The Angel of Change is Come to Initiate the Change in Your Life – Today!

Today, the Father says that the enemy has plans, and I have plans, but your future is secure in My embrace. Your yesterdays are passing away, and your tomorrows are opening up each one pregnant with My promises, says God. I know the thoughts that I have toward you, and I’ve seen the threatenings of the evil one. Know that not one hair of your head will fall to the ground without My compensating grace to turn every downturn and disappointment into a launchpad for greater glory.

Prophet Russ – I am on God’s Launchpad to Greater Glory – Today!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

Are you ready for the greater glory of My faithfulness to be seen in your land, says God? The Angel of Change is coming to initiate the change and bring you out of the house of sorrows and frustration into your blessing place. As I fed Elijah at the place “called there,” I am bringing you to the brook Cherith where My ravens will feed you and My faithfulness will refresh you till the exact moment that your next assignment opens the door of destiny to usher you into the furtherance of My plan for you.

Prophet Russ – I am Coming into My Blessing Place – Today!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

You are not left out, says God. I have included you, and I have focused My intentionality on you to bring you up and lead you out. You have dwelled, and you have camped at the thorny place long enough. Cares and anxieties are going, and blessings and favor are coming. I am giving you favor with those that you need to have favor with. Where denial and rejection have ruled, My “yes” and “amen” are coming into the ascendency in your situation. Long-standing opposition is melting away before you. Battlefields are turning into Edens of delight and provision. This day I declare to you that your warfare is over, and you are as I ordained in the beginning – the one left standing with your testimony intact and My glory overarching every concern of your life.

Prophet Russ – I am Included in God’s “Yes” and “Amen” – Today!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

What a word. Praise God! You know, 2 Chron. 20:20 says, “believe the prophets” and this is one of those moments. Sometimes prophets prophesy because they see coming for you.123 Then sometimes they prophesy from a level of oracle prophecy we mentioned last week. Oracle prophecy is when the thing God promises you happens BECAUSE THE PROPHET SAYS IT. The prophet doesn’t merely see it coming; they are prophesying it into existence. I declare this is your portion today. Believe for God’s best. Expect radical and immediate outcomes. Act in faith and lay hold of the impossible and see it become a manifest reality in your life! As we said last week – this is your AMAZEMENT SEASON, for we serve an amazing God!

Listen – responding to the word IN THE MOMENT is something Kim Clement taught us. Act now – and sow into this word. Sow bountifully. Sow according to what you need and want God to do in your situation. This is your time – make a move! What is the dimension of your seed? What do you need? Let the extent of the seed you sow reflect the dimension of what you believe for financially. God told us once, “If you have faith to give $10,000, you have faith to receive $1,000,000! Wow! That statement will locate you, won’t it! What you have faith to give – determines what you have faith to receive. Be a receiver in your giving today of the radical return. Radical giving produces radical results back into your life!

The Blessings and Anointing on FHM are Mine NOW as I Partner with this Ministry!

Now – take a step of faith and to go to and sow into this
breakthrough word for your situation. Plant a sacrificial seed into what God does next in your life.

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Text the word PROPHET to 44321

other sowing options:

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(If you use one of these two options please send us your e-mail and
donation amount to so we can properly credit your gift. Thanks)

Go to and sow into this
breakthrough word for your situation.

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To Give by Phone:

You may also call our office at 417-593-9802 to make your donation. Ask for our assistant Katie or Georgette, and they will help you. If the lines are busy, leave a voice mail, and we will call you back.

To Give by Mail:
Father’s Heart Ministry
P.O. Box 1915
Branson, Missouri 65615

Remember, every word mixed with faith immediately begins to come to pass. Your donation is your step of faith, believing. When something leaves your hand to God, something leaves His hand to you. There is power in this word to TURN THINGS AROUND for you and move your life in the direction highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.


Prophet Russ Walden

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