The Father Says Today: March 17th, 2023

The Father says today that the blow intended for you has fallen upon Me. I have intervened on your behalf, and upon Me has come all the reproaches that were against you. So turn your attention upon My love and My acceptance, and not on the deprecations and accusations of the uninformed, says the Father. They have said of you; there is no hope for you in God, and in that, they have lied with the lie of the deceiver. You have hope in Me, for I AM your hope, and I am your deliverance and salvation.

The assaults of the enemy are just a distraction from the place of rest that I have afforded you in My bosom, says the Father. Turn away from the prattling fools who do not see you the way I see you and have not paid the price that I have paid to speak into your life. Go LOW and worship – do not defend yourself or retaliate in any way. Just bring yourself and bring your attention to My throne. Pay your obeisance there and render up your worship until the overflowing scourge passes you by, and you will then find yourself unscathed in My protection.

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