Course 106

Prophetic Counseling Course

Course Description:

The Calling of a Counselor: Is this You?

Are you called to a counseling ministry? Do people seek you out to speak into their lives? Are you motivated to move people from breakdown to breakthrough? For generations, counseling has been problem-oriented as opposed to potential-focused. An online course on Prophetic Counseling is available from Father’s Heart Ministry. Through prophetic counseling, Prophet Russ Walden has spoken into the lives of thousands. Russ has an intensive background in pastoral ministry and synthesizes the benefits of pastoral insight with prophetic anointing to train you how to speak by the gift of God into the lives of people from a counseling model. The online course covers six weeks of training with videos, PDF downloads, and interactive training that helps you learn and immediately put into use what you learn.

In this self-directed course, you will learn how to counsel people prophetically. Prophetic counseling is different from pastoral counseling. As a pastor, you deal with people’s problems. Prophetic counseling speaks to the individual’s potential. Prophetic counseling takes up where other forms of counseling leave off. It is a tremendous tool of personal breakthrough that you will be intensively trained to function in through Prophet Russell Walden.

We recommend (but don’t require) completing courses 101-105 of the Online Prophetic School before taking this course.

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Minimum Donation: $25.00

What Happens After You Enroll:

You will receive a follow up e-mail to your enrollment/course purchase with immediate download links. If you have questions text/call our office at 417.593.9802). Be sure to check your spam folder, etc., in the event the orientation e-mail sent lands outside your inbox.

God bless you! It is our privilege to train you to hear the Father’s voice!