Course 105

Dream Interpretation Course

Course Description:

God speaks through dreams. In this self-directed course, we will look at what dreams are as a very human phenomenon experienced by all of us, even if we think we do not dream. We will discuss topics in the context of the inspiration of the Word of God and what the Bible actually teaches about dreams and the place they have in our lives. Dreams are important. They are vital to life. They can bring breakthrough for you personally at a level that nothing else can.

Many of the greatest inventions of mankind were predicated in deep sleep, whereupon waking, the axis of society and science have been radically turned, all through the power of information and inspiration revealed in the dream state. For centuries, all of history, fate, and the destiny of men and nations have often hung on the balance of perceiving dreams and properly interpreting and applying their meaning. We want to empower you and arm you with one of the most potent tools that can and will transform your life and those you minister to when properly understood.

Dream interpretation from a prophetic and biblical perspective is one of the most powerful breakthrough tools in a believer’s life. Prophet Russ has taught dream interpretation for 30 years and interpreted thousands of dreams. Hearing from God in your dream life is one of the most accurate and reliable ways to receive direction, correction, and clarity on what God is saying in your life.


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God bless you! It is our privilege to train you to hear the Father’s voice!