Prophet Russ Teaches on the Kingdom of God (10 Part Series)


Product Description:

In this series, Prophet Russ teaches on the subject of the Kingdom of God. Jesus referenced the kingdom 54 times in the gospels and in addition, commanded His disciples to do likewise. What is interesting is that only one of the twelve even mentioned the kingdom at all in the New Testament record. What does this mean? How does the command to teach the kingdom resonate in church culture? In these teachings, you will be informed, challenged, and empowered to embrace the kingdom and walk in the kingdom to the degree that your personal life and testimony will be profoundly impacted for the good. The series includes ten PDF downloads, ten on-demand videos, and audio mp3 format as well. (We would also recommend you create a login to our online store at the time of your purchase in order to access all your purchased, downloadable content.)