Genesis: A Prophetic Perspective Commentary


Product Description:

Delve into a verse by verse study of the book of Genesis from a prophetic perspective. The Morning Light Bible Study Commentary is an expositional inquiry of the book of Genesis. Topical messages have their place but when you read and study the word of God in the expositional method, chapter by chapter you gain access to a level of narrative and inspiration you won’t get any other way. In studying the book of Genesis it is so important to get a good grounding because if doctrinal drift occurs here the bible student will fall far afield from the central truths and tenets of scripture. If you get Genesis wrong you will err throughout the scripture. Most aberrant teachings and beliefs in Christianity that stray from the core principles of the faith begin with a faulty handling of this seminal book of the bible. In studying Genesis we rely not only on scholarship but on the precious commodity of the anointing from a prophetic perspective. This resource will serve you well as a devotional tool that will deepen your love of God’s word and draw you out into the rarified atmosphere of revleatory study of the scripture. (Format: e-Book/PDF)

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