Deep Calling to Deep – Pleading the Blood: A Spiritual Defense

What does it REALLY mean to ‘plead the blood of Jesus’? In this post you will discover its Biblical foundation and how to protect yourself through prayer by invoking the power of the blood of Christ as a spiritual weapon. Many of us have heard and used the phrase “pleading the blood of Jesus” in prayer, often in the context of seeking God’s protection. While the exact phrase isn’t found in the Bible, the principle of the shed blood of Christ as our ultimate defense is absolutely scriptural.

The Power of the Blood

In the Old Testament, the blood of a sacrificial animal was symbolic of atonement. In the New Testament, Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice, His blood the eternal price for our forgiveness (Hebrews 10:10). Christ’s blood eternally speaks of forgiveness, in contrast to Abel’s, which cried for revenge.

This means that when we spiritually apply the blood of Jesus in prayer and declaration, we invoke this supreme act of sacrifice and its power.

A Shield Against Divination and Darkness

When you are involved in a conflict with others, both sides (when professing to be believers) will invoke divine assistance and feel profoundly undertaken on behalf of the Father – but realize that everything spiritual is not godly. Not all spiritual activity is positive. When the opposing party you are dealing with is driven by offense, pride, and a controlling spirit – you are dealing with more than natural things but also demonic and destructive forces. They will often resort to exercising false “gifts of the spirit” that are in truth a “spirit of divination.”

The good news is that the blood of Jesus applied as a spiritual shield, can blind such spirits. Praying prayers that employ pleading becomes “like mace,” keeping the enemy at bay and denying them access to the life they seek. This doesn’t mean there is no spiritual warfare, but it demonstrates the power we have in Christ against such attacks.

What about Forgiveness?

When two believers are in opposition to one another, they often speak judgment and form judgments against one another that fall outside the parameters of God’s forgiveness and mercy. This is very dangerous. When we don’t give mercy, we forsake our own mercy. As Christians, we are called to forgive, not for the other person’s sake alone but for our own spiritual well-being. Refusing to forgive keeps us bound and open to negative spiritual consequences.

Strategies for Protection and Peace

So how do we put this into practice in these frequent showdowns even believers get into when they both think they are in the right and God is on their side? Here are key takeaways:

  • Physically and spiritually protect your boundaries: Pray over your home and workspaces. Ask God to make their boundaries a hedge of spiritual protection. Apply this same principle to your digital life (phone, social media) and even your relationships.
  • Be discreet. The strategy of obfuscation (not lying but not freely giving information) is valid with those who are hostile to you. Don’t feed negative spirits by being a dispenser of information.
  • Actively claim God’s territory. In the same way, a homeowner might stamp their name and presence all over their property, spiritually do the same. Declare that your home, work, relationships, and life belong to God.

A Word of Encouragement

Spiritual warfare is real, but that doesn’t mean we live in fear. We are equipped in Christ; a key weapon is His blood – the expression of His eternal sacrifice and forgiveness. Claim that power today!


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  • Junior KPADJOUDA says:

    Waw this is deep! I did not know that the blood of Jesus could blind spirits of divination seeking to have access to our lives! That is huge! Thank you sir! Pmease could you shed more light upon unforgiveness between brethren? How can we apply the blood in that case? Thank you again!

  • Edward Dzmitrowicz says:

    Thank you answered 2things pleading the Blood and Finances What about all this teaching on the courts of heaven ?