The Father Says Today: March 19th, 2023

The Father says today, I am your security and your stability. You can find refuge in Me and be safe and secure in the midst of any challenges or threats that come your way. Do not put your confidence in natural things, but trust in My grace and favor. I will provide for you and keep you as the pupil of My eye. It is easy to rely on our your abilities or resources, but the Father says to let go of false confidence in natural things and put your trust in Me. I go before you to get you through whatever lies ahead and will always provision us as My beloved child.

Don’t be like the world, hoarding up reserves for an imagined day of need. Instead, trust Me, says the Father, to meet all of your needs according to My riches in glory. I am the one who will close up the breaches in your life and keep you secure. So, loosen your grip on worldly things, and push yourself out into the eddies and currents of My grace and favor that surround you now.

Pray this prayer:

In times of trouble, the Lord is my refuge and my strength. I trust in Him and put my confidence in His everlasting love and grace. When everything else fails, I choose to find comfort in Him, and He will provide stability and security. He is my shield and defender; I will never be afraid because I am safe in His hands.

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