You Go Girl for God, Part 15

Chapter Three (cont)

Is He good or is He good? He is good, He is great, Glory to God! You can’t make this stuff up. It’s just Him, it’s Himself, He is looking for obedient people to work through that won’t take any credit. So, at the end of the call, I asked, “How can I pray for you Nicky before we get off the phone today?” That’s what I do when I meet somebody, and I know I am connected in the Spirit. So, she said, “Oh please do, I have to go to Switzerland in a couple weeks with my husband and it’s really hard.” I asked, “Why is it hard, Nicky?” She said, “Because all my husband’s family are Catholic.” As soon as she said Catholic, I said. “I think I might have a little key that might help you. Can I share this with you?” She said, “yes, whatever it is, please do.” So, I just began with what God had showed me concerning the vow of poverty, and before I could get it all out , she said, “Kitty, Kitty, it was you, it was you, Kitty” so loud I had to hold the phone away from my ear. She was crying. I said, “What, Nicky?” She said, ‘Kitty, three years ago, in Birmingham, Al., you came into the room and you brought us the word on the curse of the vow of poverty and when you brought that word, Kenneth Copeland Ministries was $2.3 million in debt. Three months later, Kenneth Copeland Ministries was out of debt and we have never been in debt again. Glory to God

I would have died if it wouldn’t have been for the Word of Faith movement. I was raised a Baptist and they said miracles all stopped. I believe God and I believe His Word. So, don’t put down my brothers and sisters in the Word of Faith, because I would have perished if I had not had the Word of Faith people sowing into me. Amen! So, I thank God for that. He didn’t have to reveal anything to me, but He did, and He used someone else to solve a mystery that I asked His help with. Oh, how God wants to include us in His plans.

Do you believe God can do anything He wants, anytime He wants, and He doesn’t check in with anybody? He doesn’t have to because He is a sovereign Lord. If He tells you to do something that you never heard or nobody ever taught you that you could do, wouldn’t it be better to just obey Him because He can tell you anything He wants, anytime He wants and He is still creating. He is working with us people, to get His message out into the earth. He told me when I was in prayer and I got the word in the secret place about the vow of poverty, I said, “Ok, now back to my question, Sir. Where’s the money?” He said, “Well, it’s in the earth, Kitty, and I’m not going to have to crank stuff off of a machine in heaven when it’s time to bring you resources. The resources are in the earth and I’m going to transfer the wealth at the appointed time in these days that you’re in. I’m going to transfer the wealth.”

Some of you have heard about the transfer of wealth. Prov. 13:22, The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just, and Deut. 8:18 says that God gives wealth to establish His covenant and to let you know how good He is. If He wasn’t a prosperous God there wouldn’t be streets of gold, gates of pearl, diamonds and rubies, my goodness, gold dust, silver, gold, platinum, whatever it takes. He wants to manifest, but He wants someone out there to believe that He will. He doesn’t want you poor, broke, busted, or disgusted. He wants you walking in the prosperity of God so that you can be a blessing to somebody else. How can you build a shelter for somebody if you don’t have any resources? How can you help feed the poor if you don’t have substance in the earth?

He told me He was going to transfer the lotteries, so if it makes you mad, you will just have to get over it. I said, “Can I have a chapter and verse for that one?” He said, “Prov. 16:33, the lot is cast into the lap, but the whole disposing is of the Lord. Yes, write it down. When I read that I thought, “the lot, like lottery?” He said, “Yes, I am going to transfer every stream of resource in the earth to somebody’s lap, and if you don’t believe it, you will never receive it.” I’m just trying to help your believer. I wouldn’t tell you that if I didn’t get it straight from heaven. A man handed me a lottery ticket one day in my restaurant. He said, “God told me to give you this lottery ticket, Miss Kitty. I don’t know if it’s a winner, but He told me to give it to you.” It was folded up in a white napkin. I said, “Mr. Pool, God told me in prayer a month ago that He’s going to do that. Thank you.” Wednesday rolls around and I had Wednesday night service in my restaurant church. So, I said, “Folks, this is what happened, remember I told you God said he is going to turn the lotteries over?” We signed the back over to Bread of Life Ministries and just waited until the next day. You do what you have to do to check the numbers. So, we checked the numbers and it was not for that day. But I know the Father will transfer the wealth in the earth

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