The Father Says Today – March 26th, 2024

The Father says today, My decree and My pronouncement over you this day brings breakthrough, shift, and change in the tableau and spiritual geography of your situation this day. I have declared it: you are the dwelling place of My glory. This is not a mere metaphor. My essence dwells within you, just as surely as your spirit dwells within your body. Do you question your worthiness to be such a habitation? Do not. You are not to judge the vessel I have chosen, and I choose you. Consider this: even the most humble clay pot can hold a king’s treasure. You are but dust, yes, but I breathe life and purpose into that dust.

Therefore, tend to your dwelling place. Your body is My temple; therefore, remove with all hostility evil all that in your vessel that contradicts what I say about you this day. Just as you would ensure the structural integrity of your home, attend to the spiritual well-being of your inner man. Cast out negativity, harbor kindness, cultivate peace. In doing so, you create a space where My glory can truly reside and radiate outward. Rest assured, I will superintend all your affairs today. The path you walk may be unclear, but I will send the assistance you need, be it through the wisdom of others, the clarity of a quiet moment, or the strength that arises from within. Focus on being the vessel I have created you to be, and trust that I will take care of the rest.

Prophet Russ – I am Quick to Sow into the
Fulfillment of this word in My life – Today!

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Now, mix this word with some faith by sowing into its fulfillment in your life. The faith it takes to give into a prophetic word is equivalent to the faith involved in bringing that very word to pass in your situation. Act now because your response time in giving is a metric for God’s timing in bringing this breakthrough to pass in your situation. 

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