Precisely the Prophetic: What Else Could Possibly Go Right?


Product Description:

Precisely the Prophetic details Russ and Kitty Walden’s emergence into prophetic culture and ultimately into the office of the prophet. From humble beginnings through homelessness to the leading a ministry reaching millions, their story will rivet your attention and inspire your confidence in God. Russ and Kitty’s maxim is that “God has a voice, He will not leave you without answers for your life.” They speak from personal experience through being part of the working of signs, miracles, and wonders that defy natural explanation. By the power of God, they have witnessed the dead raised, wheelchair patients come out of their disabilities and deathbed diagnosis totally healed. Through the prophetic gifts, they have found themselves in the midst of solving the nationally reputed “Three Missing Women” murder case. They have prophesied to thousands and raised up over 4000 people to voice the power of the prophetic through their online Breakthrough School. Russ and Kitty firmly believe “you don’t have to talk about what you demonstrate,” and Precisely the Prophetic will do just that in your life – demonstrate God’s Spirit and God’s power. (e-Book/PDF)

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