The Father Says Today: June 2nd, 2023

The Father says today, let your heart be encouraged in the midst of the challenges you are facing. Make it your determination to find your joy supremely in Me and My presence in your life. While happiness may come and go, My joy unspeakeable is a deep well that resides in you by My indwelling Spirit at rest in your human spirit, My chosen habitation. When faced with difficult and challenging circumstances, turn to the Rock who bore you, for I birthed you for advantage and blessing, not adversity or sorrow. Trust in My provision – I will be the Manna on the ground every morning and the water from the rock at every encampment of your journey.

Forget the past, says the Father. Forgive, release, bless, and move on. You don’t need to dwell on yesterday’s testimony OR tragedy; it’s time to move forward. Avoid being entrenched in the past and keep seeking and pressing forward in Me. My depths will take you where the shallows and eddies of saccharin religion will never go. I am called Faithful, says the Father, and I will be faithful as in past victories so in present difficulties. I am the I am, and I AM your health, provision, and exceeding resource that meets every need. Don’t rely on man as your supply, but know that I am your Jehovah-Jireh – the God who provides. Trust Me, and I will put fat on your bones in lean times. I will see that you are the last one standing. Don’t follow the crowd into false dependencies, but follow My voice into the high places where the covenant is cut, and the burning bush is found. That is who I am to you, and this is your portion in life today.

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