Move in Divine Surplus and Increase – Today!

The Father says today, prepare to step into a realm of overflowing abundance! From this day forward – MONEY WILL MOVE by the SPIRIT in your life as you cooperate with these Initiatives of Heaven in your life and situation. Act now and be blessed!

Russ and Walden here, and let me tell you, the heavens are pregnant with God’s rain! ️ A downpour of blessings awaits, but how do you tap into it? Your breakthrough begins with receiving from God what money can’t buy. When I learned this in 2007, it was a divine spark igniting fruitfulness in my personal life and ministry. ‍God is no respecter of persons, but He is a RESPECTOR OF FAITH. Are you broke? Impoverished? Devastated? Unhappy? I know the depths of despair. I know poverty and health problems. I also know that God will move when we give Him something to work with – FAITH!! Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ!” I followed Christ in these areas, and if you do what I did with my FAITH, you will see the same result. I have authority from heaven to give to you that which was imparted into my life – that you might be mentored, taught, and led by faith into your unparalleled blessing place!

What about You?

What heavenly treasure do you crave? Financial peace? Deepened relationships? God’s response to your giving is to give back what dollars cannot purchase!

Remember the widow of Zarephath?

In her poverty, she gave what little she had. And what happened? She thrived while others starved! Don’t settle for scarcity.

Let a prophet release blessing over you through your faith-filled giving!

Some scoff at the power of giving, but they haven’t read their Bibles! The widow wouldn’t be alive if she listened to doubters. I declare to you today that God is opening a door for you to escape your “worst-case scenario.”

In 2009, God revealed a secret to Me:

“Money moves by the Spirit.” He also declared, “Give of your surplus, even in poverty, and I will keep you in surplus and increase you beyond imagination.” Are you ready for that kind of divine multiplication? Giving Day is your chance to step out of limitations and into your highest glory! Look, with holes in my pockets, I have walked with God in this realm for many years. Out of poverty and into a great blessing. God blasted us from poverty and homelessness to leading a worldwide ministry impacting over 13 million people! That’s our dream. What’s yours?

Sow into the Glory and Reap the Greater Glory!

Come alongside us and GIVE INTO THE ANOINTING. Don’t hesitate! Let the Holy Spirit guide your giving.
Give generously, promptly, and obediently. See what God does!

Sow your faith seed right now!

Let this be your divine transaction with your heavenly Father.

A new day dawns, and His promise is becoming a reality in your life!

Click here to claim YOUR VERSION of our breakthrough!

Phone in your donation:
417-593-9802 (M-F 9 – 5 Central Time)

Mail your donation: Father’s Heart Ministry, P.O. 14127 – Springfield, MO 65814

TEXT2GIVE: Text “Prophet” to 44321

Cash App: $Propheticnow | Zelle:


Step into your divine surplus this Giving Day and watch your dreams overflow!

Let’s move together in faith, fueled by the rain of God’s blessings! ️

With overflowing love and excitement,

Russ Walden
Father’s Heart Ministry

P.S. Don’t forget to share this message and invite others to join us in Moving in Divine Surplus and Increase!

Images of rain, overflowing abundance, and joyous smiles can further enhance the message and draw your audience in.

Go forth and spread the word! Let this Giving Day be a catalyst for miracles in your life and those around you!

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