The Father Says Today – March 31st, 2024

The Father says today; you are not alone, no – NEVER ALONE! Let your thoughts find solace in My presence, and allow My Spirit to guide your heart. More are they with you than against you in the situation. I have dispatched angels to guard and direct your steps. This day holds significance. It’s a “God day,” and I will be intricately involved in your affairs. Don’t be surprised by unexpected encounters or divinely orchestrated connections. These are opportunities I present for your growth.

Trust that your path is not haphazard. Every step you take aligns with the grand plan I have crafted for your life. My hand guides your journey, and My care for you is meticulous and personal. Embrace the joy of knowing I am actively working on your behalf. Move forward with confidence, for I am with you, carrying you towards a place of blessing.

Prophet Russ – I am Quick to Sow into the
Fulfillment of this word in My life – Today!

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Now, mix this word with some faith by sowing into its fulfillment in your life. The faith it takes to give into a prophetic word is equivalent to the faith involved in bringing that very word to pass in your situation. Act now because your response time in giving is a metric for God’s timing in bringing this breakthrough to pass in your situation. 

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