The Father Says Today: November 29th, 2020

The Father Says Today: November 29th, 2020

By Prophet Terri Allen

Prophet Russ Returns December 1st

The Father says today, I have set you as one who tends the garden of your own heart. I await your invitation to enter your garden of delights. Your garden holds many sweet fragrances and aromas of flowers and spice, and together we can enjoy the glorious views of the kaleidoscope of colors and the splendor of My glory within you. For you are all glorious within, My sister, My bride. You have the hidden treasures of My kingdom in your garden of delights and I am intoxicated by your love.

I am the Master Gardener and will bring elements of the design that will be the most beautiful to behold as you allow Me to guide your heart garden plans. I will give you the seed and show you where to plant near the living waters. I will bring nourishment and light to every place of shadows so that the garden of your heart will shine like the brilliant rainbow sky. I will expose the weeds and tares in your garden that you may root them out quickly. Bid Me enter that together we may enjoy this lovely place of quiet intimacy and beauty within your heart that you have yielded in love to Me, says the Lord.


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