The Father Says Today: March 16th, 2023

The Father says today that you are an ENTITLED one in My kingdom. I have placed the braid of rank upon your shoulder, and your words carry new weight as of THIS very MOMENT. Look for and expect a turning back of the enemy and turning over of your blessings and your loved ones that he took for his spoil. You are GETTING EVERYTHING BACK that has been stolen. Every day, every hour, every sleepless night, every dime! I say to you; this is your season of TAKING BACK!

It matters not what is coming out of the situation; all that matters are the words of faith coming out of your mouth. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it! Like a mother bird, I will fill you as a fledgling with the food from heaven brought to you on the wings of My Spirit! Receive it and let that word of deliverance soar out from your lips in the declaration of CHANGE. For CHANGE is available and upon you for GOOD and not for EVIL this day, says the Father.

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