psalms also hold a prophetic significance. There are 16 Psalms all composed before Jesus’ time that presage his birth, life, ministry, death, burial, and resurrection. Many in recent years believe that the numbering of the chapters of the Psalms corresponds to the numbers of the years on our current calendar. Still, other Jewish sources see a code of sorts in the book of Psalms, claiming it represents an Almanac of Mankind throughout history. Whatever the case, it is the longest book of the Bible, comprising 150 chapters or songs.

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