The Father Says Today – March 24th, 2024

The Father says today: Open your eyes to see what angels see and rejoice. Look around you. Do you see the intricate dance of nature, the sun warming your skin, the air filling your lungs? These are not coincidences. This is My hand, guiding the very building blocks of your world. Now, turn your attention inward. The complex symphony of your body, the rhythm of your heart, the firing of your neurons – all sustained by My will. You strive to hold everything together, to manage the anxieties that weigh upon you. This burden is not yours to bear alone. Release it. Let go of the illusion of control. The intricate dance of your life, the challenges, and the triumphs are all part of a grander design. You are not adrift in a chaotic universe. I am the architect, the director, and the provider.

Trust is the key. Trust that My hand guides even the most seemingly insignificant details. Trust that the pressures you face are not meant to crush you but to refine you. Cast your cares upon Me, and know that I am present at every point of strain. This doesn’t mean your actions are irrelevant. Pursue your path with diligence, but do so with the understanding that My strength underpins your every step. Let go of the anxieties that cloud your vision. I am here. Let Me take it from here.

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