The Father Says Today: January 14th, 2023

The Father says today, do not allow the enemy to dampen your zeal. There is pseudo-sophistication in pessimism and unbelief, but it only produces dust and ashes. Go ahead and believe what others say is foolishness, for I use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. I use the base things that others turn their nose up at to release the FULL weight of My glory. You have nothing to prove and nothing to apologize for. Never listen to your critics and never answer those who demand you to explain yourself when you KNOW you have stepped out in obedience to My voice. The spirit of the mocker is being expelled from your land, says the Father. The Spirit of GRACE and MERCY arise in power, healing, and deliverance.

You asked for new light and I am bringing a whole new spiritual eco-system over you this day. Darkness is being dispelled, and the light of forgiveness and relinquishing breaks the shackles off your feet. You WILL walk into the NEW DAY, says the Father. This is a day of COMMISSIONING, ENGAGEMENT, and OUTCOME. I am commissioning My character on the inside of you. I am engaging My dunamis power with your weakness and need and bringing about a KINGDOM outcome that will redefine even this day how you look, think and act. I declare you are BELOVED; you will not only believe this, but you will know it as your default experience in Me!

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