Recovering Biblical Spirituality


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There is a need in the body of Christ to recover biblical spirituality. In this book, Russ Walden asked the question, is there any difference in character or tone between the religious culture that crucified Jesus and Christianity as we know it? God is coming to restore His people to His purpose, but He is not coming to restore the Christian religious system as we know it. Christianity, as we know it is experiencing a great polarization between those connected in a vital way with the living Christ and those drifting in a lifeless religious culture. In RECOVERING BIBLICAL SPIRITUALITY, Russ Walden identifies the registration marks of authenticity between the first-century church and the church of today. He aptly points to the path of recovery and how you in your personal life can choose to be a part of the solution and not part of the problems that are plaguing the church. (e-Book/PDF)

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