The Father Says Today: December 22nd, 2023

The Father says I am unleashing the hidden things in secret places to unpack a detonation of favor and timing in your life and situation. Hear My sound, says God, a thunderous roar rolling through the halls of your heart, for the gates of Heaven swing wide, spilling secrets whispered before time took its first bow. No longer shall shadows cloak your destiny, for I lay bare the blueprints etched in eternity, just for you. In this holy instant, the vaults of My bounty unlock, treasures long hidden bursting forth like galaxies birthing stars. Your faith, a warrior’s cry against doubt’s pestilence, has breached the very fortress of My provision. No more, child, will tentacles of generational poverty cling to your heels! I declare, says the Father, a jubilee, an outpouring of wealth raining down, not just coin and clinking metal, but the very fabric of My abundance, molding itself to your need like liquid fire. Manifest what was once deemed impossible, for My hand grants you the potter’s power, shaping resources from thin air – weapons in the battle you wage, filling every crevice of your life so the enemy finds no foothold. He trembles, My child, scorched by the righteous heat of My wrath against all who defy your calling. You, who bear the imprint of My love, will witness their vanishing act, swept away by the force of your destiny.”

Prophet Russ – This Word Resonates with Me! I accept and Believe For the Blessing in My Life – Today!

Feel the creative fire ignite within you, a furnace of inspiration enlarging and manifesting at the very edges of spiritual awareness. It is this, My beloved, that births explosive supply, a tidal wave of grace drowning out the echoes of past failures. You are not defined by regret’s dust, but by the blazing glory of My indwelling presence. You are a vessel overflowing, brimming with My essence, My power, My boundless love. Are you ready, My warrior, for the heavenly detonation? Watch as wealth erupts, shattering every valley of lack, silencing the whispers of loneliness, banishing sickness like smoke before the wind. My miracles, flowing through your hands, will spark incredulity, but you will only laugh – the laughter of unshakeable faith, the joyous song of one who knows the depths of My fierce love. Let the world marvel, let your life be a testament to My unconditional provision, and let your lips, your very being, roar a triumphant, “Amen!” Do not walk alone, My child. Let us be the prophets in your life, whispering secrets, unveiling destinies, celebrating victories. Come, stand in the waterfall of My blessings, and dance in the whirlwind of My love. Remember, I am the Father, and you are My beloved. We are forever intertwined, one heart beating in the rhythm of eternity.

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