The Father Says Today – March 25th, 2024

The Father says today, fix your eyes forward. Don’t get bogged down by the limitations you’ve set for yourself or the boundaries others have tried to impose. You hold within you a capacity for more, a potential waiting to be unleashed. It’s time to dream bigger. Don’t be afraid to envision a future that seems out of reach. The dreams you hold are a reflection of the kingly nature I placed within you. The cross secured your victory, and these dreams are the whispers of that victory urging expression. When I spoke through the prophet Joel about the pouring out of My Spirit,  I envisioned a people overflowing with dreams and visions, a multitude empowered to see beyond the present.

That’s exactly what I’ve poured into you—the fire of a dreamer, the foresight of a visionary. Don’t stifle those gifts. Embrace the desires stirring within you. Your role is to paint the picture, to set the course with your dreams. Leave the fulfillment to Me. I take immense pleasure in weaving your aspirations into reality. So, dream big. Don’t be confined by practicality or doubt. Let your dreams be audacious prayers, a declaration of the faith burning brightly within you. I am here to turn those dreams into a resounding victory.

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Other Comments

  • Thankyou for sharing these words
    Last couple of weeks the Lord Jesus Christ put your Ministry on my path.
    It is encouraging.
    Lots of love and prayers for you guys

    With kind regards
    Wesley Hofstede

  • Michael Miller says:

    I attended a Father’s Heart (40 hour session) years ago. I received a lot of healing but need more healing. Can you share any other resources that may be available to me?