The Fathers Says Today: January 22nd, 2023

The Father says today that your world is framed by God-words I have placed in your mouth. Down through history, I transmitted My words from ancient cultures and foreign tongues right down to this day. Take advantage of the access I have afforded to you of My word, says the Father. See that which is living and dynamic, whereas others see only dead letter. See the word of My power where others see only mythology and contrivance. Allow My word to become the God-word on the inside of you. My word is living and powerful and will come to life on the lips of faith.

When you speak My word, you bring Me on the scene, says the Father. When you speak My word, rice paper and bonded leather become the vital link between bondage and breakthrough. Fall in love with My word once again, this day. Refuse to allow another to arbitrate My word for you. Let your relationship with My word become personal and intimate once again. I honored My word above My name, and I call upon you to clothe yourself afresh and anew with My words. In so doing, My word will become manifest substance and promise in your life, says the Father.

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