The Father Says Today: March 20th, 2023

The Father says today, be encouraged and rejoice! Let peals of laughter ring off the walls and ceilings around you because you choose – resolutely choose to take joy in the goodness of God. Be reassured in your commitment to My kingdom, knowing that once you commit to God, the enemy cannot take away your blessings. You are safe within My wall of fire around you. You are walking out your life in a fortress of strength and preservation that shields and preserves you from any form of lack.

This is a healing time for you. Your sorrows and pain are being healed and soothed as you bask and luxuriate in the joy of knowing that your captivity this day is turned. Decide against all demands of circumstance that you will enter into rest and enjoy the celebration of those who have received divine intervention in your situation. I’ve heard you at a time appointed. I’ve heard your prayers, and I am answering every plea you have made. Lift up your hands therefore in worship, and rise up in My strength that is filling you from the soles of your feet to the top of your head. As you hasten to Me, I will fill us with My abundance, with blessings and favor that you can never fathom. This is the hope, joy, and gratitude of faithfulness that all those who trust in Me enjoy every day of their lives.

Pray this Prayer:

I am encouraged and reassured in God this day. Despite what I am facing in life, I am committed, and I know that the enemy cannot take away My blessing. I am safe and know My prayers are answered for this is a healing time for me. I lift My hands in worship and rise up in God’s strength. I am filled with abundance, blessings, and favor. Hope, joy, and gratitude are mine for I have put My trust in God.

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Other Comments

  • Cecilia Mashao says:

    I love this Ministry with all my heart and i missed the word of God that it gives to me when i really need the word. I appreciate and celebrate this Ministry.