The Father Says Today: January 15th, 2023

The Father says today, that revelation in your spirit will transcend information in your mind – if you will allow it. Do not allow yourself to be conformed by the natural mind, but rather transformed by the mind of My Spirit that resides within you. Your mind is INFORMATIONAL and bounded by inadequacy and imperfection. My mind within you is TRANSFORMATIONAL, unbounded, and limitless. You have heard the exhortation, “take the limits off of God.” I say to you today, that I am not limited in any way, and you also will neither be limited nor bounded, as you allow your mind to be washed and cleansed from all that originates from fear, unbelief, and negative expectations.

Your past, your experiences, and social conditioning shape your mind and present you with a daily subset of limitation, restriction, and inadequacy. This is the information that arises from the five senses and the rational mind. This day, I invite you to set aside sense-ruled assessments and soar with Me to the heights where the impossible is not only plausible but inevitable. What man calls impossibility and fantasy is the natural state where I create, craft, and release destiny, provision, healing, and deliverance by My hand. This is where answered prayer originates, and there are parcels of the miraculous being released now with your address on the shipping details. So rejoice, says the Father, and expect, for I am ruling Myself into your circumstances, and as you trust, obey and yield to Me, the answers you seek will be made manifest.

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