The Father Says Today: May 3rd, 2018

The Father says today, that the Mystery of the Fellowship is yours to experience. You are not cut off from the Vine, for I AM has grafted you in. I have made you one even as I am one in Myself. Enter into the sweet society of being at one with Me this day. Nothing can separate you from My love. In nothing and in no way can you be estranged from Me. Religion drives you away, but I am drawing you to Myself that you might partake of the regeneration of what I have already prepared for you in the heavens. You are not separate from Me, you are one with Me. You are one with Me by virtue of the work of the Cross. You are one with Me by the blood that was shed and the price that was paid. Put your mind upon these things and not upon the falsehood and smoke and mirror foolishness of the enemy. Come out of falsehood and into the reality that I AM in your life.
I have given you power this day to “become”. I am more interested in who YOU ARE in Me than I am in what you allege to DO for Me. Abandon the works mentality and enter the rest mentality of My kingdom. Rest in My kingdom is not inactivity, but it is total dependence on Me as you walk out who I am in your life. Men may pander their doctrines and protocols and religious expectations, but that is the fruit of the deadly tree that you need not partake of. Come to Me and I will give you rest. Abide in Me and men will no longer be able to gather you and cast you into the fires of their own burning. Come out of the outer darkness of religious thinking into the rarified atmosphere of spiritual experience in who I AM and what I am doing in your life. Are you ready for something different? Then you must become teachable. You must become flexible and yielded to the changes I am bringing about even this very day. In so doing, you will embrace your own mercy and experience a level of benefit and blessing you have only dreamed of.

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Other Comments

  • Jeremy Metcalf says:

    Hi, I found your ministry on Google but someone who reviewed says you moved. Was wondering if my wife and I could come visit you because I am a struggling dad needing to be healed of my childhood. If so please email me the address. Thank you!!

  • Merry Tsxylor says:

    Lord I am truly ready to embrace your heart and to be one with my Dad father God now and forever. .