The Father Says Today: November 15th, 2021

The Father says today, the wicked watch the righteous but I am watching as well, says God – behold My faithful hand to deliver. Wait upon Me. Keep your feet on the path I’ve put before you and stray not. Those who have sought your downfall and conjectured whether you are going to make it, have no idea to just what lengths I Am going to preserve you and increase you beyond all expectations. Let Me be crystal clear – I will not leave you in the hands of the enemy and I will not condemn you when you are judged. What does this mean and what does this look like? If you will stay teachable I will walk you into a place where, by My power everything you say and do will become as effective as if I said it or did it.

They have marked you for destruction but I have marked you as one who walked with a perfect heart before Me. Stay open. Be interruptible and correctible and your end will be peace, prosperity, and unpolluted favor not diminished by any contrary conditions. What of the enemy? He is cut off. What of the mocker? Every mouth will be stopped. What of the hands that are faint and the heart near to collapse? I will strengthen your heart even in the time of trouble and advance My purposes in you as you keep and stay in the place of rest with Me. Trust Me says God – let Me take it from here!

Prophet Russ Walden

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