I am Undefeated in God

The Undefeated God lives on the inside of me. Because He is undefeated in me, I bow to NOTHING but My God. He is in me and I find strength and sap in Him for I am an Oak, I am a Tree of Righteousness. My roots sink deep into the River of His Spirit and drink deeply. The present distress is held in His hands. He overshadows Me with His life and as a High Tower, I run into Him and stand My watch welcoming the Light of His Power dawning in darkness to set the captive free, to comfort those that mourn and heal those that are broken. I am His instrument. I am His weapon of war and He has drawn Me as an arrow out of His quiver and nocked Me in His bow. I will pierce the enemy with words of faith and He will be shattered and seen no more in my land. This is my territory and as a king, under the King of kings, I wage and make war against the enemy for I am a Prophet and My God lives large in me. #IAmAProphet

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