You Go Girl for God, Part 2

Chapter One (cont)

So, having practiced since I was young, since I was 9, hearing the voice of God and then just getting up and doing what He said, He has confirmed His Word with signs following. So, I’m thinking, when He said to stop the car, I stopped the car. He said, “Look at the street sign,” and it said Cinderella. I said, “Ok, Cinderella.” Immediately by His Spirit, He said to me, “We used to serve the wicked stepmother who was the devil, and then one day, we came into the palace of the King, and we married the Prince of Peace, and we are going to live happily ever after.” Then Jesus said, “I don’t want a one-night stand. I want to dance with you for the rest of your life.” I mean, it got all over me, like it’s all over me now because it’s Him, it’s Himself, manifesting a truth that He wants to convey. So, this is the theme and the outworking of how it came about at a conference. I believe it will bless you because you are getting nuggets, and it will refresh you as you hear this story.

I worked for a theater called the Promise Theater in Branson, Mo. The play there was about the Life of Christ from birth to ascension, and the producer was Mike Meese. The play originated in Plano, Texas, and was in Branson for years. One day, I was walking by the producer’s office, who is a nice Baptist guy, and the Spirit of the Lord said, “Stop in Mike’s office and tell him this,” but I didn’t know what “this” was. I have learned that if you start, if you obey the first part, He won’t leave you hanging. I walked by his office, I stepped in, and he was sitting there by himself behind this big mahogany desk. Then the Spirit of the Lord said, “Tell him this: “Mike, the Father gave me a word for you.” He said, “Ok, Kitty.” He knew I was one of those “Spirit-filled Christians” though he was a Baptist. But that was ok because I was also a Baptist.

So, I said, “Mike, the Spirit of the Lord says there is a difficult decision that has been weighing on you for three days. Somebody is putting pressure on you to accomplish a certain thing in your production, but you’re not feeling good about it, you’re not feeling creamy, and the Father says, you’re not supposed to do it.” He started weeping. He is an executive, and I managed his concession stands. He said, “How did you know that?” I said, the Spirit of God, He’s real, and He’s inside of here (pointing to myself), and if you give Him opportunity He will come out and will speak if you will yield yourself to Him.” He said, “Now that is just amazing; thank you, Kitty.”

Now, fast forward a couple of years down the road, and it’s time to do a conference. My friend and I wanted to do a conference and call it “A Refuge of Love.” We had an excellent little team, maybe 12 gals chairing different parts of this conference. We wanted to have a place where women could come. We wanted to tell them the good news about Jesus. I was just going to have one part, the opening session on Friday night. Then we had some speakers brought in for the other sessions. So, I had taken a 14-day water fast, and in the middle of this fast, I’m understanding that the registrations are not coming in real fast, and it was a big theater that held around 1200 people.

We were getting dozens and dozens of ladies, but all Christian women. So, I’m in the middle of the fast and said, “Father, something is just not right; what is it?” He said, “I want you to go to the highways and the byways and the hedges, and I want you to compel them to come.” My girlfriend, who was my partner, had a background in women’s shelters. So, from Branson, MO., we went a 100-mile radius and contacted the leaders of women’s battered shelters filled with broken, hurting women. We were able to pay for transportation to bring them to this Refuge of Love Conference. I had asked the manager, Mike Meese, from Promise theater if he would consider letting us bring women there so that we can minister to them, even though I knew that it was expensive to run a theater.

By then, he knew that I could hear from heaven. He said, “Ok, Kitty, but you’re going to have to pay the sound guy and the light guy because this is a pretty big facility.” I said, “Not a problem because God’s got it.” As we put the word out, these shelters started signing up their different homes. You know, most battered shelters are hidden. We had the permission, the insight, and the words of knowledge on where to find them. Their leaders were all on board because we said we would pay for the gas. Our whole town, Branson, is one of the most Christian communities in the entire United States. The managers of hotels gave every woman that came from a shelter two nights in their hotel for free. We had restaurant owners who supplied all the meals.

A Refuge of Love. Look what God can do if you are willing and obedient to step out. Then everything else comes running to you. It’s about seeking first the Kingdom, and then everything you need will be added. We watched it happen. It was like a magnet. All of a sudden, there were 300 Christian women signed up for the conference. There was a fee of $40, and that fee ended up covering all the expenses, the gas, and everything because we ended up with 300 women from shelters all around the counties of our area. As the women were coming, we got the reports that they were ornery. They weren’t sure they wanted to go, but their leadership said, “You’re going.” They were pulling each other’s hair, pinching each other, and cussing each other out. It was pretty wild, but you can expect that. They had been hurt, crushed, wounded, bruised, beaten, and many of them left for dead. But they are the ones that God said, “Go after them; go get them.”

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