The Father Says Today – March 30th, 2024

The Father says today, focus on Me. Set your affection, your emotional attenuation, upon the throne where I sit adjudicating in your defense in all things. Release the anxieties that churn within you. Your spirit will settle just as surely as the sun sets after the day’s turmoil. Remember, I have never abandoned you. My presence is with you always, and My comfort is yours for the taking.

Now, about these doubts and anxieties. They are like shadows that flicker and distort in the absence of light. Turn your face towards Me, and I will dispel them. My Holy Spirit, the Comforter, is with you, a constant reminder of My unwavering love. You may have forgotten a truth: I delight in you—yes, even you. Even with the grumblings and discontent around you, your loyalty to Me is precious. Don’t be swayed by negativity. Stand firm in your faith, and I will stand even firmer beside you. My provision, my power, and my victory are yours. They are the unshakeable pillars that support you. Trust in Me, and move forward with courage.

Prophet Russ – I am Quick to Sow into the
Fulfillment of this word in My life – Today!

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Now, mix this word with some faith by sowing into its fulfillment in your life. The faith it takes to give into a prophetic word is equivalent to the faith involved in bringing that very word to pass in your situation. Act now because your response time in giving is a metric for God’s timing in bringing this breakthrough to pass in your situation. 

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