The Father Says Today: January 23rd, 2023

The Father says today that there is separation in My purposes. Light and darkness have no common ground. As the light, I have called you to draw you ever closer. There are things, people, and situations that will be left out. Hold everything loosely. Had Abraham understood this, Lot would never have journeyed with him or ended up in Sodom. The greatest peril to those around you is when they contravene and stand at cross-purposes to My will for your life. Listen to My voice. Let your commitment to Me be your first fidelity, even though it results in estrangement from compromised relationships.

Prophet Russ – I Want You to Be the Prophet in My Life!

You have asked for clarity and assurance, and I say to you it will come as you respond and align yourself with what I have already made clear and certain. There is no going forward until current assignments have reached their conclusion. So much of what you are looking to Me for is under your hand and will be released as you yield in word, deed, and action to My directives. Fear not, says the Father. I know what you need. There is not one cry of your heart that has not wrapped itself around My heart and plucked the strings of My compassion. Move on. Move forward in trust and assurance, and the outcome for you and for those around you will be made certain.

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