Activate the Prophetic in Your Life! Online Classes Begin May 23rd!

Activate the Prophetic in Your Life! Online Classes Begin May 23rd!

The Online Prophetic School, sponsored by Father’s Heart Ministry is now enrolling for classes beginning May 23rd. In the Youtube above, Prophet Russ tells how the school got started, gives testimony of the 3000+ students who have experienced these powerful courses and gives enrollment information for upcoming rotation of classes. Check it out! (For more information, click HERE)

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Other Comments

  • Shalom !Have been blessed by dairly prophetic word, the have help me grow and know God deeper. I would like to be a student of your school. Have see. Your adverts and desire to do all the courses. I have a lo.ging and deep dwsire for God and ministry. I wa.t you to be a prophet in my live. Live in nairobi kenya. How can i join or you bring this school here.Am an intercessor am in a prophetic prayer ministry but i want deeper teachings and revelation that i have see in your ministry. Pray for me am financially challege would love to enroll for thjs school and support this ministry financially once God blesses me.

  • Caroline says:

    It really wonderful, I want to be a student and a member please advice me.
    Caro from Nairobi.