Breaking Stagnation: Walking in Breakthrough


Product Description:

Change isn’t harmful. Change is beneficial. You aren’t stuck in life. You aren’t alone. Others like you have faced greater problems and found the simple keys that led to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled. In this message Russ Walden lays out practicable things that radically changed his life and brought him from homelessness to a life of benefit and blessing unimaginable to him just a few years before. It all began when God impressed upon him that things were they way they were in his life because of what he was doing. Down in the acoustics of Russell’s inner man the voice of heaven gently informed him that if he wanted something different he would have to do something different. From that moment Russ determined to ascertain what he could do other than what he had been practicing his whole life. Things changed. Situations changed. Russ stepped into an experience where everything he said and did became as effective as if God said it and did it. Sound incredulous? The outcome as Russ experienced became the validity of all that he learned by the voice of God within him taught him from the simplicity of that inward guidance, confirmed by the scriptures and walked out on the daily basis. This message will change your life and give you a lifeline to the realization of your highest hopes. (e-Book/PDF)

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