You Go Girl for God, Part 14

Chapter Three (cont)

Words have power, so declare, decree, and make sure it’s a good declaration and decree, otherwise you have to pray for crop failure like we talked about earlier. What happened next was exciting because four hours later after I spoke that out of my mouth as I was going to the bank, my daughter Jennifer says, “Mama, you have to call Miss Laura right now. She called and said she must talk to you right away.” Miss Laura is a Spirit filled Christian, a psalmist and she sang in churches around that area and that is how I knew her. She also came into the restaurant and ate sometimes. I got to the phone and called Miss Laura and said, “What’s up sweetie?” She said, “Kitty, two weeks ago in the middle of the night, I had an open-eyed vision, I know exactly what happened to the three missing women. It was like a video tape ran in their living room and I saw.”

She told details and it’s in the book, if you want to get the book, it’s called ‘Miracles, Signs and Wonders.’ She said, “God told me to call you today and tell you.” I said, “But why? Why did He ask you to tell me?” I was remembering the morning prayer, right? She said, “The Father told me you are His preacher, and this will preach. It’s about redemption, it’s about knowing God and you said, ‘God brought you to Missouri, to the Show Me State, and He was going to show signs and wonders in the Show Me State. You were called to see more, and you said, God told me I am going to see more signs and wonders and demonstration of His Spirit, so God wants you to do that Kitty, and you are His mouthpiece.

It was like, “Oh Jesus, thank you Lord!” Now I’m weeping because I know that God is up to something. I really don’t want to take time to tell you because it is long, it’s in the book. Everything He told us to do, stuff we walked out of and the people He finally connected us to confirmed that everything He said was true and then some. I need to tell you the part of my testimony when I talked with the detective, he said, “Come to my office and tell me how you know what you know and where did this all come from? The glory always goes back to Jesus, always back to the Holy Spirit, with signs, wonders and miracles. I shared what God said about me being His mouthpiece and He would show His power with signs, wonders, and miracles in the Show Me State. The detective is in tears now. He goes, “Kitty, now that I know your hands are clean and your heart is pure. I can tell you that everything you have told me, all the things that you showed us in this vision are absolutely true.

I said, “The reason God told me was because He’s a God of redemption and this will preach. You can say to the murderers, “Yes, I know you murdered those girls. I know it had to do with prostitution and pornography.” They scooped them up, did a snuff video and killed them at the end of it. “Sirs, God sees, God saw, but He loves you and you have space to repent. It’s all about repentance, restoration and redeeming mankind. Our job is to make an introduction to Jesus, His job is to save them. His part is the blood. They need an introduction. How will they hear unless there’s a preacher? Amen? How can they hear if we don’t go preach and teach and share the goodness of God?

This incident was three years after the Kenneth Copeland conference in Birmingham. Because it was case sensitive shall we say, I had to be very careful about who I talked to and who knows what was going on. The Father told me one morning to go call for the head intercessor at Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Texas. I don’t remember who I had talked to before, didn’t matter, I just did what He said. I picked up the phone and called and said, “this is Kitty, I’m a partner, so on and so forth, and when she got on the phone, she said, “This is Nicky.” I said, “I got something we asked God to reveal, He did, and I gave her about five other things that were true on the case in Springfield and then 3-4 revelations that already had been confirmed.” She said, “I wouldn’t have needed a confirmation, when you started talking, I knew that God was in your heart and in your life and He is doing something amazing with you.” I told her about seeing more signs and wonders and demonstrations of the Spirit in the Show Me State and she started bringing up Scriptures and tells me, “Kitty, there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, nothing done in secret that shall not be shouted from the rooftops, including your mouth, the roof of your mouth.” So here she is confirming that God was going to let me preach.

At the end of our conversation, I was quite comforted in knowing that somebody was in agreement with me in prayer, right? So, I had just asked for the head of the prayer department. I said, “Nicky, if you see brother and sister Copeland would you please let them know? They come to Branson every year, sometimes twice a year and they do the conference and they have an interest in Missouri and it would be great if you would just tell them.” She said, “Well, I’ll see what I can do” that was at the beginning of the conversation. Now at the end of the conversation, she knows that God’s all over this and she said, “Now I can tell you; I am Gloria Copeland’s niece. I was assigned to this prayer department and today is my first day. I came into this office with fear and trembling and the Father said, ‘Nicky, I promise you I am going to confirm my Word to you with signs following, so that you’ll know you are in the right place at the right time, and Kitty, you are my first phone call.”

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