Course 102

Propagating the Prophetic Course

Course Description:

Train to Move in the Power of the Spirit With Prophetic Evangelism

Are you a prophetic person with a call to evangelism? The power of the prophetic is winning multitudes to Christ! When you speak by the power of the prophetic into people’s lives, they cannot HELP but make a decision (one way or the other) about who Jesus is to them. Many have heard the term “Prophetic Evangelism,” but little teaching and training are available to actually TEACH and TRAIN people to move in the demonstration of Spirit AND the demonstration of Power. Are you ready for a powerful course to launch you into this gifting? See details below:

This six-lesson course serves to further activate the voice of God in your life and train you how to effectively move in the gifts of the Spirit in the world around you. This includes the practics and methodologies of stepping out in prophetic evangelism. Through this training, you will become an effective demonstrator of the power and the Spirit of God that moves through prophetic gifting.

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What Happens After You Enroll:

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God bless you! It is our privilege to train you to hear the Father’s voice!